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Tu Aashiqui 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rangoli calling dad to Randhir and asks him to say. He says dad and says her mood is changed. She asks him to tell which lipstick is in her hand because of which Ahaan will love her more and says if you give wrong answer then I will cut my hand with this knife. He says game is interesting. He says pink. Rangoli shows the lipstick and says it is baby pink. She acts as cutting her hand. He stops her and asks what is the drama? She asks him to tell what thing is her hand because of which Ahaan and her family accept her. Randhir says mangalsutra. Rangoli says Ahaan’s video footage and tries to cut her hand. He stops her and says you will get just sympathy with this. Rangoli says wow, you talk smart sometimes by mistake and I need you. She says I always forgive you, now it is

your chance to rectify your mistake. She keeps knife on his neck and asks him to do just as she says. Pankti recalls Ahaan’s promise that he will always love her and will become a good husband than a boyfriend. She gets tears in her eyes.

Aparna comes and asks if she has given up. Pankti says time started for my luxuries, rich, high status etc. Aparna asks why are you crying then? Pankti says why will she cry? She has everything now and asks her not to interfere in her life. She shows her door.

Randhir tells the guests to respect their new guest. He says he has bought her and she is her new rakhni. Pankti comes downstairs. Randhir asks her to show her jalwa? Guests in the party gossips. Ahaan comes and says wow, party is going on in the house. Randhir says old lovers have come. Ahaan says party happens in our house, and says there is a reason which calls for the party. He asks shall I join? Randhir says you are most welcome. Aparna says this is our house and not a bar. Randhir asks waiter to make him drink wine. Manav looks on. Randhir calls her baby doll and asks her to dance. Pankti sings raat bakhi…Ahaan also sings the song. Randhir comes between them and sings the song. Randhir asks Ahaan to give bed room tips. Ahaan asks don’t you feel shame to talk such cheaply. He grabs his collar. Randhir takes off the gun and aims at Ahaan. Aparna is shocked and tried to stop Randhir. Randhir asks her to stop there. Ahaan asks him to shoot on his forehead. Aparna says no. Ahaan asks him to shoot him. Randhir asks shall I shoot? Pankti says when Rakhni is at the house, the house will become bar. She tells Ahaan that Rakhni is a public property and asks Randhir to leave him. She asks Ahaan to thank him. Randhir says everyone don’t get to see the jalwa of 25 crores Rakhni. Ahaan is angry and is about to walk off. Pankti says he can’t bear to see his love becoming someone else Rakhni.

Purva tells Monty that Pankti can’t be someone rakhni again and she might be helpless. When she didn’t bend down infront of JD then why she will infront of Randhir. Monty says matter is something else. Purva says if Randhir has any relation with Rangoli. Rangoli comes there and asks Vikram, how he can do this with her? Vikram says what did I do? Rangoli says you made Pankti as the face of the company. Randhir says it is me who made her face of the company. Rangoli says you thought me wrong always, but Pankti was wrong from the beginning, shook hands with Randhir and got everything now, house, company and Randhir. Ahaan asks if this is true? Aparna asks her to say…Pankti says yes. Rangoli smiles. Richa says you have shown your value. Pankti fires back and asks her to see her value.

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