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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 42

Luthra house

Kritika : mom I am feeling worried where he might have gone

Kareena : don’t worry dear, Rishab have filed complaint police will find them

Rakhi : I hope both children are safe god knows what will happen next

Karan and Rishab checks footage of every person coming. Shrishti gets suspicious about the decorator she met during rituals

Shrishti : wait wait

Karan : whats wrong

“Rewind little bit tells Sameer

Rishab : Shrishti what is it

Everybody gets to see Deepak’s face in old storage room. Roo and Kabir recognizes him to be one of the pawn of Akshay and Prithvi.

Shrishti : i knew it, he must have kidnapped di

Karan : who is he?

Rishab : Deepak, Preeta’s exfiance

“Oh that cheater, how dare he come here Karan gets angry

Rishab : Sameer put the footage of gate entrance

Sameer : yes bhai

Karan boils in anger seeing Deepak taking Preeta away in van. They are not able to see Akshay’s kidnapping as Kabir and Piyali took him from backyard.

Karan : I won’t spare him, bhai lets go he will have to pay for this mistake

Rishab : Sameer you come with us, Shrishti stay back with aunty

Elina ; I don’t believe this, both of you

Kabir : but bhabhi that guy was not right for Kritika how could we let him marry her

Elina : sometimes I feel Suraj is right, you only think of present but did you imagine what could be result of all this

Roo : di, he was cheater if we told this of families nobody would have believed us without any proof

Elina ; at least you could have shared with one of us maybe your brother could have helped

Roo : and this was all Piyali’s plan to get him kidanapped

Elina : oh god you all are seriously nuts, do you even know Preeta is kidnapped by that guy who you saw, they had backup

Kabir : sorry bhabhi

Elina : where is Piyali?

Roo : we don’t know where she went, maybe at godown

Kabir gets call from somebody who gets speechless

Elina : whats wrong now?

Kabir ; bhabhi, too there is big problem

Roo : please tell us

Kabir : you were right this people had backup, it was Piyali, that guy said Deepak took Akshay from midway

Elina : you both have disappointed me now just go from here I will handle this

Sakshi : everything was going so well but this son of yours have messed up

Vikram : thats why I say don’t be so greedy this is what happens

Sakshi : you are talking as if you were not involved with so much difficulty I got rid of that Piyali years ago but she is not willing to leave us alone

Vikram : I don’t know what enmity you have with that innocent girl

Karan, Rishab, Sameer and Suraj goes in hunt of Preeta. The guard who tried to stop Deepak showed them way.

Karan ; bhai I don’t see any way from here

Rishab : we came far from city, one thing I still didn’t get how did that guy took Preetaji in between all security

Karan : definitely somebody from house must have given him information

Sameer : but bhai who could have done that

“Guys if we all look together in same place we will not be able to find her lets split up in different directions Suraj suggests

Rishab ; you are right, for that we need to go home and get different cars

Karan prays for Preeta’s safety.

Elina is able to trace Piyali and finds her to nearby police station. She hears her conversation with constable about Akshay.

She points gun towards Piyali after knowing her truth about Akshay

Elina : that day hearing your tape I was cursing myself that how did I not understand your love for Rishab but now I feel I was right in hiding your feelings

Piyali looks on

Elina : you are two timing cheater, every time lie for own benefit and hurt Rishab but this time his sister is standing as shield I won’t let you do harm anybody

Piyali : you want to shoot, go ahead but before that won’t you hear the truth

Elina puts her on gun point staring angrily.


Deepak brings unconscious Preeta in the old godown.

Akshay : thank god nobody got doubt

Deepak found out Piyali’s plan to kidnap Akshay from marriage. On the way he distracted goons and took away Akshay.

Deepak : that girl played big game, it was full proof plan but didn’t work

Prithvi : but that cricketer and his brother will turn world upside down to find her

Akshay : before that you watch my move, Piyali will get punishment for her mistake now Luthras are going to get one more shock but you only have to do small favor for me

Luthra house 

Kareena and Rakhi consoles Kritika who is very much disturbed with everything. Akshay comes back to meet them much to everybody’s shock

Kritika ; Akshay where were you? everybody is so worried

Sakshi ; god listened to me, you are safe but who kidnapped you

Kareena : dear first sit here, Robin get water

Rakhi ; we were getting so many bad thoughts, I hope Preeta comes back safely

The boys return home to get cars

Karan : Akshay you came back?

Rishab ; you are okay na?

Akshay ; calm down I am fine actually I know its too late but I want to talk something important

Mahesh : we will talk later, take some rest then you and Kritika have to finish incomplete rituals, there is only few hours left

Akshay : actually uncle I cannot marry Kritika

All astonished

Karan ; what do you mean you cannot marry my sister? (holds his collar)

Akshay : see I know this is very hard but trust me I don’t love her and why should I ruin her life like this

Rishab ; do you know what you are saying?

Sameer : then why were you even marrying her and giving us wrong hopes

Rishab : if this is joke then it was very worst

“Akshay, are you in your senses, my daughter has been waiting for this day and now you are rejecting her Kareena shouts at him

Sakshi (Takes him to corner) : what the hell are you upto

Akshay : mom relax, I know what I am doing just wait and watch the fun

Mahesh ; we want an answer right now

Rishab ; who’s is that girl?

Akshay ; hey love come inside

One more blow comes to Luthra family in form of Piyali

Akshay : I know i should have told you all earlier but mom dad pressured me a lot to marry Kritika then I met my Piyali

Rishab clutches his fist seeing him close to her

Akshay : now I got my love back only because of you all right baby

Piyali is not able to make eye contact with everybody

Kareena (shouts) : Piyali what is all this?

Piyali : he is right we both know each other from long time but Sakshi aunty forced him to marry Kritika

Akshay : aunty trust me I was not ready to marry Kritika but then my love made me understand to bring my family out of debt I should marry her (shows them video of Piyali convincing him to marry Kritika and destroy Luthra family)

Rakhi : I don’t believe this, Piyali we didn’t expect this from you

Mahesh ; you were going to ruin our innocent daughter for your selfish reason

Roo : dad he is lying, Piyali only kidnapped him to stop this marriage

Kabir : Piyali why are you quiet? tell them you were helping Kritika

Piyali (looks down) : I don’t know what you are talking about

Akshay ; you both might have misunderstood, she took me away from marriage because she couldn’t see me marrying somebody else

Kareena : Sakshi before I throw your son out of my house just take him away

Sakshi takes Akshay outside leaving Piyali alone in fire.

“How dare you? ” Karan holds Piyali’s shoulder tightly

Piyali ; Karan please its hurting

Rishab’s mind and heart freezes with all happenings. He hardly imagined the girl he loved so much could be harmful to his family.

Kritika : you made deal with Akshay and ruin my whole how could you do this?

Piyali : I am sorry (get in tears)

Kritika : really? you are done with one sorry my whole life was going to be destroyed do you have any idea what does that mean

Elina : one second, Piyali now that truth has come out just tell them real story

Suraj : what do you mean by real story? was this all fake

Elina : no it was not but there is little manipulation here, Piyali if you have guts to do mistake then have courage to accept it

Piyali : whatever Akshay said was half truth, I did convince him to marry Kritika but behind that it was only my helplessness

Sameer : did he force you with something

“We both worked in same company, after my mom’s death I was in Pune, I tried hard to stay away from Akshay but he didn’t leave me, I could not even take police’s help after what happened with mom, then Vikram uncle offered me a deal if I convince him to marry Kritika he will solve my problem, so I told him to marry you and then Vikram uncle helped me leave the place, I took Anu far away in Cape town leaving all bitter memories Piyali shed tears while revealing whole story

Karan ; now listen to me if anything happens to my Preeta because of you this time you will see the side of mine which nobody did till today (leaves her shoulder)

Rishab : Karan let her go right now we have to find Preetaji

Karan : that Akshay I won’t spare him, I am sure he is behind everything

“Karan please, my Anu is in his capture don’t do anything wrong Piyali stops him

Karan : when it came to your sister how much your heart is fearing did you imagine what Kritika had to face, I am not selfish like you

Rishab and Karan leaves to find Preeta


Preeta regains consciousness and finds herself in deserted room

Deepak : good morning my ex fianc

“You what are you doing here Preeta moves back to wall

Deepak : nobody will come here to save you, I have suffered a lot only due to your ego

Preeta : listen stay away from me you don’t know my Karan won’t spare you

Deepak : only if he is alive, I mean he only have few hours to live

Preeta shakes in fear when Deepak tells her about a truck following Karan

Preeta (in tears) : what do you want from us? just leave me alone

Deepak : very sad but I can’t help it, you all messed up with wrong people

Preeta ; you probably don’t know my Karan he will turn this world upside down if anything happens to me

Deepak ; but not you he will go to heaven

On other side

“Hey uncle can you get something to eat I am starving Anu asks for food

Goon : hey we have kidnapped you not brought for picnic

Anu ; now that you made this deed take care of me or else I will faint then you have to take me to hospital your boss will not be happy to spend money so better get something to eat

Goon ; Sir thank god you came this girl is on my head

Prithvi slaps Anu hardly on face

“If you say one more word I all chop this tongue throws her on floor hardly

Anu (giggles) ; I tell you what now I see why Preeta di and Sherlyn left you, even a circus joker won’t spit on you both, what made you think you deserve two bombs in life


Prithvi is not able to control his anger and slaps her twice. Preeta comes there to stop him from hitting her

Preeta ; aren’t you ashamed of hitting small girl at least keep respect of age

Prithvi : this girl don’t deserve it


On road 

Karan asks some people around the area if anybody saw Preeta. An old man informs him about old mill which is closed from years but recently somebody got keys for it. Karan goes to that place and informs Rishab.


“You are very arrogant on your sister, now see how I break that proud Prithvi grabs Anu’s hair tightly

Akshay ; let me handle her (sits next to her) you know if your sister didn’t ran away that time i would have spared her but I hate her

Anu keeps moving back in fear

“What happened? you got scared only by this, you still have to see what I do to your sister with this small eyes, she already have no reputation what else will she lose Akshay scares her badly

Anu : you know what, whole life my sister only asked me one thing, courage and I am her strength not weakness, you all will pay for your sins very soon, and I only fear of good an honest people more than god

Akshay ; you said you are not scared of anything, lets check how much courage you have to bear, hey get that acid bottle

Preeta : Akshay don’t, at least think about her age don’t do this sin

Prithvi : take her away

“Noo, Akshay stop Preeta keeps begging him with tears but goon takes her to other side

The goon gives bottle of acid to Akshay

“You might have heard in school that only one drop will burn your skin like fire Akshay open the bottle

Anu starts shivering with fear but does not beg in front of him. Prithvi brings her in center of room throwing on floor. Akshay is about turn the bottle on her but strong hands stop him. It turns out to be Rishab who have fire in eyes

“You were not satisfied to hurt our family that a small girl became your target Rishab punches him on face and beats Prithvi too

Anu ; Rishab bhai (hugs him emotionally)

Rishab : hey champ you are our brave soldier, I am here nothing will happen

Anu : di (goes to her)

Piyali wipes blood from her lips looking revengefully to Prithvi and Akshay

Karan fights with all goon to reach Preeta.

“You are very fond of playing with acid today I will show you what it means to burn Piyali hurts Akshay brutally beating him to death with rod stick

Prithvi looks chance to escape from there but Rishab holds him back

“This is for thinking to harm my sister and dare to touch her Piyali slaps punches Prithvi three times for slapping Anu and goes back to Akshay

Piyali (bends down) ; how much will you stoop low, didn’t I tell you other day you have seen my good side but don’t even dare to see my enmity and you touched Anu (gets acid bottle)

Akshay ; please forgive me (bleeds badly)

“Forgive you? for what targeting my innocent sister, putting acid on her face, you know it it was me I would have forgiven in a moment but when it comes to my sister be it anybody I won’t spare that person Piyali puts leg on his injured hand

Karan comes looking for Preeta at terrace. He is terrified to see her fighting between life and death.

“Baby doll Karan pulls her into tight hug

Preeta (sobs loud) : Karan, please save Anu they will kill her

Karan : she is fine, lets go from here

Preeta keeps holding his hands

Karan ; what are you thinking?

“Where will you go from here cricketer Deepak comes there

Karan : you cheat, how dare you bring her here forcefully

Deepak : so much love I like it but unfortunately it will be only for few minutes

Karan ; what do you mean ?

Deepak ; just look behind you

Preeta is handcuffed to wall where time bomb is fixed which is why she was not able to move.

Karan : Preeta ? this

Deepak ; bye love birds have fun you have only ten minutes of your life

“Karan listen to me go from here Preeta pleads to him

Karan ; are you crazy I leave you alone, nothing will happen let me find hammer

“Karan we are trapped, nobody can save us just leave Preeta shouts angrily

He looks for hammer to break the handcuff

Preeta : should I say something? you might have not even did so much work out on field

Karan : you are right, thats why I call you problem magnet

Preeta : you again came to save risking your life really

Karan : should I pinch and say its reality (found the hammer)

Preeta : wait wait, did you ever used or just showing off

Karan : baby doll we have whole time to fight, time is running out let me focus


Piyali burns Akshay’s finger with acid which raised hand on Anu. Rishab is quite scared with her behavior but looks for Karan

Rishab : Karan what are you doing?

Karan ; bhai don’t come forward you go down I am bringing her down

Rishab ; what do you mean? you are hiding something

Karan ; nothing you go

Rishab : do I look like fool? move (hears the noise of bomb)

Karan : bhai move away you go from here

Rishab ; you are crazy how should I leave you both alone here no way, let me break that

Preeta : Rishabji you both leave from here

“Shut up Preeta enough Karan stops her

Preeta : why don’t you both understand? I don’t have time left just go from here

Karan (cups her face) ; we both promised to be together right now even death can’t separate us we will face together

Rishab ; great you both are so selfish, only thinking of yourself, there is family who are in wait when their children will come and you think I would live if something happens to you

“Bhai please don’t say that, you both are that part of my life I cannot take out Karan hugs him emotionally

Rishab : how can you say that I leave you here alone in death, my jaan reside in you

Piyali : Anu you go out right now

Anu : but di

Piyali ; did you not hear me, just go from here (runs upstairs)

Karan : what are you doing here? didn’t you go

now your sister is safe

Piyali : but my friends are not

Karan : the same friends who you backstabbed just go from here we don’t need your sympathy

Piyali : If you think I am responsible then I won’t leave from here let death come

Rishab : Piyali go from here there is no point of staying back

Piyali : you can give me whatever punishment you want


“Just do me a favor, get out of here and don’t ever come back in our life Rishab tells Piyali to leave with heavy heart

The love birds part ways. Is this end of their  love story ?

Preeta Karan heads to South Africa with their siblings for international match.

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