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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Meera’s grandfather Raja Dudhasingh handles her marriage situation.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Raja Dudhasing’s daughter tells Meera about the proposal for her marriage of Kumar Raja Bhojraj while Meera hearing this is shocked hence she is trying to explain all of them that she can’t do this marriage due to she is already dedicated to her Prabhu whom she is married in her dreams but Raja’s son in law shouts her saying this isn’t the way of marriage happening instead she is just dreaming about it while the life doesn’t stop here then Meera tries to prove them hence sits for singing prayers.

Meera keeps singing prayers while her grandfather Raja Dudhasing also arrives hearing her prayers but his son in law shouts her to stop all this because of which she’ll become Jogan one day which is not their status & tells her she has to accept the truth of life by not wasting time in this foolish assumption while Meera cries explaining him to not to force her & understand her feelings but he is still shouting her then Raja himself intervenes saying to stop forcing Meera henceforth & he becomes quiet.

Raja tells everybody that now nobody will force Meera for this marriage while Meera runs towards him saying all of them aren’t understanding her feelings which are true & he too says that they aren’t realizing because all of them are lost in this world’s current scenario for thinking of community & people while you are a true devotee which I too have experienced & Meera feels happy about her grandfather understanding her.

Ganeshji says Raja realized what Meera felt & stopped everybody to again force her for marriage but she was still confused how to impress Prabhu.

Raja asks Meera what she saw in her dreams & she explains him saying her hands were decorated with Mehndi also wearing marriage dress & was getting married to her Prabhu but expresses him that she isn’t finding the way how to impress Prabhu to meet her while Raja suggests her to meet their Raj Purohit who’ll show the right path.

Raja’s son in law is explaining Meera’s parents to not to take this lightly because to reject such a proposal will also create difficulty in front of them as their community is already facing attacks from their enemies too which is again a big trouble for them hence joining this proposal will also bring them in strong position & Meera’s mother pleads them saying it was wrong from her side to unable to control her since birth itself then too says she’ll try again to explain her.

Meera meets Raj Purohit who advises her that you need such a person who can show you the right path & it’s none other than Prabhu itself hence she again sits in front of Prabhu’s idol proving about her pure devotion to him which is her complete dedication & pleading him to just tell her when he’ll come to meet her & Prabhu watching this intimates her on Guru Poornima hence she feels surprised saying Guru Poornima while her mother hears this who is also shocked.

Precap: Meera offers flowers to her Prabhu expecting from him about his intimation of arriving on Guru Purnima to meet her. A maid comes to inform her of somebody arrived on the door’s waiting for her while a Brahman is moving holding musical instrument in his hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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