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Nazar 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh back to life

Nazar 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh comes out of water and hugs Vedsheree. All family members hug him and cries. Ansh says where were you all? Neha says we dont know how you will react these days. Ansh touches Chitali and Avi’s feet, they hug him, Chitali says you are different Ansh. Ansh says I feel like I am seeing you people after much time. He comes to Shekher and folds his hands, Shekhar hugs him, they have a family. Ruby glares at them. Ansh looks at her sindoor and is stunned. Shekhar says she is your wife. Ansh says what? when did I marry? Ruby thinks how could he get free from witch circle? Vedsheree says we will talk in house, she takes Ansh from there.
All come home, Rishi says to Ansh that your wife doesnt follow rituals much but she is wearing sindoor. Ansh sees Ruby going to room. Vedsheree thinks

that before they grip Ansh again, I have to tell truth to Ansh. Kajal says we danced so much in your engagement, Piya danced so much. Ansh is confused and asks where is Piya? Vedsheree asks him to go and change clothes first, he leaves. Vedsheree goes behind him but Ruby stops her and says you are in hurry to talk to Ansh? Mohana wants to talk to you. Ruby says you dont have time. Vedsheree sees Mohana standing behind Shekhar and her hair near his neck, she asks Vedsheree if she wants her to kill him? Vedsheree says no.
Mohana says to Vedsheree that you played well but I will show you I am elder. Vedsheree says he is free from witch circle now, you cant do anything. Mohana says he is my blood, I am his mother. Vedsheree says I raised him, he has my upbringing, he will always be my son. Mohana says no, you cant do anything. Vedsheree says I will tell truth to Ansh then you and Ruby will be gone and wont be able to play any game.

Scene 2
Vedsheree comes to Ansh and says I want to tell you something, why you married Ruby and didnt remember anything, all family members come there too. Ansh says I know everything, I had put feet in witch circle, Ruby told me that and said that you made me marry Ruby to save me, thank you, I was not remembering my marriage but you were right, I am fine now, you did everything for our benefit. Vedsheree says no everything is wrong, this marriage shouldnt have happened, Ruby is not a devik, she is a witch. All are stunned. Chitali says you need rest. Vedsheree tries to take off fake mark from Ruby but Ansh pulls her away and says what are you doing? Vedshree says she is a witch, I am sorry, I made you marry her, I will show her feet. She shows her feet but they are on right side only. She is stunned and says you tricked it but I will bring your truth out. She bring ganga jal and throws it Ruby but nothing happens. Ansh shouts Vedsheree to stop all this. Chitali says she is devik, not witch, Ruby says I am sorry if you felt bad about something, she hugs her and whispers that I replaced all ganga jal bottles with water. Vedsheree pushes her away. Ruby says I did as you said and you are upset with me? Vedsheree asks her to get away. Shekhar says we did everything as you said and you are behaving like a crazy? Vedsheree says she is a witch, Avi says stop it, Chitali says you are thinking wrong. Vedsheree says I am wrong then ask Ruby to light diya in mandir. Mohana hears it and thinks that if Ruby does aarti then everyone will know she is not devik.
Piya is in park, she sees pots about to fall on a kid, she screams no and pot stops mid air. She goes to save baby. Mother hugs her baby and thanks Piya. Piya is confused.

PRECAP- Vedsheree asks Ruby to do aarti if you are devik. Ruby says I have to prove myself, she acts like crying. Vedsheree says if she is devik then she will do aarti. Ansh says if Vedsheree wants that then do it. Ruby is tensed in mandir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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