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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anurag and Prerna making the red dupatta away. His friend asks Anurag about Sarika. He says Sarika is Anurag’s long time girlfriend. Anurag says I didn’t love her, it was something more than friendship. Prerna says you liked a girl, sorry. Anurag says its fine, you didn’t think what your friends thought, the problem is with society, I think there are always questions, person should just answer himself, you know that song, Kuch toh log kahenge, so relax. He goes. Anjali takes Prerna with her. Someone walks to the temple. Pandit tries to blow off the fire. Anjali asks did you find out. Prerna says he is not that, you are a big idiot. Anjali gets happy. People run knowing about fire. The place is vacated. Mohini asks Anurag to come with her. Moloy goes. Rajesh

asks where is everyone, Prerna….. Mohini says its my Anurag’s chunri, I need that, listen to me, I can’t leave it, it will burn. Anurag sees the chunri.

Moloy takes Mohini with him. Veena says Prerna is out. Rajesh says no, she is inside with Anjali. Dinesh asks how are you, everyone is out. Rajesh says everyone is here, Prerna… how did fire catch up. Dinesh says relax, where is Prerna. Prerna hears the sound and looks good. They go out and sees the fire spread. Anjali says we are caught, lets leave fast. They try to run to exit. The fire reaches close. Anurag says I can’t see mum crying, I have to get the chunri. Mohini cries. Anurag runs out and gets his jeep. He drives inside the fire and stops the jeep. He runs and jumps inside the blazing place. Prerna and Anjali look at him.

He asks what are you doing here. Prerna says we got stuck. He says we will go, after I take for what I have come here. He runs to get chunri. She sees his kurta catching fire. She runs to save him. She asks him not to be mad and come. He moves her away. Anurag’s friend says Anurag took his jeep and went to pandan, I tried to stop it, he went to get chunri. Prerna thinks this man is mad to go there for chunri. Anurag takes the chunri. Prerna looks on. Anurag sees Prerna. They see the blazing structure.

She thinks this pole will fall on Maa idol and catch fire, no I can’t let this happen. They both run towards each other. Anurag sees her running towards idol. Pole falls over idol. Prerna holds the pole and pushes it. Anurag looks on. Her hand bleeds. Anurag comes to her rescue. He holds the hot structure and pushes it away. He holds Prerna. They have an eyelock. Mata chunri flies over them. The pandits ask Durga Maa to calm down. It starts raining. Pandit says this rain is Mata’s blessings, I think something true and pure is happening. Anurag and Prerna remove the dupatta. Everyone comes back. Pandit says Mata has sent this fire and rain, some new story is about to begin. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. They all pray.

Mohini hugs Anurag. She asks are you fine, you are mad, why did you go. He says I m fine, your chunri is safe, see. She hugs him and cries. Veena asks why didn’t you call. Anjali says Anurag saved Prerna, we should thank him. Anurag goes to Moloy. Moloy says this was madness. Anurag says really sorry. He hugs Moloy. Moloy comes to Prerna and asks are you fine. He says Mata saved us from fire. Mohini scolds Rajesh. Moloy asks how can you hold him responsible, we sponsored this pandal, we have to ask event management company, we have to think about Dashami puja. Mohini says look at this place. Rajesh says don’t worry, I will fix it. Moloy says if Rajesh said this, he will do this. He leaves with his family. Prerna thinks dad promised, but how will Dashami preparations happen here in a day, its impossible.

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