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You are not alone, Forever yours (Episode 5)

Ep 5

Hey guys I m back with new episode and ya  sorry guys for short updates i have my studies  ,school so i don’t  get a  lot time for long update so sorry  about that so now without any chater pater let’s go onnnnnnnn

Next morning 🌄

Prachi was walking 🚶‍♂️ and suddenly  someone  hit her from back

Who’s that

Ohh it’s  u who else can it be

It was ranbir

Are you blind? Don’t you see?

Oh… who am I asking to? akhen  hote hue bhi nahi hai

Ranbir: ohh up to chup hie raho

Khud to girti padti rehti ho or mue keh rhi ho

Bhagvan ne tumhe akal nahi de hai par juban bohot di hai hai na

Prachi : oh !aesa hai ,acha mujhe batao agar bhagvan time option de ki 🧠  or money 💰  tum kya choose 🤔  karoge ,

Ranbir: brain

Prachi: sahi he jiske pas jo kami hoti hai wo to wahi choose  😆😅  kare ga na

Ranbir: u chickchik shut up

Prachi : u mr headache

Ranbir : ooh hoshiyari ke devi tum  hanesha mere h peche kyu padi hoti ho ,I know me handsome 😉  hu lekin u r not my type

Prachi : ohh ! What not ur type I m not atall interested  in  un,or handsome  wo bhi tum shakal dekhi hai aine me kabhi

Ranbir: ha dekhi hai ,achi hai na

Prachi : ha gadhe or bandar ki bhi achi  hi hoti hai tumhari bi unke jaise hi hai 😆🤣😂

Ranbir: seriously  uuuuuuu😱😡😡😤😠

Aryan and shahana  : phir shuru ho gaye tum log 😑😒

Prachi : not me it was him

Rabir: she was the one

Prachi : aryan Shahana  u only tell

Ranbir: ha tell aryan my bro

Prachi : he is my brother  and always  be from my side

Ranbir: ooh hoshiyari  ke  dukan he is my bro my dude

Aryan : shut up both of u

Shahan u take her that way i will take him otherwise  they won’t  stop fighting

Shahana: ya do it fast

Aryan : u go first

Shahana: no u go first

They got into argument

Ranbir and Prachi: ye dono hamara zagda sulzha ne aye the ya khud zagda kare

Prachi: now we will need to sort it take then away

Prachi take Shahana  other way and Ranbir  took aryan  otherway

Aryan to Ranbir: that girl is completely  mad

Shahana to Prachi: how is he ur brother  he is a monkey  🐒  complete monkey

after some time

Professor  : today we r going  for bird 🐦  watching 👀

Everyone: wow!

Rhea was Prachi ‘s patner

Professor  : u r free to go go and watch  birds  but in pairs as told and come before  evening  k go now

Rhea got her ankel twisted  peachi said rhea what is this can’t  you  be more careful  about  yourself  you’re  so childish  🙃 rhea was laughing   di

Prachi, is it hurting

Rhea ,ohh ahh ,actually  no she started laughing  😆😂🤣😄

Prachi ,kya bachpana hai ye

Rhea applied  mud on prachi’s  chick

Prachi , rhea u

They had a cute moment

Ek hazaroon me meri behna hai in background

Prachi was seeing  her wond

Rhea in mind

Prachi di is so nice y buji says  she will make mom dad 👪  hate me

Prachi calls aryan  Shahana  and even ranbir come

Aryan: u sister keep hurting  ur self

Both r likely

Peachi and rhea : ha ha now help us

They all take rhea to tent ⛺  and dress her ankel

At night  they have a camp fire 🔥  and have a lot fun prachi falls on Ranbir

They both get awkward  😬  and go away

Suddenly  they see a shooting  star 🌠💫

And pray for each other  ,prachi ,rhea ,aryan ,Shahana, and  Ranbir

And that’s  💯  for today guys hope u like it and pls comment  what u think and even give me suggestions

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