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Papa By Chance 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan takes kids to club

Papa By Chance 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan taking kids’ stuff to pay the man and get his watch back. Gungun asks him not to take Dhoni’s stuff. Ullu says let him go, I got to know who killed our parents. Suchi cleans Yuvaan’s room and tells Bantu that she likes doing this. Harman comes and asks did you complain about Mohini. She asks are you hiding something. He says yes, don’t doubt on me, I will tell you everything. He gives her pics of Samraj and Mohini. She gets shocked.

Rohan says we are going right. Yuvaan says yes. He gets the earring. Ullu says I got stuck in that shop, else I would have found out, that aunty was talking to someone called Chiku. He describes the earring. Yuvaan wears the earring. They see it. They scold Yuvaan and cry.

Yuvaan asks who told you. Ullu says I have

heard this. Yuvaan thinks whom did Ullu hear. Harman misleads Suchi about greedy Mohini trapping Samraj for money. She cries. He says I can’t let Samraj’s image get ruined. She tears pics and shouts. He hugs her. He thinks he got saved. Yuvaan asks what are you saying. Gungun asks about earring. Ullu says I have seen aunty wearing this earring, she was talking to Chiku. He says I got this fallen and picked it. He thinks I can’t leave kids here, else they will go to find Chiku. He says I know Chiku, come with me, I can make you meet him. They agree to go with him. Manjeet comes home and greets Mohini. He asks where is Yuvaan. Gungun asks Dhoni to come. Mohini says so Harman has sent gift for a motive, tell him to get well fine. She gets balloon and says my anger won’t end so soon, get lost.

The kids get balloon. Rohan says I m just going to grow business. Amrit gets upset. Yuvaan asks Amrit not to worry, Rohan doesn’t have interest in any other girl. Amrit says fine, go and enjoy party. Yuvaan says we will call Bantu to get clothes. Yuvaan, Rohan and kids come to club. Guard stops the kids. Yuvaan says what is the logic, kids want to dance and enjoy. Guard says people smoke and drink, you can’t take kids in. Gungun says we came here to meet Chiku. Rohan says we came to meet your friends. Yuvaan gets an idea to get in. He makes Dhoni sit over Ullu. Gungun sits over Dhoni. She asks Ullu not to move. Yuvaan gets entry along with the kids. He settles the kids. He asks them not to go out. Gungun asks for mango lassi.

She stops Ullu and orders for them also. Yuvaan says its not a sweet shop. He orders soft drink. She asks where is Chiku. Yuvaan says I will tell you when Chiku comes, stay here. Amrit calls Rohan. She gets balloon and says who is Mohini’s new lover Chiku, the empty bags are from Suman stores. Yuvaan says Amrit is jealous that you are with me. He calls Bantu and asks him to send his friends. Bantu says no one is ready to go. Yuvaan says why didn’t you tell me. Bantu says I called, some lady said you are dead, I understood you broke some girl’s heart. Yuvaan says maybe its Amrit. He signs to Rohan. He thinks how to get any good looking guy. He sees himself in mirror. He thinks here is no way to prove to Amrit.

Amrit gets ready. She come to Yuvaan and teases him. She asks him not to say anything. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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