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Agnifera 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishan and Agni/Sakshi’s Engagement

Agnifera 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan’s daadi falls on Revati and says she is thinking of Kishan and Sakshi’s engagement. Revathi says it is a good news. Revati goes to Sakshi and asks her opinion regarding Kishan. Sakshi says he is a gentleman like her father, which Revathi used to describe. Daadi asks if she likes him. She says yes. Daadi hug her.

Kishan calls his friend Raghav and says he is feeling weird. Raghav asks if he is fine, should he come there. Kishan says no and tells him what he is feeling since Agni came into his life, etc. Raghav says that means he is in love. Kishan is surprised. Raghav asks him to sleep and let him also sleep. Kishan continues thinking about Agni.

Next morning, Kishan gets ready for office and walks down. Daadi calls him and asks to go and change into kurta pajama. Yashi/Chutki says she kept his kurta pajama on bed. He wears it and comes now and jokes. Agni and Sakshi also join. Daadi says today is Kishan’s engagement. Kishan feels shy. Daadi asks with whom. Badi says Sakshi and Chutki says Agni. Chutki says Kishan loves Sakshi. Chutki says Agni. Kishan says choti maa is right, he loves Agni. Agni says she does not know anything about this. Kishan says he signaled to engaged to Agni and not Sakshi, he should have informed Agni also beforehand and just likes Sakshi as a friend. He says he does not want to lose Agni and Sakshi’s friendship and they should forgive him and his family for misunderstanding.

After sometime, Kishan passes by and hears Badki and Chutki aruging who Kishan loves. Badki says though Chutki brought up Kishan, she gave birth to him and how could he not know about Kishan’s love. Kishan thinks his mothers are arguing for the first time. Badki says Kishan is infatuated with Agni, though Agni is a good girl, Sakshi would best choice for Kishan. Chutki says Agni is best choice. Their argument continues.

Precap: Agni enters her room and sees I love cards and decorated room.
Kishan enters and expresses his love for her. Agni says she respects his friendship and does not love him.

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