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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir celebrates with the family

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mansoor saying I will talk to Danish, you got father and son at your duty, I handle your crime world and Danish handles your personal work. Pritam says I have nothing personal left now, I lost everything. Mansoor says Sakhuja family will teach you to smile. Pritam says I have seen pain winning over love. He leaves. Amrita talks to Karan. She asks are you annoyed with me, you didn’t come to meet me today. She sees the family sad. Karan comes and says ask them to forget it, its just ashes, what happened, did I say anything wrong. She says I can’t see you restless, else I will die. He hugs her. Shetty says I couldn’t sleep all night. Kabir says you should have drink a bit. Shetty says I had drinks, but that girl’s face was in front of my eyes, will anyone get her dead body.

Kabir says don’t worry, no one will get her dead body. Shetty smiles. Kabir gets Dolly’s call. He disconnects. He says I managed everything, right. Shetty nods. He says I m a decent man, I didn’t even kill an ant till now. He asks Kabir to take the call. Dolly asks did you join the job. Kabir says yes. She asks how is the job and office. He says fine, I m sitting in front of boss. She asks him to be thankful to her. She wishes all the best. Meera comes. He ends the call. Shetty asks do you want more sugar in the coffee. Kabir says its fine. Meera says he isn’t a client, why are you treating him well. Shetty says he is more than a client. She asks why did you hire him, he is good for nothing, HR rejected him. Kabir says this thing has hurt me and the dead body. Shetty stops him. He scolds Meera. He says this boy is a genius, take him along and teach the work. She says I can’t work with this man.

Shetty says Meera, you resign. Meera says but Sir… She asks Kabir to shut up. Shetty says follow my orders or resign, get lost. Kabir says I have no problem in working with you. She goes. Shetty says I m requesting you, don’t tell about the dead body. Kabir says okay, I will go and understand the work. He goes and argues with Meera. He says I will have a pizza party now. Amrita says I want to have samosa. Dada ji says get samosas for Amrita. Guneet says I will get it. Angad says outside food isn’t safe. Dadi says we will make samosas at home. Amrita asks Dada ji to deliver a performance today. Dada ji says item is ready. He asks Guneet to sit quiet and see the item. He asks everyone to sit and see the item. He cracks a joke. Kabir comes from office. He asks what happened at the govt. Office. Amrita asks him not to talk about it. She asks how was your first day. He says yes, I have my own cabin. She asks for a party. He asks Nimmo not to cook today, there will be a pizza party. Nimmo asks how did he get money. Kabir says I will get salary, I can give a pizza party, give me 2000rs loan. They laugh. Amrita says I will give the loan, get pizza for everyone, I will have samosa some other day. Kabir says Meera, you see my status today.

Meera and Krishnakant come home from office. Meera says I m okay. He asks did boss scold you, just join our company. She says its nothing. Apa and Divya shout and ask Naveen to open the door. Krishnakant says maybe he is sleeping. Meera says he would be using earphones and listening music. They all worry. Krishnakant calls the servants to break the door. Naveen opens the door. Apa says I was calling you out since a long time. He says I was in washroom. They ask was he smoking. Naveen says no, enough, I want my privacy. Meera says tone down when you talk to Apa. Krishnakant asks Apa to get tea for him. He asks everyone to come downstairs. Naveen gets angry.

Dadi and Kabir order the pizzas. Dada jokes on her. Everyone smiles. Angad says thanks, you ended the house sorrow in a moment. Amrita says we won’t cry now, promise you won’t be sad. Kabir says we have to eat pizza, we don’t have to open a shop. Amrita says we will have fun today, we will play dumb charades. They all say yes. Guneet says we will do what Amrita say. Soni says we will play on the terrace. Kabir says done, I will get freshen up and come. Angad asks about appointment letter. Kabir says I will get it and show you. Angad says I think he is hiding something. Amrita says don’t spy now, go and arrange seating for everyone. She recalls Pritam’s words. Everyone eats pizzas. They take selfies. Dada tells about his first job. Guneet tells about his first job. Nimmo says I also worked in a showroom. Guneet says she fought on the first day. Soni jokes. Kabir says we will put the pics on the social media.

Divya says we will play carrom today. Krishnakant says no, I m going to buy billiards. Naveen comes. He asks do you know playing billiards. Krishnakant says no. Meera says I will teach you. He asks do you know playing. Naveen says yes, I used to play it everyday. Apa asks what, you wasted money on it. Krishnakant says we will get a table at home. They laugh. Meera sees Kabir and family’s pics. She gets upset. Pritam orders the food at some hotel. Nitin comes and says I was going to your locality. The other friend says have food at home, we got a party, they want their stuff. Nitin says today itself. Pritam says its in Sakhuja house, they will ask me if I get the bag. Nitin says if we lose the party, then it will go waste, its risky to keep the stuff there. Pritam says why, they are decent people, police won’t doubt, get my bike, I will eat food in the backseat, come home and get the bag.

Guneet and Nimmo ask Pritam for the police NOC. Pritam hides the drugs from them. Dada ji comes and asks him to have juice. Pritam worries seeing some packets fallen there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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