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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati grows up.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story of mata shailputri or even called devi parvati. Gunesh says as raja himavan and devi maina had devi parvati as their daughter, they took all responsibilities and taught her good manners, and grew her up very well.
Raja himavan was very happy and felt lucky that mata adishakti in the form of shailputri was his daughter, he loved her very much and always protected her at all time. Tarkasura is worried as he thinks is devi shailputri born? Can adishakti kill me?
Gunesh says this way, the birth of shailputri took place in the world to kill tarkasura. Now we shall do today’s Pooja of mata adishakti. Raja devodas and devi sarla get up and they all together do the Pooja of mata as gunesh sings the prayer. Ganesh then thinks of his mother

adishakti being separated from mahadev and living away from him! he remembers her sorrow and gets angry. Kartikeya controls ganesh and after the Pooja, raja devodas says brahmandev’s you both go and rest and we shall come tomorrow again. kartikeya and ganesh go to their room.
Kartikeya says what had happened to you ganesh? Why were you so angry? Ganesh says because of raja devodas mother and father have been separated and mother is so sad, then why wouldn’t I be angry brother? I feel very sad. Kartikeya says I understand ganesh but we have to wait until we finish the 9 stories of mata, then raja dveodas will also understand by each story. ganesh says yes, but mata’s sorrow makes me sad as well and that is why I was angry.
Next day, gunesh and kartikeya continue with their story. gunesh says, mata shailputri as a young girl grew up with many friends in her kingdom.
Parvati becomes a young woman and is with her friends in her kingdom. The friends try to find parvati as they play and say where are you parvati? Suddenly 2 snowballs come flying on the friends and they get hit with snowballs. Parvati hides and says did you think you can find me and hit me with snowballs? Parvati laughs. the friends say now we will find you, they both go around the stone to hit parvati with snowballs. Parvati hides and the friends hit each other with snowballs by mistake. Parvati runs and laughs, she goes and plays with snowballs with her friends.
Gunesh says as devi parvati grew up, there tarkasura one day took his chariot and headed to raja himavan’s palace to see parvati and to kill any Shakti that could kill him or be a threat to him. as tarkasura heada, devi shailputri knew what her purpose was in this world.
Raja himavan speaks with devi maina one day, he ays one day our daughter who is the form of adishakti shall also be married, and she was born to kill tarkasura. We have to be ready for that day as our daughter parvati shall know who she is and then she will also go, we have to be ready for that day. Devi maina says yes swami, that will happen.

Precap: Parvati is about to be married to mahadev.. Tarkasura does adharma and kills innocent people as he still ignores his fate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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