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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik exposes Chauhan’s truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat arguing with Kartik and family. Reporter says this girl is so thankless, she scolded the family who supported her. Chauhan says my work got easy, the people have seen her real face. Suwarna asks Sirat not to leave the house. Sirat says this isn’t my house, now Manish can be happy. He leaves. Manish stumbles. Everyone holds him. Sirat leaves. Manager says you said that you will prove yourself innocent before the match. Sirat says I m not proved as a culprit, don’t snatch this chance from me, its about my life. The man says we have seen your misbehavior on the news channel just now. She says you don’t know anything, how much will I tolerate, please let me play this match. The manager says if you get any proof of your innocence, you can play the match, else no one can help you. She cries and says sorry Maudi, I can’t fulfill your dream.

Chauhan sees Kartik coming inside his house and shouts. He asks how dare you come here. Kartik says maybe you didn’t see the news, just you can help me, Sirat misbehaved with my family, we always supported her, she forgot humanity, she insulted my dad, my dad is in hospital, his condition is critical, how shall I save my dad. He asks Chauhan to see Manish’s critical state. Chauhan asks what can I do. Kartik says you can help us. Chauhan asks why shall I help you, Ranvir was in this state, you supported that girl, you didn’t understand my pain. Kartik apologizes. He says sorry, I supported her, I made a big mistake, how can anyone be so thankless, I want to take revenge on that girl. Chauhan says now you know the difference between good family and cheap family people, Manish didn’t do business with me, I won’t help you, I m not related to Sirat or you, get out.

Kartik says don’t say this, I m begging you for Manish’s life, I will not see that girl’s face again, just tell the media that we aren’t related to this case. Chauhan asks how, you are also involved. Kartik says no, Sirat did this, I got to know this later, I m ready to give statement against Sirat, how she loots rich guys and kill them. Chauhan asks how, how did you hate her suddenly. Kartik says if relation is close, then wound is deep, I thought my kids will get a mum, that girl doesn’t deserve love and respect, she didn’t become of good-hearted Ranvir, I will trap her in more cases, once our name gets cleared. He says Ranvir used to love Sirat a lot, what did she do, she cheated her husband. Chauhan says I explained him many times, don’t know what black magic she did, he didn’t listen. Kartik says I also didn’t agree, my dad and family explained me many times, I can understand your pain now.

Chauhan throws a vase. He says I had lost my son, he was going to marry Sirat, so I planned to get Sirat shot, Ranvir was shot, that bullet has poisoned his body, Sirat is the reason for his death, Ranvir was hurt by her cheat, I had punished her by framing her in this blame. He cries. He says you will also get punished, you supported her, now bear it. Kartik says you will be punished, Sirat told that she will prove her innocence in 7 days, we did it. Chauhan looks at him. Kartik calls the police. The inspector says we heard your talks and recorded also, it will be used as proof in the court. Chauhan says I won’t leave you Kartik. Kartik says worry for yourself, you felt just you know to frame, all this was our plan, my family was involved, we wanted you to confess your crime, you can meet your family and go to jail.

Nidhi and Saroj come there. Chauhan says I didn’t do anything. Saroj says you could have become a good dad. He says they are framing me. She says stop it now, I will snatch your right of being my husband, I can never forgive you. Manish says I m proud of you both. Kartik says I will give this news to Sirat. Sirat is still waiting at the club. The man asks her to leave, its the last trial match. Kartik comes and says it didn’t end. The Goenkas come. Kartik says the blame on Sirat is removed, check the latest news. Sirat asks really, am I proved innocent. He says yes, real culprit is caught. He shows the news to the man. Sirat is proved innocent. Everyone smiles. Kartik says it wasn’t tough to make Chauhan admit the truth. He says Sirat will knock out her opponents. The man says its too late Sirat, you can’t become a part of the nationals now.

Sirat asks why, you said trial match is going on, there is time for main match. Kartik asks what’s the other reason, if she plays, its benefit for your club, Sirat will prove that she is the best boxer. The man says that’s fine, but its a rule that she can’t play main match before playing the qualify match, we didn’t think you will be proved innocent. Kartik says its your mistake. Manish says there will be some exemption. The man says make her try next year, we won’t refuse. They hear announcement of the main match.

Kartik asks Sirat to come. They see Sirat gone. He calls Sirat. They see Sirat in the ring. Kartik thinks Sirat, snatch it, its your right. Kairav says Sirat will win today. The man says Sirat, you can’t play the match. She says I have decided to play the match. Kartik and everyone clap.

Sirat says Kartik, we have won many fights, but one left, we have to tell the family that we aren’t married. Surekha hears this and says I will tell this to Manish. Manish gets a call. He asks what.

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