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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya enter mata’s temple.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata ganga telling the story. She continues and says after that the ghost continued troubling people who came there for prayers and so one day mahadev went there disguised as a rishi. In flashback, mahadev sits as a rishi meditating and the ghost tries to create trouble for mahadev. The ghost then touches mahadev and says I wont let you pray and meditate here, suddenly the ghost shines and he feels immense peace and joy after touching mahadev. He says who are you? I felt so much peace after touching you, please tell me who you are. Mahadev removes his disguise and the ghost is amazed and says I am grateful I got the darshan of mahadev! Prabhu forgive me for what I have done but I had nothing else because I have been annoyed from this life, I roam like a ghost and yet

I haven’t gotten salvation, what could I do? As I am also not allowed to touch the water of this lake. Mahadev smiles and says I bless you, now when you touch the water of this lake then you shall get freedom. The ghost is happy and he jumps in the water and says har har mahadev! The ghost is free and gets salvation. The ghost then appears in his original soul form of a rishi! The rishi says prabhu, till today I roamed here and thought of getting freedom, you made it possible and I can never thank you more enough for what you have done! But as a disciple can I ask another wish from you? mahadev says yes son, what do you want? The rishi says prabhu, like me there are many ghosts in this world who are wandering lonely waiting for salvation, from today bless this lake such that whichever ghost in this world needs salvation may get it when he comes here in your kashi nagri and touches the holy water of this lake. Mahadev smiles and says tathastu and says from now any ghost who will come here and accept this water and touch it, he will get salvation from his ghost form and will be accepted in the soul world.
Ganesh says so mata, this way even gyarahi can get freedom once we go to the shiv ling temple at the lake. Mata ganga says yes. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam and say thank you mata for your help. Mata ganga blesses them and they all go. mata ganga then says forgive me ganesh ji I did not tell you that if gyarahi has to get salvation you will also need mahadev’s bhasma powder so that gyarahi gets salvation, I did not tell you so that you could go through mata’s temple and also be the reason to complete a greater purpose for which you both have come to kashi.
There ganesh, kartikeya, mushak, subodh and gyarahi are walking through mata’s temple. Suddenly the sound of sobbing and tears is heard by ganesh and kartikeya. Kartikeya says it is coming from mata’s temple, what must have happened? Ganesh says we have to go and see. Ganesh and kartikeya run inside the temple. Mushak stops gyarahi and says you cannot step ahead inside the temple as you are a ghost and are not allowed. Gyarahi says why did they go in mata’s temple? First my salvation could be done, how much do I have to suffer? Subodh says be patient father, what if your salvation is just a small problem that we came to kashi for? And there is a greater purpose for which ganesh ji has come here? who knows? We all shall wait here until ganesh ji and kartikeya ji come.
Inside the temple, ganesh and kartikeya see parvati’s statue and ganesh says it is mata’s sound of sobbing. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam and mata comes out from her statue form and says my sons, you came! In Kailash, parvati and mahadev see and parvati says our sons will reunite my form with you swami.
Ganesh and kartikeya are in the temple and mata comes out of her statue form and says my sons! You came. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam and say mata why were you crying? What happened? Mata says sons you have come here for a greater purpose than you think! I have been separated from my swami, mahadev! Raja devodas the king of kashi had to rule here and for that he asked mahadev to leave kashi so that he could rule as a king here in kashi, since then I am waiting to get reunited with mahadev. Kartikeya gets angry and says how dare he do that? doesn’t he know who mahadev is? I will kill raja devodas. Kartikeya removes his spear and goes out of the temple. Mata says stop him ganesh. Ganesh says mother I will try but brother is not wrong, for this raja devodas has to be punished. Mata says no ganesh, you both don’t yet know why raja devodas did this and he did it for a good reason, go and stop kartikeya and bring him back, it is my order. Ganesh goes.
Outside gyarahi sees and says kartikeya ji has come, now I will get salvation. Ganesh runs behind kartikeya saying stop brother, stop!

Precap: kartikeya is very angry and says ganesh get aside, now no one can stop me. Mata tells the story of raja devodas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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