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Bepannah 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: The Mastermind steps forward

Bepannah 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mystery woman tells Zoya thye are divorce papers. I want you to divorce Aditya Huda! Why do you look so stunned? I told you earlier itself that I will ruin you! Zoya keeps looking around. Mystery woman says you have seen divorce papers in the past too. They would have been signed if that accident hadn’t happened. Let’s do the pending work this time. Sign them quietly. Zoya refuses outright. Aditya and I love each other immensely. I wont listen to any of your demand till the time you make me meet my Abbu! I wont sign the papers. Mystery woman says you have time for now but hope you sign them on time or you might not even get a chance to bid adieu to your father. You will regret it later then. Enough of drama. Sign the papers. She disconnects the call. Zoya keeps looking around but fails in seeing anyone.


looks at the papers. She recalls her wedding vows. She is in dilemma thinking about Aditya and Wasim. Why am I on the same crossroad again? Who should I choose – Abbu or Aditya? Mystery woman looks at Zoya. Zoya thinks this is just a piece of paper. No one can separate me and Aditya but right now it is important to save Abbu. I have to save his life. I cannot lose him! I will sign them to find out who wants to separate me and Aditya! I will fulfil my vows. I will fight but I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Abbu during this duel. My life is his gift. I cannot play with his life. She signs the papers. Mystery woman smiles seeing her sign the papers. Tears stream down Zoya’s face. I love you Aditya! She keeps repeating those words to herself as she holds the papers tight.

Mystery woman calls Zoya. Leave the papers in the pandaal next to you and leave. You will find your Abbu outside. I defeated you after all! It was bound to happen. You have been my strongest enemy till now I have to accept. I enjoyed being your enemy. Real relations are the ones made by God. Rest are meaningless. Your and Aditya’s relation is shallow. Aditya and his family are cheaters. Your real love was Yash. You remember it right? She watches Zoya walk towards the pandaal. Zoya looks at Ravan’s effigy. She is about to burn the papers. Mystery woman asks her if she wants to see her Abbu alive or not. What are you doing? Zoya looks around to find her. I am not your puppet who will dance on your tunes. I want my Abbu before I give you these papers! I will count till 10. Mystery woman threatens to burn her Abbu if she dares to burn the papers. Zoya replies that God decides life and death. My Khuda is always with me. You need these papers to separate me from Aditya. If you want these papers then I want my Abbu right here. You would not like to go back empty handed after coming all the way till here, right? Mystery woman tells her to handover the papers or she will be blamed for her Abbu’s death. Zoya starts counting backwards worrying the mystery woman. She warns Zoya not to act smart I will send your Abbu so far from you that he will never return! Zoya is in tears while counting backwards. She moves the papers closer to the diya and her voice is shaky. Mystery woman stops her from setting them afire. Your Abbu is around Ravan’s effigy. Go and find him.

Zoya drops her phone in shock. Abbu is around Ravan’s effigy? Aditya reaches the fair too. He tries someone’s number but it is unreachable. Zoya asks a few passer bys about her Abbu. Arjun calls Aditya to know about his whereabouts. Did you find Zoya? Aditya shares that someone called him here but he cannot reach that person now. I have no news about Zoya too. Arjun finds something fishy. I will call police. Aditya asks for an hour. Arjun asks him what if they do not find Zoya in that time. Zoya continues asking people about her Abbu. Aditya tells Arjun not to wait for his phone call then.

Mystery woman smiles seeing Zoya run from place to place. A guy walks up to her. She is super happy to see him. You made me wait for too long. You came just like Vijay Dashami comes every year. She does his aarti. We will avenge for the last defeat. You might be a Ravan in the eyes of the world but you are my Ram. Go and finish them.

Only we know about the misdeeds of Hooda family. We must tell the world now. Go and destroy them!

Zoya shouts out for her Abbu and breaks down. Where are you Abbu! How to find you! A pundit ji asks her why she is so sad. Zoya says good wins over evil on Vijay Dashami. Why is evil winning today? He replies that the biggest victory is the one you achieve by killing the Ravan inside himself. This is the real meaning of Vijay Dashami. Zoya realises something and catches the word inside. She runs towards the effigy. People get worried seeing her so close to the effigy. She shouts for her Abbu and begins to look around. Few ladies take her down the stage somehow. Zoya struggles with them. She falls down and a guy holds her. She is stunned to see Rajvir.

Arjun is pacing worriedly. He looks at his clock and calls Noor. She disconnects the call without listening to him. He is upset that not everything is about them. He calms himself somehow but is distracted as Harsh and Anjana ask him if he is fine. You both ran out of the house. Is everything fine? Anjana is sure it must be because of Zoya. Harsh tells her to stop it. Not everything goes wrong because of her! Anjana stays put. Arjun tells them it isn’t about Aditya and Zoya. Harsh asks him what the matter is. Arjun replies that he isn’t happy. You both only care about Bhai nowadays. It is as if I don’t exist for both of you! Just give me some time. He walks away in a huff. Anjana wonders what has happened to him. Harsh goes to check on him.

Rajvir advises Zoya to focus on her goal. Do what you came here to do. She asks him what he is talking about. Rajvir asks her if she is in her senses. She says I am in my senses. He tells her to stop acting. No one is watching you. Do I have to now tell you what our plan was? Don’t say that you dint marry Aditya Hooda to take revenge from him? Do you remember anything? Zoya is confused. What are you saying? Rajvir says you either lost your memory or you are acting. What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting as if you don’t know anything? She tells him to stay away from her as he tries to hold her hand. No one can separate me from Aditya. No one can break my family! Rajvir says no one is around to see your acting. You can stop. They turn and see Aditya there.

Precap: Anjana pours kerosene oil over herself. Aditya pushes the container away. What are you doing? Anjana tells him to let her die. I am the reason why Yash and Pooja are no more. He wipes her tears. You did all that for me! I will become your shield now. He hugs his mother. Zoya is standing at the door and has heard everything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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