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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Bails Out Sania

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sania pleads Rudra to save her from police arrest and threatens him that she will not return if she goes and will never reveal Saransh’s location. Rudra says Sania is mischievous like a kid and don’t intent to harm anyone, so he apologizes on her behalf. GPS says its evil act and not childish behavior and he is supporting her. Inspector says he can free her only after getting her bail. Rudra says he knows commissioner and get bail via him and walks away with police. Vasu confronts Preesha that Rudra is under pressure, but Rudra looks happy and she looks under pressure. Arman says he is tired explaining her that Rudra has moved on and is happy with Sania and even she should move on. Sharda apologizes her for Rudra’s act. Vasu says she doesn’t know what to say. Preesha asks her to stop as she knows her Rudra very well and he married Sania under pressure, he saved Sania as she murmured something in his ears and she is blackmailing him for something, etc.

Rudra speaks to commissioner and bails out Sania. On the way home, he listens to his old song and remembers his romance with Preesha, their love for her, and then hurting her. He thinks he is hurting her a lot and is doing it for their son Saransh’s sake, he loves her immensely and is hurting her the most. Sania says its a beautiful song and wishes he had sang it for her. He stops car and asks her to get out. She asks if he is serious. He shouts enough of her drama, she should give Saransh’s information or else get out; he thought woman’s heart is sensitive, but she is cruel; he loves Preesha immensely and wants to gift their son back, but she is hurting Preesha instead, he will not let her hurt Preesha more, she should give Saransh’s information or get out. She says he spoke a lot, if she goes he will never know Saransh’s location and gift him to Preesha. He shouts that when he can marry her, he can go to any extent and find Saransh’s location somehow and will not hurt her Preesha anymore. Sania thinks he is mad behind Preesha, Preesha is very lucky; if she doesn’t reveal him Ahana’s location, he will divorce her and she cannot complete her task. She says she will take him to Ahana’s location.

She takes him to middle class house. They knock door. He finds it open, enters and calls Ahana, says there is no one else here and angrily strangulates her for lying. She says let her speak and shows Ahana’s pen drive for him. He plugs pendrive and sees Ahana who says he found her at last, she didn’t know Sania would easily give up and give her address; he must have realized by now that Saransh is alive and is with her, he may never be able to reach him, but he obeys her order via Sania, he will get closer to Sania after solving each clue; if he tries to reach her directly, he will never find Saransh again, so he should wait for a clue soon. He shouts at Sania that she is a cheap woman who just used her. She says Ahana is cheap who took money from her and ordered to be with Rudra and give his information if she needs her money back. Rudra shouts to tell what are they up to or else he will kill her and Ahana both. Sania says Saransh’s life is in Ahana’s hands and if he tries to misbehave and strangulate her, even Saransh will be punished similarly and she will never help him. He stands fuming. She walks away saying he looks dashing in his angry young man look.

Sania meets Ahana. Ahana asks what is happening. Sania remembers messaging Ahana that she is bringing Rudra to her house, she should keep recorded pen drive and leave her out. Ahana panics followed by Mishka. Mishka records her video, and she keeps pendrive with a note leaves house. Out of flashback, Ahana threatens Sania that only she knows her secret and asks what is she up to. Sania threatens to expose and orders to do as she says. Ahana walks away fuming.

Precap: Preesha asks GPS to find a good personal investigate to investigate Sania. She hires investigator to get Sania’s information, later she pins and seduces Rudra in a bathroom and says she knows he still loves her and why is he acting.

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