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Sacrifice. – A Twinj os. – Happy B-Day aanu.

Hey people. Today I’m gonna post an os on special occasion of our annu B-Day.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you aanu. I hope your all wishes desires and dreams come true. You get all the happiness you deserve. I just hope that you won’t create any Siyappa in this year. You know I’m blessed to have you in my life. Once again happy B-Day Siyappa Queen (my Twinkle Di.)

I was thinking to write from long time and finally I’m here.



When you ask someone about love. Just as, what is love? Everyone has their own definitions for it. For someone it is pain, for someone it is life, for someone it is hate then for someone friendship. For someone it is betrayal. In this way everyone has their own point of view and their own definition. Love. It is just a four letter word yet means much more than anything. It is an undefined feeling, an undefined emotion. Words are less to define this beautiful feeling. Even great scientists and scholars failed to define it. It can only felt through pure heart. It’s complicated and can also make someone’s life hell but, it is the most beautiful emotion on this earth. No one can explain it’s true meaning, even those who are already in love. Everyone wants to undergo this feeling at least for once In their life. It’s the beauty of love. An unspoken beautiful emotion of this universe.

This is any other story. In this we will understand a side or may a two of love.

A boy is shown readying in front of mirror. He is of nearly 6 feet with fair complexion. He is wearing a light green T-shirt with grey jeans. His eyes held happiness, anxiety and excitement. He is happy and anyone can say by seeing him. He is blushing like a teenager every now and then. He took his wallet and opened it. He looked at a picture and his smile got much wider. He looked at that photo with admiration.

“Twinkle, finally, today I’m gonna propose you. I’ll express all my feelings which I had engraved in my heart for ages. I had fallen for you long back, god knows when. You are my first love. Wait, I don’t think so love happens twice. I never dared to express my feelings because I don’t know why. I never got such a chance or maybe I was scared. But today, I’m gonna express every single feeling. Today will be the best day of my life.” he said looking at the picture and kissed it. Love is clearly visible in his eyes. He left from there with his glory. He loved her from his childhood. They were best friends. Slowly he started to develop feelings for her. He realised that he had fallen for her, deeply and madly. Now it’s time to confess everything. He took tulips, ofcourse favourite flowers of Twinkle. It can change her mood no matter how upset she is. Like any other he want to propose her with roses but this girl is not any other girl.

He reached her home with the same excitement and what he saw made him frozen on the spot. There stood Twinkle standing as beautiful as always she is. But he didn’t got frozen because of her. He got frozen because there is his another man kneeling on his knee infront of Twinkle.

“Twinkle I don’t know how, why, when but I had fallen for you. I have fallen in love with you Twinkle. I thought it as a mere attraction at start but with passing time my feelings for you got stronger. It took me enough time to realise that I have fallen for you. I have fallen in love, the world’s most beautiful feeling in this universe. You did things to my heart that no one had ever done. You had showed me, my different shades that I never knew I had in me. I had changed, changed for better. It’s hard to express what I feel for you as no such word exists in this universe. They are unspoken but you can witness them in my eyes, my soul. I have fallen for your everything. I know it’s all sounding cliché but isn’t love is one? You have became an important part of my life Twinkle, without whom I don’t want to even imagine my life. Will you marry this craziest creature of earth and make me world’s luckiest person? Will you become my life partner? My soulmate? Will you be queen of my heart?” he asked. He is Kunj.His every word held his sincerity and his love for Twinkle. Twinkle looked at him with tears in her eyes and nodded her head in yes as not even a word is escaping from her mouth. He gave her tulips and next instant they both crushed into a hug.

The man who brought tulips in order to propse her, stood still on his spot. He felt like ground slipped away from him. Wait! It doesn’t but he cannot feel ground underneath his legs anymore. It’s like there is no gravity acting against him. He felt hard to breathe. There is an unknown pain in his left side of chest. His eyes started burning and welled up in tears. He don’t want to witness it anymore. He turned around on his heels to leave only to stop by a voice.

“Uv.” he closed his eyes in order to hide his unshed tears. After he was sure that his tears cannot be seen, he turned back with a smile, a fake one.

“yes uncle.” replied Uv to Twinkle’s father.

“where are you going son?” was the question. He don’t know what to answer. He is feeling suffocating. He wanted to runaway but he cant. Rt is like a father to Uv. He treated Twinkle and Uv as his own children. Sound of applauds can be heard and Uv thanked god silently for saving him. He is definitely is not in a situation to explain anything. He looked forward only too see Twinkle in Kunj’s arms, his another friend and Twinkle’s one of the dearest person. It broke his heart again to see his love in another’s arms. They broke their hug and took blessings of their elders, who happily blessed them. Twinkle eyes landed on Uv and she ran into his embrace.

“Uv.” she squealed. Uv didn’t reciprocate for a second but hugged her back.

“I’m so happy today. Finally, I got love of my life.” By hearing those words his ears started to ache. He wished he was deaf at that moment.

“yeah.” is the only reply came from his mouth. He broke hug and Kunj hugged him. They both have became quite good friends.

“this tulips?” asked Twinkle.

“for you.” whispered Uv. Twinkle took them happily. She took him inside and all sat discussing about Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage. Uv zoned out. He don’t want to be part of it. He decided, he will leave this country for a while. He needs break from this life. His heart can heal only if he will stay away from this life for a while. He is happy for his best friend. He don’t want to be a obstacle in her life. Another name of love isn’t sacrifice? Yes, he had decided. He will sacrifice his love for his best friend Twinkle and Kunj is also his best buddy. In less time they became pretty close. He decided, he will leave for Australia without informing anyone. He don’t want to force anyone to love him. Love happens naturally and he is glad that his bestie got true love. He is thankful to god that he felt that emotion. He knows loving a person is not taming them as yours instead it means giving them the freedom they want and respecting their decisions. Uv is mature enough to understand this things. He wished atleast he could propose her but fate didn’t gave him a chance.

“Uv where are you lost man? You are so silent today?” questioned Kunj unaware with Uv’s heartbreak. Uv just nodded his head in negative.

“Uv have you listened? They had fixed our marriage after three weeks and I want you to be in every wedding ritual as you promised.” reminded Twinkle. He cursed himself for promising. Nevertheless he is not going to break his promise. But he don’t even want to witness it. He need break. Afterall even he is also a human being. He said yes reluctantly having no other option. It’s a big and important part of Twinkle’s life and he knows what importance he has in it. Love is selfless then how can he become selfish? After he left to his home and locked himself in his room. For first time ever in his life he cried. He is the person who never cried in his toughest time of life but who we are talking about here. Love makes you things do that you had never done. He cried remembering today’s events and letting his pain runaway with those tears. He locked himself for a week to get rid of that pain in his heart. But it doesn’t goes away. He thought to break his promise for first time ever but his friend’s face came into his mind. They both are way more important. He made up his mind to attend Twinkle’s wedding as he had promised no matter what. Ritulas started and he attended everyone. It was heartbreaking but still he attended. By god’s grace every ritual ended and today is the final day. Their marriage.

He is running here and there, seeing last minute arrangements. Then came the sound of baraat. Twinkle’s mom and every other person welcomed Kunj as a king. They made him to sit on mandap near holy fire. He is looking handsome in his light greenish and cream sherwani. It’s design is rare giving it a look which makes you wonder. Next Twinkle was called down. When she reached the place, everyone’s eyes landed on her. She is looking like an angel who forgot her way back to heaven. She is wearing greenish cream lehenga with heavy embroidery, with matching jewellery, perfectly complimenting Kunj. Her face is glowing. She sat beside Kunj. He complimented her making her blush. Next they took seven rounds around holy fire promising each other to be always each others support and not to leave eachother’s side and most importantly to cherish and respect each other. Later, Kunj tied holy thread around her neck and filled her hairline with vermillion. Eveyone are happy looking at the couple and they took blessings of their parents. Everything is happening in a perfect way and everyone were happy except a soul, Uv. He stood in a corner witnessing their marriage. He tried his ever best to not attend any ritual by making himself busy with some or other work, Nevertheless he witnessed end rituals of wedding. It tore him a part.

Twinkle and Kunj came to him and he hugged them. Uv broke hug and kissed Twinkle’s forehead. He looked at Kunj.

“Kunj, man. I pity you. You gonna bear this weird being for rest of your life. God bless him.” he said making Twinkle eyes wide. Kunj is having hard time suppressing his laughter. Twinkle hit Uv on his shoulder.

“ouch! what? ” asked Uv innocently.

“you don’t have death wish. Now do you?” asked Twinkle narrowing her eyes. Uv gulped because a mad Twinkle is hard to handle and she will easily kick him without having a second thought. Trio burst into laughter. Uv said,

“Jokes a part. Kunj you are very lucky to have Twinkle as your life partner. You are blessed man. Always keep her happy. A single tear in her eyes and you are dead. I’ll kill you, it’s my promise.” Kunj nodded his head in yes. Trio hugged each other. Uv took leave and turned around. He reached his car only to welcomed by silence. He is happy for his bestie but he cant stay here anymore. It will hurt him every time he looks at them. He genuinely want them to be happy. He will always love Twinkle. He can never change it. Love doesn’t happens every now and then. It happens once in a life and knocks your door when it wants to not when you wanted to be. Uv left for Australia.

It is the another shade of love, sacrifice. Love is not holding people into your life, it is also letting people go for their happiness. It’s not necessary that your love should love you back. Love is selfless and purest. It enters into someones’ soul easily and never leaves it. Here in this Uv sacrificed his love because Kunj truly loved her and same goes with Twinkle. They were in love and he can do nothing. He just prayed that no matter where his love goes, he just wants her to be happy and safe. Indeed love is beautiful and a madness. No one can ever understand it’s depth. A never ending felling.



I end it here. I don’t know how is it?  Please share your views.

Once again happy B-Day. You are lucky aanu,  sid just released his song teaser and tomorrow his song

So excited.


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