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Bepannah 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya brings Zoya to Huda House

Bepannah 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Zoya bangs at the door. Don’t be so upset Abbu. I dint want it. Aditya tells her not to lose heart. Everything will be fine. She denies. Where will I go without my Abbu? What will I do?

Wasim vows to teach a lesson to Aditya. You have snatched my daughter from me!

Aditya promises Zoya he will protect her from every problem, every pain till the time he is alive. She asks him with which right is he saying so. What am I to you? What’s our relation? He replies that she is the one who taught her to live after dying’ you taught me to stand up once again after falling; you are the one who taught me to love again after losing. You are my life. I will protect you always. Control yourself. He wipes her tears. Come home with me. She asks him how to lose her Abbu and home like this. He reasons

that he is her Abbu. He is stubborn like you. I am telling you he wont budge from his decision right now so I am asking you to come home. She points out that this is her home. How to leave it all behind? Your mother dislikes me very much! He replies that just like Wasim dislikes him yet both Wasim and Anjana bear us for their kids’ sake. Pa offered to speak to Wasim Uncle for us. I am telling you everything will be fine. Come. She goes with him with a heavy heart. Dilbaro song plays in the background.

Glass breaks. Wasim and everyone look at it. Arjun apologizes and agrees to clean it asap. You will get hurt otherwise. Wasim tells him it isn’t needed. House and heart broke. This was just a mirror. He looks at Roshnaq. What’s the use of crying now? She replies that she cannot do anything else. Ia m Zoya’s mother after all. I will feel her pain. On one hand, I am happy that Zoya dint force herself to marry Arshad against her wish. On the other hand, I am worried thiking how Aditya’s family will behave with her! Anjana Huda does not like Zoya at all! Don’t know how much more she will have to bear. Wasim replies that she will have to follow her destiny. He walks inside. Arjun asks the staff members to leave and then assures Roshnaq that Zoya is his friend and sister before anything else. I will always stand with her. You may or may not believe me but do trust Bhai’s love. He wont leave her side at any cost! Noor seconds Arjun. Aditya wont leave Appi’s side ever.

In the car, Zoya is still haunted by Wasim’s words and reactions. Aditya notices her crying. He thinks of Roshnaq’s words. He extends his hand to hold out her hand reassuringly but stops himself. He stops the car and turns to her. He offers her napkin instead. She wipes her tears. He picks her fallen eyelash and asks her to wish. She refuses. My wish will never come true. He offers to wish for her on her behalf. He prays to God to help him bring her smile back on her face. I hope I can give her the love, the wedding she deserves. I hope I am able to give her all that she deserves. She asks him what he asked for. He agrees to tell as and when they come true. The list was long. She smiles a little. He remarks that first wish has been granted already.

Roshnaq knocks at the door repeatedly. She is worried as Wasim has locked himself in the room. It is time for his medicine. Noor asks her Abbu to open the door. Wasim steps out of the room acting all cool and calm. Noor asks him if he is fine. He nods. I will take my medicine. I wont bother myself over what Zoya has done! Those days are gone! He goes to Zoya’s room and removes all the photos from the wall. Noor asks him why he is removing Zoya’s photos. He replies that the photos of the person who does not stay in this house and is no more part of this family need not be in their house anymore. Roshnaq asks him if this will change the truth. I know you are angry but it does not mean she isn’t our daughter anymore. Wasim points out that Zoya dint do the right thing. We get angry with those towards whom we feel something (emotions). I feel nothing towards her. From now onwards, I have only one daughter – Noor Siddiqui. I don’t want any shadow of this Zoya Siddiqui to fall on Noor. Noor requests him not to do so but Wasim focuses on food and medicine. He hands over the photos to Roshnaq. Put them away by then. Roshnaq follows him worriedly. Noor cries looking at Zoya’s photos. You will always stay with me in this house till the time I am a part of this house. I wont let you go anywhere! She hugs the photo emotionally.

Anjana is still in the house temple. Harsh asks her if she isn’t praying a little too much today. She replies that she cannot thank God enough. The obstacle of my life is going away from my life for forever. I am talking about Zoya. She would have become Mrs. Arshad Habib by now. Harsh smiles. That’s why I thought what you are doing in temple at this hour. She shares that she is going for Ganesha puja. He has removed all the obstacles from Aditya’s life. She is pleased to see Arjun. Where is Aditya? Aditya calls out to her just then. Anjana thanks God for giving a new life to her son. He came back the moment I said his name. She keeps talking while Aditya tries to tell her something. I wont let you go anywhere now. Is Zoya married? He keeps mum. She asks him to answer her. Zoya is married right?

Aditya extends his hand and Zoya enters. She holds his hand tight. Anjana and Harsh look at them in puzzlement. What joke is this? Aditya replies that Zoya will only marry him as they both love each other. Anjana drops the puja thaal in shock. Anjana tells him to tell her it’s a lie. Why have you brought her here? Are you mad? He tells her that he only brought Zoya here. She was reluctant to come. She asks him what people will say. He tells her he does not care. She asks him if he does not care about his mother too. She turns to Zoya. You trapped my son! This is what you wanted right? Aditya requests her not to say anything to Zoya. I brought her here. We already took a lot of time to understand and accept our feelings. Please accept us. She asks him what he is saying. She is acting. She did all this as she wants the luxuries of Huda House. This is why she befriended you and came close to you! Arshad was used to make you feel jealous. She tortured you so much and even made you event manager in her wedding! Why don’t you understand? He disagrees but she tells him to shut up.

Zoya requests Anjana to listen to her. it isn’t like you are thinking. I love Aditya just as much as Aditya loves her. I accept that I took time to understand it and all this happened. Anjana tells her not to act in front of her. I know your acting well. You left Arshad in front of everyone to make Aditya believe you love her too. Aditya tells her to stop. We both love each other so why are you blaming only her? Zoya has never hurt anyone but I have! She has never lied to anyone but I have! She has never broken anyone’s heart but I have done that too! Anjana asks about Arshad. She left him and held onto your hand in front of everyone? What does it mean? He replies that it means Zoya loves me.

Precap: Anjana has packed her bags and refuses to stay in the house. Aditya gives her his swear. I will do as you say but you wont leave the house. Anjana asks him to choose from either her or Zoya. I do not want to see her in my house again. Will you be able to do it? Aditya looks at her.

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