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Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah is losing its charm?

Zee’s Ishq SubhanAllah is going on interesting with Ruksar’s return. Ruksar has become Kabeer’s lawful wife, even though Kabeer doesn’t consider the marriage. Ruksar wants her rights on Kabeer. She is determined to win him by any way possible. Ruksar opposes Zara when the matter gets known to the family. Ruksar doesn’t consider that Kabeer has married her just to save her life. She gets ungrateful to Kabeer. She is madly in love with him since years. She just sees an opportunity to return in Kabeer’s life.

Ruksar tries all tricks to make Kabeer away from Zara. She keeps her strange conditions with a hope that Zara will end her relation with Kabeer. Ruksar gets into coma state. She avoids the divorce with Kabeer. Ruksar doesn’t want to lose Kabeer forever. Kabeer suspects Ruksar. He knows the limits she can reach. Kabeer and Zara try to outdo Ruksar’s evil plotting. They want to find the truth behind Ruksar’s coma condition. Ruksar gets mean to break them apart. The show gets big drama with Ruksar’s stubborn attempts. Ruksar is a part of the show since the start. The viewers might enjoy the track, but also feel it dragging. Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah is losing its charm? Let us know your opinion.

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