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RadhaKrishn 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fights The Army

RadhaKrishn 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna walks to Kans’ army. Akrur asks who is the boy coming here nont afraid of his life. Krishna says he is the whom he is searching. Akrur asks if he is Krishna. Krishna says yes. Akrur says if Kans’ death is from his hands according to forecast, then why Kans is alive till now and why Krishna was hiding. Krishna says Kans’ time haas not come yet. Akrur orders soldiers to catch Krishna. Krishna trashes soldiers. Soldiers surround him. Akrur smirks. Krishna flies in air and jumps back on earth punching it. Soldiers fly far away in air. Akrur kneels down and apologizes Krishna and says it is proved only he will kill Kans, what message he has to relay. Krishna asks to inform Kans to be leniant on his praja and spread love, if he does not, his end is soon. Radha reaches

venue worriedly searching Krishan and sees Akrur from far away. Krishna says husk also grinds with wheat, so husk should separate itself from wheat before it is grinded. Akrur says he understood. Krishna says there is one more task and disappears. Vrishban enters with his team and asks Akrur if he came alone without army. Akrur apologizes and says he got a wrong info, Krishna is not the one whom he is searching for. Radha thinks Krishna is not even here and runs back to Barsana.

Radha reaches back Barsana and sees Krishna enjoying butter. Krishna says whenever he gets tensed, he gets hungry. She says she came here before, her was not here. He says people ignore in fear. She says he is safe now. He says she saved him aand her friendship won. She confesses that she acted as befriending. He smiles but acts and asks whhy. She says to find out whom he loves. He smiles again and asks how can she do this to him, she told Sudevi and Bhairaav that they hid truth, even she hid truth. She says again she wanted to know whom he loves. He says she tricked him and he is heartbroken, he considered her as friend, but she tricked him like an enemy.

Vrishban returns with his team. Radha rushes and hugs him emotionally. Jatila emotionally hugs Ayan. Vrishbhan says Jatila’s son is safe, Akrur had got wrong info. Radha congratulates Nand. Nand says it is whole Barsana’s effort. Krishna hugs Kirtida and says he cannot believe he is safe. Jatila fumes that she could not break Vrishbhan and Nand’s friendship.

Jatila returns home with Ayan and asks who must have given wrong info to Akrur. Ayan says it is difficult to get Krishna and his villagers out of Barsana. Jatila says however difficult the task is, she will complete it.

Akrur returns to Kans and informs what had happened. Kans asks how could he return hearing his insult. Akrur laughs and says their plan is successful. Kans says he had asked to just go and find out if Krishna is the one and not confront him, he will show some sign for sure. He continues that if he was afraid of his future, he would not have hostaged Krishna’s mother.

Krishna watches Radha’s dance standing aside. Her hair tress falls. Krishna reminiscing leaving Radha’s tress aside while braiding her hair in Golok and telling it is to identify her. Radha tries to correct her tress unsuccessfully. Ayan sees Krishna and taunts him that he can just watch Radha’s dance, but cannot dance with her. Krishna says whole Barsans will dance with Radha,.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that one word they hear most of the time, selfishness, society has considered selfishness as bad, but it is made of self, if it has only one self, then one is really selfish, if it is for others, then it is serving humanity

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that Uruvi will marry a person she loves. Radha challenges to try.

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