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Muskaan 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Muskaan get married

Muskaan 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak saying Sir ji and his goons won’t leave you, if I say in simple words, marry me right away, Sir ji didn’t touch me as I m his son, he won’t harm his bahu, you will become related to me. He asks Hanumanth to get arrangements done. Tabassum says Ronak and Muskaan can get together. Sir ji says Ronak hates brothel women, you know Muskaan, when any dancer gets the stamp by ghungroo, she will come back to us. Ronak and Muskaan come home in bridal attires, wearing garlands. Bua gets shocked and asks what’s all this. Ronak asks Bua to do their grahpravesh. Bua says its a disaster. She shouts to everyone. Ronak holds Muskaan’s hand and gets her inside the house.

Muskaan recalls Suzaine’s words. She steps inside. Lovely asks what’s happened, dad is having a bath,

what happened. She sees Ronak and his wife. Ronak sees Gayatri coming and gets emotional. Gayatri gets shocked seeing his bride. She looks at Muskaan. Ronak hugs her and asks when did you come, I would have welcomed you, you didn’t tell me. He introduces Muskaan as his wife. He asks Muskaan to take blessings. Gayatri gets upset. She gets back. Sir ji comes downstairs. He gets shocked seeing Ronak and Muskaan married. Ronak asks won’t you bless us. Gayatri slaps Ronak. He gets shocked. Gayatri scolds him. She asks him to leave from the house. Bua asks Sir ji to do something. Sir ji says Gayatri is doing it. Gayatri says you didn’t think for me, I will make you out of the house, leave. Ronak says fine, I will go, I did this as I love Muskaan, Muskaan’s family was sending her away with some stranger, did I do wrong, I protected her, I had no way than to marry her, love isn’t wrong, you taught this to me, I will go if you say I did wrong, I had to save her.

Lovely says you got cheated, such poor girls trap rich guys, they love money, this girl and her poverty aren’t suitable for our house. Dolly sees Muskaan and smiles. She says you both got married, when did this happen. Lovely asks do you know her. Dolly says yes, very well, she is my friend, and my classmate also. Sir ji gets shocked. Dolly says everyone knows her, she is a good student, even her behavior is good, Ronak chose the right girl. Ronak says yes, I didn’t get the wrong girl.

Bua says yes, way is wrong, marriage doesn’t happen this way. Ronak says yes, bond of love is equal to marriage, I love her a lot, I accepted her by heart. Gayatri says get back, go outside the door. Ronak asks Muskaan to say something, you also love me, don’t be shy. He sees Sir ji. Sir ji thinks Ronak was thinking he will defeat me by this move, but Gayatri changed the game. Gayatri makes Ronak and Muskaan out. Ronak says fine, I think no one is happy with our marriage, I m wrong, mum is right, we will leave Muskaan, come. Gayatri stops them. She says you did big mistake to marry this way, you did another mistake by getting bahu inside without grahpravesh.

They get shocked. She says you had to get this slap. She asks Dolly to get things. Sir ji asks what are you doing, will anyone come this way in our family. Ronak says Muskaan is my love, it was my duty to marry, its your wish to give her family name and respect. Dolly says don’t get angry, I know Muskaan, she is a nice girl. Sir ji says don’t interfere. He asks Gayatri not to welcome dirt in family. Ronak asks how do you know her, did you meet her family, do you know where she lives, tell them, they want to know. Sir ji gets shocked. Gayatri says no use to get angry, she is bahu of Singh family now, you also explain yourself, we should accept her for our only son, else we will lose bahu and son also. Sir ji angrily leaves. Gayatri does Muskaan’s grahpravesh.

Sir ji says you got a brothel woman home, she can’t become part of a family. Ronak asks why, if you can run a brothel, can’t I get someone from there, I can send Muskaan back there, but you need to tell your truth to mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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