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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani exposes Hari

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says when we heal our sprains with dreams it gets better. Shanti says reading books doesn’t change the worth. Rani says real thought will change things. Shanti says we are dogs and we will never be lions. Rajeshwari says dogs are more loyal than you servants. I want my watch back. Search all servants, first that girls who came from Baliya to get her dad with her.

Rani says I want to bring my right time. I want to bring my tine and I will do that at any cost. I will keep dreaming of releasing my dad. she leaves. Hari says where are you going? He says open your bag, I want to search. Rani says step back. Pinku says don’t you know whose kids are we. He says yeah dad murderer and kids thieves. Rani says my dad isn’t a murderer I will show you my box. She opens the trunk. It has all old things. Veer comes in and says Hari? What’s going on here? He says Ranisa’s watch was stolen so I was searching. He says the watch was stolen from the house and this girl was is in the servant quarters. Look for it in the house. There are some rules of justice in this house and that will keep happening. Veer says to Rani I apologize. You can leave. Rani leaves.

Rajeshwari comes to Veer and says I am sure Hari must have told you I ordered this search. What do you want to prove? He says that girl can’t steal. I will get you the best one. She says now you will decide what will be best for me? The guy I gave space in my house, did so many favors on and made a doctor now he will tell me what’s best for me? It’s not about one theft. It’s about these small people. They keep getting encouraged. She looks at her husband and says you’re just like him. His heart would melt for these worthless people. You look like the same. These people should fear us. You’re a doctor, this shouldn’t happen again. You handle your hospital I know how to handle this house. Veer’s dad says you did right. He says why is my right always wrong to her? I don’t know what to do to make her say she’s proud of me. He says it will take time. He says a mother’s love is a magical sound to ears.

Scene 2
Pinku says I don’t understand this Veer. First they took babu ji and now people are calling you thief. She says what did you say? She says he is wearing dad’s uniform. Rani recalls she saw the watch in Hari’s pocket. I thought I will trap that girl but Veer saved her. I will steal many things and then sell it all. Rani comes and blackens his face. He says who is this? She says your mom. He says Veer saved you last time now who would? Rani says don’t dare doing anything. He tries to run. Rani stops him. He says leave my foot. Rani says you will steal from this house. Shame on you. He tries to run. Rani graps his face. Pinku tries to stop him. He is about to hit Rani with a vase. Veer stops his hand. He says bad manners. Veer hits him. Rajeshwari says what is happening here? She says I am sorry for the drama. Forgive me for coming here again but I had to prove I am not a thief. She returns her watch. Rani says this was my dad’s teaching. I had to identify the real thief. Rani says let’s go Pinku. She gives the watch back to Pinku. Police arrests Hari.

Rajeshwari thinks about what Rani said. Kumuda comes. She says you called me Ranisa. Rajeshwari says where were you? She says I was speaking to the agency that sent Hari. Rajeshwari says so you have no given up on blaming others for your mistakes. She says I have spoken to them. They will send another person. Rajeshwari says another thief? My house became a zoo. You didn’t bother checking Hari’s background. Now I will decide who will take Ramo’s place. I know who that is.

Hari calls someone and says Rajeshwari got to know about the watch.
Precap-Rajeshwari says to Rani you will take Ramo’s place. We will help you with your studies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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