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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina cooks up a story

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Birju thinking how did Devina get pregnant. Pushpa cries and asks Devina to say its all a lie. Devina asks her to stop it, the noise is not good for baby. Pushpa says how can this happen in one night. Susheela says Devina is lying. Devina says its because of whatever happened two months ago. Tau ji and Pushpa ask what happened. Devina says I had seen Birju in a party, his state was fine, I followed him to get him home, I caught him, I didn’t know that he will get him in his arms, he caught me in his strong arms. Chandu misses his lover. Vallabh says let me hear, be quiet. Devina says he said he is waiting for me. Tai ji gets angry. Devina continues the night’s story. Devina says Birju and I recalled our old days, those beautiful nights, we booked a room and then

had wine, you know… Pushpa asks what happened then. Tau ji says Birju defamed our family name. He scolds Birju. Birju thinks Devina broke all records. Chandu asks what happened then. Devina does shayari. Pushpa scolds Chandu. He jokes on Birju.

Devina says I m sure Birju spiked my drink that day, he wanted to take advantage of me, this is the result of that night. Pushpa cries. Devina asks Birju how could he do this, say something. Tai ji says Birju has done a big thing. Pushpa says my life is ruined. Devina says you always wanted a little baby in this house, I m giving you a cute sweet baby. Pushpa screams in anger. Devina says Birju is my husband too, you shut up. Pushpa says I stayed away from him for 25 years, what did Birju do, you are a Chudial. Ira says stop it, Akhilesh find some solution. Akhilesh asks them to stop it, what solution will he fine now, Birju wants to spend life with Devina. Pushpa asks what are you saying, its a lie. Everyone goes. Aditya says mom, you are pregnant in this age, this is so embarrassing. He goes. Akhilesh scolds Birju. He takes Devina’s side. Devina thanks him. Birju thinks how to tell truth to Pushpa and Akhilesh. Devina thinks Birju has to stay silent because of his own muteness plan. Tau ji informs villager about Birju’s fatherhood. Susheela also spreads the news. Ira asks Pushpa to open to door. Tai ji cries and comments. Akhilesh asks them to be quiet. Akhilesh asks Pushpa to open the door, talk to him. Pushpa opens the door. She comes out in Sanyasan avatar. They get shocked.

Pushpa says I m thinking to go to Haridwar, there is nothing left for me now. He cries and asks am I not imp to you, is dad everything, did you think for me, leave this, we will go to Banaras, life is good there. Ira says you are believing Devina, we should confirm her pregnancy. Pushpa agrees with her. She says Devina would have planned this, you are a doctor, check her. Akhilesh says she can’t lie. Ira says don’t worry, I will find truth. Pushpa says I won’t have any food and water till truth comes out. He asks Ira not to do anything. Ira says fine, I will go and cook. Ajhilesh makes her sit and does massage. She asks him to handle her sensitively. He says sorry, and does a light massage. He asks how was your first day at work. She thinks he will worry if I say the truth. She says it was good. He says one day, you will become big doctor, don’t get into mom’s issue, focus on studies, promise me you won’t do Devina’s checkup. Ira promises him. She thinks Pushpa will be upset knowing this, there is a way, if I make Birju fine, he can confirm if Devina is saying truth or lie.

Ira falls. Birju holds her hand. She gets shocked. Ira says Birju got fine. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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