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Vikram Betaal 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram gets justice/mukti for Satakshi and saves Bhootgarh’s people

Vikram Betaal 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram’s soul coming out of him and goes inside Suryabhan’s body. Suryabhan gets up alive. Betaal says no and is surprised. Pret Pari says he is Vikram and will win. Betaal says he is not Vikram without his body which he left in jungle. He shouts and says if someone is there who can do my last rites. Some people hear Betaal’s voice and thinks someone is calling them. They come to Vikram’s body and find him death. They tell that his soul might be wandering and wanted last rites. They pick Vikram’s body to take him to last rites. Maharani shouts for help. Satakshi is standing near Maharani while the latter is under the protection circle. Betaal blows on the ashes circle and it moves. Satakshi comes near Maharani. Maharani runs to save herself and enters the cave. Satakshi

says I will not leave Suryabhan’s wife and his people. Surya bhan enters there and asks Satakshi to stop. Satakshi recalls promise which she made to her Yogidutt. Maharani sees Surya bhan and is going towards him, but Satakshi stops her. She says I am searching you since years and will not leave you. Suryabhan accepts his crime and apologizes to her. Meanwhile the men in the forest keep Vikram’s dead body on the pyre to burn him. Vikram senses danger to his body.

Satakshi tells Surya bhan that she can’t leave him and if she leaves him then she can’t forgive herself. He thinks he can’t go without fulfilling his humanity duty. Satakshi attacks him. Vikram asks God to give him strength so that he can give peace to Satakshi. The men in the jungle burn Vikram’s body. Satakshi beheads him. Maharani is shocked. Satakshi’s soul calm down and tells yogi raj that her revenge is fulfilled. Vikram’s soul comes out of Surya bhan’s body. Satakshi’s soul thanks him for giving mukti to her and vanishes. Vikram comes back to the pyre and gets into his burning body. The men burning his body get shocked and think he has become ghost.

Maharani of Bhootgarh thanks Vikram for helping them. Vikram says he has fulfilled humanity duty. Everyone praises him. Pret Pari tells that Vikram has won and you have lost like always. Betaal says I want to lose always to win from Bhadrakaal. He says Raja Vikram’s yatra will be more and says only the time will tell.

Badi Rani asks her son to give judgement. Kaviraj tells that they shall wait for Maharaj. Badi Rani says no injustice can be done to the people when her son Bharmal is there. Bharmal goes to stage and asks Senapati what is the crime of the man. Senapati says he is accused of a woman’s murderer. Man says I might be responsible, but didn’t murder her. He tells that when he was cutting wood in the jungle, he saw the lady running in the jungle asking for help. Dacoits keep knife on her neck and says if you had given me jewellery then this wouldn’t have happened. They take the jewellery and slits her throats. The man sees them committing crime. Fb ends. Rajkumar Bharmal gives the verdict that the wood cutter could have saved the woman and asks to hang him. Vikram comes and stops him.

Rajkumar bharmal comes down the singhasan stairs. Vikram goes to singhasan and sits on it. The wood cutter man asks Vikram to do justice. Vikram says I will do justice with you. Bharmal says I have done justice and says he didn’t stop the dacoits from killing the woman. Vikram says he should have helped the woman, but he didn’t help her and shall do penance for the same, but we can’t give him death sentence for the same. He frees him and asks them to do last rites of the woman. He tells Bharmal if your father would have been here then he would have punished you. Everyone cheers for him. Badi rani thinks Vikram insulted her son so he has to pay for his crime. Vikram comes to Padmini and asks what is she doing? She says she is trying to make troubles go off from his life. Betaal says troubles have just started. Vikram hugs Padmini.

Bhadrakaal comes to meet Vikram and tells him that Betaal’s story is long so he shall drive the yakshiyum yantra fast and come out of betaal log before he ends the story. Bhadrakaal plans to kill Vikram and betaal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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