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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun banned to play cricket for a year

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sameer and Naina are looking at each other sweetly when the same guy asks Naina to go to her class too or he will complain to Ma’am. She nods. Sameer stops Naina. I wanted to say something to you. They look at each other for a while sweetly and she gives him a flying kiss before she runs off feeling shy. Sameer is all smiles. Sunaina and Kartik nod at each other.

Tai ji complains to Bela that she only gave tea. You could have given me snacks too. She bites onto her tongue and curses the one who has cursed her. Bela tells her not to curse anyone. Tau ji enters. Bela asks her if the court hearing went well. Rakesh rues that his fate is ill. Tai ji reasons that he never thinks he can be wrong. He declines. I never make a mistake. They argue again. Rakesh expresses a wish to leave

everything and go abroad. Look at all the other countries and how developed they are! His brother tells him not to say so. You gave bribe after all. Rakesh insists that it is also because of the people. I heard a lot about you but you dint do anything for your brother in the courtroom today. You just heard and agreed to whatever the judge said. His brother asks him if he has any sense. Arjun is only banned to play for a year because of me or he would have been penalised more! He tells Arjun to do whatever he tells him to. Arjun nods. Tau ji tells Arjun to start working. I will get you a job. Focus on growing. Arjun agrees. Tai ji taunts that no one believes in good anymore. People only curse instead of thanking! She leaves too. Bela is reassuring Arjun when Rakesh taunts that no one asks him for water even. She runs to bring water for him.

Pundit ji cracking jokes to cheer everyone. Naina and Sameer are sitting on a bench. Sameer tries to hold Naina’s hand (many times) but someone or the other keeps walking up to Naina with their list of problems. Naina is too engrossed looking at her friends enjoying together. A guy asks Naina to reduce the petrol prices too. Sameer points out that she has only become GS and not Prime Minister. Their friends join them again. Sameer tells them what all the people have been asking her to do. Their friends make some fun demands too. Sameer suggests having some snacks. They all turn to go when Naina stops Sameer. He teases her saying that her intentions don’t look good. She nods. I have some facts for you too. One, you were only handsome earlier and now you are Naina’s loyal, handsome and intelligent that (boyfriend). Two, I was earlier only a monitor but now I am a GS. Three, earlier I was Khadus for you but I am the most intelligent girl for you. There is a difference! Four, you dint care if I dint speak to you earlier for 10 minutes or more. He adds that now he cannot live without it. There is a difference! They both smile. He calls her tantrum maker. She chases him playfully.

Pundit wonders how Naina and Sameer disappear so suddenly. All the friends call them Mr. India couple. Sameer and Naina come in just then. Their friends tease them. Sameer agrees to treat everyone. They go to place the order.

Sunaina and her friends (including Swati) walk in. Munna says a sher taunting Swati.

(Background – Sameer):
Munna dint say so much shayari when he fell in love. People stopped coming to college out of fear because of it! Talent pops up whenever a heart breaks. Sometimes it feels as if humanity had not progressed if there were no heartbreaks!

Munna’s friends tell him to cheer up. Sunaina places an order for her friends. Swati does not eat egg and tells them. Kartik suggests her to try it as it is very healthy. Munna is irked. She never does! Pundit looks worried. Kartik and Sunaina coax Swati to try egg roll. Swati is about to take a bite when Naina pulls it out of her hand just in time. If you have made a friend then you must also learn to take care of your friend. Gifting a watch does not make anyone your friend. You have to be with them every second. Sameer tells her to drop it. Why waste such words on people who don’t understand the value of friendships? Kartik and Sunaina mock them for their lecture but Naina explains that Swati was, is and will always be her friend. Just like a true lover never leaves your side, Swati too wont and hasn’t. Swati has only left my hand. She is still with me like a true lover. Sunaina claps for her. Naina is still sure of her friend and friendship. My faith tells me Swati will return to us one day soon> Till then, don’t think she is away from us. She is still with us, in our hearts. Sameer points out that the egg rolls have turned cold. You must be full after all this insult. Beware of her (Naina). She only looks innocent but isn’t. She is my Naina! Munna and all their friends cheer around Naina and Sameer. Sunaina and her friends leave from there.

Naina’s friends discuss about what happened in the canteen. Pundit tells Munna to smile. There is a no tax on it. He says another PJ for Munna. Meanwhile, Sameer and Naina wink at each other. Preeti and the girls watch it with a smile. Preeti asks her friend if something fell in her eyes. Naina and Sameer get conscious. Sunaina walks in with her friends and calls for everyone’s attention. Our new GS has started working hard the moment she became GS. She has been romancing in garden, giving flying kisses to her boyfriend and has been eating in Red Rode. Will you just pass time or do something for others? Were they all shallow words and shallow promises? Students fall for it and demand for an answer. Sameer reasons that it’s been just a day. She does not have magic wand. Kartik taunts him for being a true lover. Preeti too repeats Sameer’s point. Sunaina insists that people who work diligently do not waste any second. Kartik tells them to accept that their words were just lies. Naina firmly says that she always lives up to her words. Sunaina’s friends continue to mock her. Naina leaves to speak to Principal Ma’am about Sports Team.

Precap: Principal Ma’am and other faculty members are against the idea of girls sports team.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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