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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya meets his daughters

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya coming home and calling Kunti and others. Pratap comes dressed as sheikh. Kanhaiya says I went to Dubai and you have become sheikh. Kunti comes. Kanhaiya says he went for saree exhibition, but missed home. Pratap asks Kunti to tell that 5 more have come to their house. Kanhaiya tells Kunti that he brought gold rings from Dubai. He says I have brought gifts for you all. He gives gift to Pari, Pratibha, Prarthana, Panjiri and Prema according to their liking. He then gives gift to Pratap. Pari says lets show him gift. Kanhaiya asks why you all are silent? What happened? He asks her to speak. Just then 5 girls shout Papa. Kanhaiya is shocked. They run to him and make him fall on sofa. Kunti congrats him and says you have become Papa. Kanhaiya is shocked. Kunti

tells Kanhaiya about Shiv ji giving a boon to them. Kanhaiya says you have done greed again. Kunti says girls know about us. Kanhaiya says I don’t know anything about them.

Pratap asks girls to be careful and asks toffee from Papa. Buddhi asks Kanhaiya to take out his wallet and takes out stickers from his wallet. Chanchal asks him to give chocolate which is in his pocket. Kanhaiya asks how do they know? Kunti says Bhole did everything and says Bhole wanted them to give upbringing to girls. Kanhaiya hears girls talking that papa haven’t brought gifts for us. He comes to room and says I didn’t know about you all. Prema comes and says you all are bhole. She says Papa brought gifts for you all and wanted to surprise you all. She gives them gifts. Buddhi says you are world’s best Papa. Kanhaiya and Prema smiles.

Kunti asks bahus if kids slept. Pratap asks Kunti to make them sleep and massages their feet. Pratibha asks him to say slowly and says Sunehri slept with much difficulty. Kunti says she has to remember the names. Panjiri says you will learn slowly. Pratibha says how we will do upbringing. Kunti tells them about giving good upbringing and asks them to think about kids’ school. Pratibha and Panjiri get tensed. Kunti asks them to set the alarm for 5:30. Panjiri says 3:30, as she has to make Dhairya wake up. Pari, Pratibha, Panjiri, Prema and Prarthana try to wake up kids. Pari takes selfie with buddi and asks her to sleep. Pratibha asks her to wake up buddhi. She tries to wake up Surili wakes up and asks her to let her sleep for 5 mins more. Buddi asks Pari about the riddle. Pratibha tries to help, but Pari gives wrong answer. Buddhi sleeps again. Prema tries to wake up Shakti and gets afraid seeing her talking in sleep. Panjiri tries to wake up Dhairya while Prarthana finds Chanchan under the bed. They try to take them to bathroom.

All girls knock on the bathroom door and asks Dhairya to open the door of bathroom. Chanchan asks her to hurry up and says we shall go to other bathroom. Shakti says door is broken etc. Buddhi says Chanchal attack can make Dhairya come out of bathroom. Chanchal keeps fake lizard in the bathroom and make Dhairya come out of bathroom. Prema, Pratibha and Panjiri work in the kitchen to pack their tiffins. Prema gets confused about giving different flavors milk to kids. Just then milk falls on Chanchal.

Kunti asks bahus to remember what their daughter eat or drink and says kids shall not get late to school. Next morning, girls get late again.

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