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Internet Wala Love 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Internet Wala Love 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jai making plan with Rajjo and Virat asking them to call Shubhankar as the kidnapper with other sim and ask for ransom, so that everyone thinks she is really kidnapped and then we will drop her home. Virat calls Shubhankar and tells him that his daughter is in his captivity and asks him to bring ransom to the said address. Shubhankar says I will bring and says my daughter shall be safe. Virat says ok. He ends the call. Jai asks what happened? Virat says I became criminal for the first time. Aadhya asks why did you threaten him. Jai says it is a matter of some moment. He asks Rajjo to be there, and says he will bring kidnapper clothes for them. Virat asks them to call them Rajat and Virat and not Rajjo and logayi infront of outsiders. Jai says who is outsider here, Aadhya is ours. He then realizes what he said and asks him to come. He asks Aadhya to take care and leaves.

Pratima gives her jewellery to Shubhankar and asks him to sell it and give to kidnapper. Dadu says I have brought money with me. Shubhankar says my daughters is my responsibility. Dadu convinces him. Samrat asks him to give kidnappers number. He saves the number in his phone. Jai and Virat come to Rupa’s house and hide seeing Samrat there. Samrat feels he has seen Jai. Virat tells Jai that Samrat will ask him many questions and siyappa will start if he catches you. Jai sees Dadu’s car and tells Virat that it seems he brought money, we shall sent them message so that he can bring money there. They come to the place and see Rajjo tied and injured. Jai asks where is Aadhya? Rajjo says three goons came after you left and kidnapped Aadhya. He says I couldn’t do anything alone. Jai gets worried for Aadhya and runs out of house.

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