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Udaan 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor threatens Rajeshwari

Udaan 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Chakor to take the case back and not come in their way. He threatens her about Suraj. She says nothing to more imp than family to me, I came here to apologize. She tricks him and gets the gun. She asks him to surrender himself to Suraj. She asks what happened to your hand, maybe Suraj gave you this gift, if you can do wrong with people, I can do wrong with wrong people, my name is Chakor, I have broken pride of big people, who are you, you think you will scare me, never, Suraj and I have sworn to burn your Lanka. He smiles. She asks him where is Suraj. He says I got scared, you seriously think you will scare me and I will tell you about Suraj, return this gun. She threatens him and asks shall I send you to hell right now. He calls Bacha Pandey. She hits on Vikram’s

head. He faints. She drops the gun. She thinks what to do now. Bacha Pandey says someone called me. Rajeshwari ends the press conference.

Police reaches Chakor. Inspector asks what did you do, you should have not done this. Chakor says I did this in defense, I have to take him along. Inspector says sorry, I can’t help you in kidnapping. Chakor says no, we can find Suraj by his help. Inspector says stop this madness and come with me. She insists and says I m ready to take all the blame. Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey come to check Vikram. Chakor takes Vikram with her. Bacha Pandey says maybe I heard wrong. Rajeshwari says it can’t happen, find Vikram. They look for Vikram. Chakor ignites some fire to divert guards. Chakor and inspector take Vikram in the car. Rajeshwari asks goons where is Vikram. Goon says he didn’t come here, his hand is swollen, is everything fine. Chakor sprinkles water on Vikram. He gets conscious. Abha says he told me that his name is Nikhil. Chakor scolds Vikram and asks him to see where he is.

Vikram asks don’t you want Suraj to be alive. She asks him to think of his own life. She says I have killed many Raavans like you, you have troubled many women, you have to pay for it. Chakor asks Abha to look at Vikram and recall his crime. She says punish him, you got saved, but many girls died because of him, you have to take revenge, beat him up. Abha scolds Vikram and slaps him. Chakor smiles. Rajeshwari calls Vikram. Chakor answers. She asks where are you, I was so worried. Chakor says your son is with me. Rajeshwari gets shocked.

Chakor says I don’t like illegal way of work, you forced me to become like you, come to the point, I keep fast for my husband every year, if my husband doesn’t come back, then I will kill your son. She says the fight will go your way, law will decide when it has to, but right now I will put off the fire ignited by you, you forgot the fire can reach your palace too, if my husband is at your gunpoint, my sword is pointing to your son, don’t dare to anything to Suraj, my villagers are here to become my shield, if Vikram tries to run away, you won’t get his dead body. Suraj hears Chakor and smiles.

He says amazing Chakor, you are simply awesome. Goon slaps Suraj. Chakor hears Suraj. She says Suraj is built of iron, just think about your son, if anything happens to Vikram, what will you do, if Suraj is hurt, then Vikram will scream first. Rajeshwari gets scared. She says you invited your death Chakor. Chakor says just worry for your devil son, my husband should be here, else I will use that white saree to cover your son’s body. Vikram sees Chakor and smiles.

Bacha Pandey says you won’t do this, we will return Suraj, don’t cheat us, no need to inform media and police, do you accept this. Chakor says get Suraj to me, I will celebrate Karwachauth at home, there won’t be media and police, get Suraj here and take Vikram with you, when you come, leave your kiddish brain at home, if anything happens to Suraj, you and Rajeshwari have to pay a big price, actually Vikram will be paying the price. She asks them to make her talk to Suraj. She threatens about Vikram. She hears Suraj’s voice and cries happily. Mahiya…plays…. she says I won’t let anything happen to you. She gets emotional and tells about Anjor. Suraj says ell her that I will take her to fair. She says yes, I miss you, I m going to keep fast for you, I will wear your fav saree, come soon, I will wait for you, I have sworn that I will not let my family break. Suraj says I know our family can’t break when you are there. Anjor takes phone and talks to Suraj. Suraj smiles.

Vikram promises that Chakor’s Karwachauth will be the last one. Chakor hugs Khushi. Ishika gives her Suhaagan bangles. Chakor gets ready. She dances with Mauli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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