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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 46


All the team member and coach leaves while siblings decide to stay for few days.

Preeta ; I will tell Kareena aunty your both marriage ceremonies will be together

Elina : no their will be first, you all can wait

Karan : oye Ms Lawyer your law won’t work here okay its my sister’s marriage

Elina : and my brother in law

Preeta : stop stop no fighting, elders will decide who will marry first

Rishab : exactly only you are mature in bunch on this small kids

Elina : bhai (stares at him)

Rishab : what? don’t stare at me like that I am not afraid of saying truth

Karan ; of course you are son of King Harischandra because our dad has done so many bad things (says funnily)

Preeta : at least they are not flirt like you

Kritika ; one second, I want to confess something

Girls make O shaped

Karan : have some shame your brother are standing here and you are openly

Preeta : look who is talking, the one who have exceeded meaning of shame

Karan ; oye kareli I am very decent (puts feet on Elina’s duppatta)

She looks at the big hole

“This is your decency, you were not satisfied tearing with my duppattas now you are behind her Preeta shouts at him

Suraj ; well done (taps his shoulder) what I could not do in years you did it

Shrishti : seriously?

Elina : I think you have done crazy in happiness, this was your gift last year remember on valentines day, the dress

Suraj looks at the color

“What happened? where did big fat smile go, laugh come one Elina mimics his laughing

“Karan this is not fair, you tore my gift yaar Suraj scolds him

Karan : what type of friend you are? changed the side so quickly, I am offended

Shrishti : don’t worry jiju I am with you

“Only nut case can join other crazy right Preeta bhabhi Sameer laughs with her

Shrishti : shorty now you are doomed (runs after him throwing things)

Elina : god nobody cast them evil eye, so cute

Kritika ; what about my other brother, he is hell cute right Karan bhai (pulls his cheeks)

Karan ; don’t batter me

Suraj ; you were confusing something right

Kritika : thank god you reminded me, Kabir you know what this Roo is big nut case but she is my lucky charm every time she is with me something best happens (hugs her sister)

Roo : but my sister got most priceless gift right Mr philosopher (Asks him with smile)

Kabir could sense lot of pain in her voice

“Lucky? oh hello thank me, the Karan Luthra I am the main star of this trip it happened because of me okay Karan keeps praising himself

Preeta ; oh god your self obsession will never get over, Rishabji why is your brother like this

Karan : what you are asking him? talk to me

Roo runs away when everybody is busy chatting followed by Kabir. She goes in room crying hardly recalling her moments with Kabir and Kritika’s happiness about everything.

Main Toh.. Jiya.. Na Mara..

Hai Ve Das Main Ki Kara

Dil Jude Bina Hi Tut Gaye

Hath Mile Bina Hi Chhut Gaye

Ki Likhe Ne Lekh Kismet Ne..

Baar Baar Rod Akhiyan

Tainu Jo Na Vekh Sakiyan

Khole Aaye Aaj

Kudrat Ne..

Kataan Main Ki Ve Din

Teri Soun Tere Bin

Main Toh Jiya Na Mara

Chan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna

Jag Suna Suna Lage

Jag Suna Suna Lage

Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna

Jag Suna Suna Lage

Jag Suna Suna Hai Toh..

Yeh Kyun Hota Hai..

Jab Yeh.. Dil Rota Hai

Roye Sisak Sisak Ki Hawayein

Jag Suna Lage

Kabir : Roo please open the door, I want to talk with you (knocks hardly)

Roo does not open the door

Kabir : at least listen to me once please

Roo : just go from here I don’t want to talk with anybody

Kabir leaves seeing her plea. Arjun gets the spare key of her room from reception. He sees the room scattered and walks in dark. Arjun puts small candle in the room.

“You know my mom always say, when there is storm one should wait for it to calm down and not dive in that sea sits next to her

Roo : I never thought this day would also come in my life, Karan bhai got this love but I cannot even think of getting something that belongs to my sister, Arjun life is not fair every time

“Hey look here, everybody gets their own share of love but only few people are lucky get true love and remember if you are happy your sister will be, or else she will feel the pain of this wound Arjun wipes her tears gently and is about to leave

She holds him back

Roo : can you stay with me for a while?

“My dad is also like that, he gave mom every right but he was never able to love her, something was missing in their marriage, mom was always in this hope someday he will share his heart but he never bothered to understand her Arjun shares his past with her

Roo ; she must be feeling so broken na

Arjun ; you know woman can share everything but not her husband, he had one more family before, his first wife and children don’t know where they are, when mom found out her all hopes, dreams were just crushed under ground (recalls his mom”s painful tears)

Roo : why didn’t she leave him?

Arjun : because of me they didn’t separate, so I don’t grow up without father in my life, can’t imagine if any child have to grow without parent

Roo (puts hand on his) : you are very nice, sometime we cannot fight with destiny, I never believed in those things before but now I do

Arjun : I have seen my mom fighting with herself more everyday, dad is always busy in his work

Roo (hugs him for solace) : everything will be fine

Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho jaayein.. kho na jaayein humse
Kaafila.. waqt ka.. rok le..
Abr se juda na ho

Teri galliyan… galliyan teri galliyan..
Mujhko bhaave galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan..

Karan is leaving from his room when he hears some noise from corner side room. He listens carefully the noise inside and gets chilly vibration with a girl singing wearing anklet

Aami je tomar Shudu je tomar Aami je tomar [Aaalaap] Aami je tomar Shudu je tomar Aami je tomar Meri Chahte to Fiza mein bahengi Zinda Rahengi Hoke fana Tana na na tum 4

Ghost, Preeta, bhai Karan runs getting scared making noise in corridor

“Bhai, open the door, Preeta, Sameer he disturbs everybody

Preeta : not again what happened now? (opens the door)

Karan runs inside and closes the door

Shrishti ; sir you here? do your romance later

Karan : dumbo forget romance, Lord Hanuman

Preeta : Karan its enough now, no more jokes please I am tired

Karan : its not joke, there is real ghost in this hotel in that corner room

Preeta : what nonsense?

Rishab knocks the door

Karan ; see that ghost is here (holds her hand tightly) please save your Karela

Preeta ; Shrishti go check who is it

“Di, its Rishabji and all Shrishti opens the door

Elina : who was shouting?

Preeta : this guy has lost it, he says he saw a ghost in corner room

“Noo Suraj panics in fear as their room is close

Elina : hey there is nothing like that

“Karan, what did you see? Rishab asks him with calm without making scared

Karan (stammers) ; bhai, a girl anklet noise she was singing aa mi je toh ma (sings with fear)

Suraj : honey please save your husband (holds her tightly)

Elina : be a man, there is nothing like that, we will go to that room and check

“Are you crazy I am not going anywhere Karan jumps on sofa

Rishab : she is right lets go check and get rid of this fear

Karan : no bhai I won’t go anywhere, you all go if you want if you survive let me know

Sameer : bhai you will know if we come alive from that room

Karan (throws pillow at him) : Sammy you better not say anything

Sameer : what have I done now?

“You never do anything and can’t do so let it be Shrishti makes fun of him

Kritika : but will hotel staff let us in that room

Arjun ; we can request them

Roo and Kabir unaware of all this are on terrace. She request him to forget her and marry Kritika

Kabir : no way I will do this (refuses to listen to her plea)

Roo : please Kabir, for my sake you have to marry my di

Kabir : I am not big hearted like you to play with somebody’s emotion

“Listen to me after that cheater’s truth came out Kritika di have lost trust in everything, if she loses your love she will break and whole family is very happy with this relation Roo cups his face emotionally

Kabir : I won’t be able to do this please take your decision back (touches her head with his)

Roo : I cannot be happy putting my sister in hell

Kabir : and what about that time when she will find out that I love you not her

Roo : you will learn to love her please do this for me (holds his face)

Precap ; Horror sequence continues. Anu gets into depression with all recent happenings

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