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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) Episode-19

Episode 18 Here

Its ragini 5th month..
Ragini feeds food to sanskar..
Sanskar:enough dear.. some more
Sanskar:now a days u r feeding me too much..u r pregnant,im not..
Ragini:chup..see, u became weak by taking care of me..
Sanskar:chup..its not like fit nd fine..u stop worrying about me..
Ragini:u always did like this..i did always listen to u but u never listened to me..
She pouts sadly..
Sanskar:dont keep that face..
Ragini turned her face..
Sanskar:fine..what do u want now..
Sanskar:ok..feed me
Ragini smiles widely nd feeds him..
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar sees ragini lost in thoughts..
Sanskar:what are u thinking dear
Ragini:name for our baby
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:sanskar do u want boy or girl..
Sanskar:first u tell..whom u want..
Ragini:first i asked
Sanskar:fine..i want girl..
Ragini:mujhe bhi..
Sanskar:but i thought u want boy..
Ragini:haan..but u said girl naa..ur wish is my wish..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:what if its boy
Sanskar:u dont wry..we will try next time..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):i will get juice for u
Ragini:2 glasses
Ragini:one for me. One for u
Sanskar:i dont want to drink
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:ok.ok..i will get 2glasses..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini wakes up from her sleep nd wakes sanskar up..
Sanskar:kya hua u need anything
Ragini:give me a kiss
Sanskar smiles..he kissed her forehead..
Ragini:not showed her lips)
Ragini(raised her eyebrow):kyun
Sanskar:if i lost will go deep nd wild..u might be get difficult in wont good for u nd our baby(i have very less knowledge about pregnancy..i really dont whether happen like that or not.)
Ragini:no..wont happend like that..kiss me naa..
Sanskar moves to her nd pecks her lips..
Ragini pouts
Ragini nodded as no..nd
She pulls him close helding his t-shirt nd placed her lips on his’s..
Sanskar closed his eyes..he doesnt reciprocates..he is just enjoying her kiss..
Ragini brks d kiss nd breaths..
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini:one more??(she winks at him)
Sanskar glares at her nd pulls her gently nd makes her sleep in his embrace..ragini smiles nd encircled her hands around him..
Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who just came out from washroom with towel after having bath..
Sanskar:good mng dear
Ragini:good mng hottie
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Ragini:dont tempt me like this…
Sanskar smiles nd comes towards her..
Ragini:dont come near me..i dont knw what will i do..
Sanskar( moves to her looking at her romantically):what will u do huh..u cant do anything..
Ragini closed her eyes when he was so close to her..she parted her lips..sanskar smiles..he kissed on her belly nd says love u baby..
Ragini opened her eyes nd looks at him pout..
Sanskar smiles nd pecks her lips..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar(he picks her in his arms):chalo breakfast ka time hogayi..u need to get fresh..
Ragini nodded..
Ragini:what breakfast u made
Sanskar:salad nd juice
Ragini makes annoyed face..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:i want to eat aloo puri
Ragini:no but nd vut..i want aloo puri only
Sanskar:are u sure..u eat
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:y are u smiling
Sanskar:i made that only
Ragini:sach mein..
Ragini:how could u knw that i want that
Sanskar:i knw dear..
Ragini(smiles)..feed me mouth gets watering..
Sanskar feeds her..
Sanskar smiles..

Its ragini 7th month

Ragini:sanskar..its my 7th mnth
Sanskar:i knw dear
Ragini:when will u do baby shower(godh barai) to me..
Sanskar:godh barai??
Sanskar:fine..i will do arrangements
Ragini:u dont knw anything about that naa..
Sanskar:i will get to knw..anything for u..
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar i want to do that function with our family..
Sanskar:no here na..we are enough..
Ragini:sanskar plzz..our baby needs all blessings naa..
Ragini:plzz..for me..for our baby..plz say yes for this time..i will be very happy..plzzzz
Ragini face brighten..she hugs him tight..sanskar caresses her back..
Ragini:i will call now only..
Sanskar nodded (only for ragini)
All family arrived sanskar’s house..ragini is very happy seeing all..All greated ragini..
Dp:how are u sanskar
Laksh hugs sanskar..sanskar smiles wkly..
Whenever they tried to talk with sanskar ,he avoids them..ragini feels helpless seeing them..
@next day
Sanskar makes ragini wear saree while she stares at him..he made her sit on chair nd makes her wear jewelery one by one..Ragini keeps looking at him..he made her ready…
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):most beautiful women in world..
Ragini just lost in him..
Sanskar:kya hua dear
Ragini( held his hand nd gently kissed on his cheek):thanks for giving this beautiful life..
Sanskar smiles nd hugs her..
Ap:swara what are u doing ,i told u to make ragini ready naa..
Swara:haa maa but..sanskar told he himself do that..
Ap smiles..
Laksh:my bhai naa best..
Swara:see nd learn
Laksh:no one can be like bhai..
Swara:true..nd u never
Laksh:stop praising me(sarcastic). see..they are coming..
They looked up nd sees
Sanskar carries ragini in his arms nd coming to them..
All smiles..
He made her sit on sofa nd sat beside her..
Ragini:sanskar..its a ladies function..u go nd stand with laksh
Sanskar:no..i will not go anywhere leaving u..
Sanskar:shh..keep quite
Ragini noddee pouting..
Suji came to her with aarti plate..
Sanskar:maa give it to me
Suji:but sanskar
Sanskar:i want to do..
Suji gives him plate smiling..
He gives aarthi to ragini..she looks at him smiling..he filled her hairline with sindhur nd kissed her forehead..
Later one by one came nd gives shagun to ragini nd blessed her nd baby..finally aadarsh came nd blessed her..he has guilt for what his wife did..
Ragini:bhayya..dont u give gift to me
Ragini:no u give what ever i want
Adarsh nodded..
Ragini:take pari bhabi to home
Adarsh:no ragini..
Ragini:plzzz bhayya..
Adarsh:leave ragini..she will be there untill sanskar would forgive her..
Sanskar:it will never happen..but she is ur wife..u(he said sternly nd leaves from there)
Ragini:plzz bhayya.u promised me..
Adarsh nodded .
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:happy now
Ragini:bahut..thank u..thank u..thank u so much..
He moves to kiss him but stopped..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:im angry on u..u didnt give any gift to me
Sanskar:what do u want
Ragini:i will ask later..but u should give..
Sanskar:i will try
Ragini:no..u must
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini smiles…
Sanskar:now give my kiss..
Ragini moves to his cheek ..she kissed there nd bites there hard..
Sanskar:wild kiss
Ragini:kyun didnt u like
Sanskar nodded as no
Ragini:i knw u dint like..u loved it
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini hugs him..

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