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Udaariyan | FaTejo FF | Part 2

Virk House

Tejo entered the house only to be bombarded with questions of the worried family as she was late today in reaching home and is completely drenched in rain, the most worried of the lot was her parents-in-law Khushbeer & Gurpreet. She assured them that she’s fine and it was caught up in the rain. She then went into Fateh’s room (which she preferred to call now) and get changed. At night she prepared the dinner and called everyone for the meal, Gurpreet asked her to sit and have dinner with everyone rather than serving. Fateh too came back and he too sat down with everyone to have the dinner. The dinner had Dal-chawal, tinde and gobhi ki sabzi with salad and roti. As usual Fateh didn’t ate fully as he don’t like tinde and gobhi too. After dinner everyone departed to their rooms for the night. Later that night Fateh came to the kitchen and found Tejo there.

Fateh: u here?
Tejo: what? Can’t I come here? Do I have to ask u to go somewhere in the house?
Fateh: nothing like that. Why r u getting offended. I just asked. Waise I know why u r here late at night.
Tejo: and why is it so?
Fateh: to have noodles cause today’s dinner had tinde which u don’t like.
Tejo: no I’m full. Haven’t u noticed I had my full meal even the tinde. I just came here to refill my water bottle.
Fateh: I did. (comes near her & hold her shoulder, his touch made her uncomfortable) Tejo did something happen? U look upset over something. Did anyone did anything wrong with u or said anything wrong? Did anyone hurt you?
Tejo: yes, someone who I thought was mine did wrong with me infact very wrong with me. Someone did hurt me very badly.
Fateh: who? U just tell me, I’ll teach that person a good lesson. How dare he hurt my best friend, my Tejo.
Tejo: it’s none of your concern, I’ll see to it.
Fateh: of course it’s of my concern too, it’s about you after all.
Tejo (removes his hands from her shoulder): Fateh I had a really tiring day I just wanna sleep right now so if u r done with your investigation so can I go back to the room and sleep. U enjoy ur midnight noodles. Good Night.

She then left from there leaving Fateh who was a little shocked with Tejos’s behaviour. He kept on thinking what made Tejo exasperate (writer’s pov – stupid fellow still not understanding why his wife is hurt). His thought process was interrupted by a message beep, the message was from Jasmine telling rather ordering Fateh to meet her tomorrow morning and they’ll spent the entire day together in Chandigarh and our “Love Sick” Fateh agreed instantly forgetting that it is his younger sister Mahi’s 17th Birthday the next day and Tejo along with other family members is planning a surprise party for her. On the other hand, Mami had already informed about Jasmine’s plan for the day to Gippy so that he can expose her in front of the whole family. Next morning Tejo woke up to find Fateh getting all ready for his “date”.

Fateh: wo I’m going out for the day for a meeting with a investor will be back by tomorrow.
Tejo: r u asking me or informing me? Whatever it is I don’t care.

She hen went to the washroom to get freshen up and start her day. While moving out of the room Fateh noticed Tejos’s phone ringing flashing the name Jass which made him angry (for obvious reason). He was about to answer it but Tejo came in the nic of time and snatched her phone and answered it saying she’ll call back later.

Tejo: who asked u to answer my call?
Fateh: who was it? Is it the same Jass, the con man?
Tejo: first u answer my question?
Fateh: Tejo I’m ur husband though a namesake but I’m also ur friend I care for u. Now tell me, is it the same Jass? If yes u can tell me. Is he troubling you?
Tejo: Fateh I’m not answerable to u on with whom should I talk or not it’s my life and I’ll talk to with anyone I want to ok.
Fateh: Tejo what is wrong with u? I’m observing u since yesterday, u r fine with everyone else in the house it’s me u r behaving with differently. With me u become a completely different person, one who is a complete stranger, like we never knew each other ever. What happened? Tell me.
Tejo: don’t u know what happened?
Fateh (he puts a little pressure on his mind): u r talking about”that night”? Listen Tejo that night what happened between us it just happened in the”heat of the moment”, it’s a mistake & (he was interrupted by a phone call, of course from his Jasmine & he’s bound to attend her call irrespective of the fact where he is or what he’s doing while Tejo was shocked and disgusted as well listening to his stupid justification)
Tejo (to herself): u r right Fateh it was a mistake, it was my mistake that I let myself fall in love with u but now I know that I made a huge mistake and I’ll rectify it. Don’t u worry Mr. Fateh Singh Virk u don’t have to carry the burden of this mistake for long. But one thing is for sure that from here on u r nobody to me neither my friend nor anything else.

She then went on to start her day with making breakfast for everyone. She had already resigned from her job the previous day on urgent basis but haven’t told anyone about it and also had asked the college principal not to mention it to anyone until the whole resignation process is done. She stayed back at home on the pretext of taking leave for few days as she has no important lectures because exams are soon to get started. Everybody wished Mahi a Happy Birthday except for Fateh (as he went on his date) which made her upset but Tejo cheered her up. She then went to college and will be coming late in the evening after celebrating with her friends giving ample time to the family to prepare for her surprise party. Amidst the party preparation Tejo received Jass’s message that the lawyer has arranged for the divorce papers and they both are waiting for her at a safe distance from the Virk House to get the papers signed.

Jass: Tejo r u sure? Just think once again.
Tejo: I’m sure (she sings the papers) Thank u Jass. When u and Nimmi r going back?
Jass: Tonight. R ur preparations done like all paper work?
Tejo: yes. I’ll forward u the details, I’ve my visa, passport everything and have already given my resignation on emergency basis. And the dues will be settled in most probably a week which I’ll coordinate from there. I’ve already talked with the college admin.
Jass: wow looks like u r all sorted and will leave no sign behind.
Tejo: u r right. I’ve figured out everything and will leave no trace behind so that no one can even find my shadow. I’ve had enough of everyone. There’s a limit for everything even of being used and my so called family has crossed that limit long back. And I’m gonna put an end to it tonight after Mahi’s birthday.
Jass: u r right. Give me a call when u r done. I’ll leave now. Bye.
Tejo: I will. Bye…

She leaves for the house. On the other side JasFa r enjoying their date unbeknownst the fact that they r being followed by Gippy’s detective who’s recording their each and every activity. It’s evening now and the Virk House is all set to celebrate Mahi’s birthday. Amrik had already informed everyone of her return, everyone went into hiding and as she enters the hall she was welcomed by HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes from her family. She took blessings from the elders and hugged Amrik and Tejo and shook hands with Buzo. Tejo then took her to the room to get her ready for the party. After a while Amrik &Buzo too came in Mahi’s room as Tejo had called them.

Amrik: Tejo ji why u called us?
Buzo: yes Bhabhi, everything ok?
Tejo: Amrik Mahi I wanna tell u something very important.
Mahi: what is it Bhabhi? U look nervous.
Tejo: its about Simran Di, she’s here?
Amrik: what? How do u know she’s here? Yesterday only me & Mahi Skyped with her, she was in Canada then how come she came here in Moga and that too too fast?
Tejo: I’ll tell u both everything just hear me out with a calm mindset, ok?

She then told them about Simran’s failed marriage, her struggle and also that Buzo is in love with her and want to marry her. Both brother and sister were sad to hear about their elder sister’s tragedy but also happy that all this while she was not alone there was someone who stood by her in her odds. Tejo then asked Mahi to ask for Simran’s return in the family as a gift from Khusbeer.

Mahi: thank u Bhabhi for bringing back Di. U r so good.
Amrik: yes Mahi’s right. Tejo Bhabhi (Tejo, Mahi & Buzo r taken aback) I know I never addressed u Bhabhi cuz I thought that u & Fateh Veere r not meant to be one as not u but Jasmine was his happiness and for me his happiness matters the most. But that doesn’t meant that I hated u, it’s just that I never liked u with my Veere. But what u did for Simi Di I’m 100% sure that u r the best thing that had ever happened to Fateh Veere & this family. I’m sorry for my behavior.
Tejo: it’s okay Amrik u had ur own reasons of not accepting me I never mind it. U were concerned for ur brother like any other sibling would have so it’s ok, I’ve no hard feelings for you I never had and never will.
Amrik: thank u. And Mahi’s right u r a good person.

Just then Khusbeer came to Mahi’s room to ask her for what she wants for her birthday to which Mahi asked the same what Tejo told her to ask for. At first he was reluctant but gave in after a lot of convincing from all Tejo, Mahi and Amrik. The other most important reason being he’s a father, Simran is his first child who gave her the right to be called a father and now his little girl herself is a mother of a sweet cute boy and it is an old saying that “asal se zyada soot pyara hota hai”. Khusbeer welcomed both Simran & Candy with open arms making everyone happy. The Sandhus along with Tejos’s Mamiji also arrived for the celebrations making the night into a “family get together”. The cake cutting was done and everyone gave Mahi blessings and her gifts of course just then Gippy too came shocking everyone.

Gippy: Happy Birthday Mahi
Abhiraj: what r u doing here? U still have guts to come here after what all u did with Jasmine? How low will u fall?
Gippy: relax Abhiraj I’m came here a cuz I was invited by your own sister Tejo. Right Tejoji?
Rupy: Tejo puttar u invited him, even after knowing what he did with Jassu?
Tejo: papa I already had invited him before the fiasco happened and lately I’ve been occupied with other things, it slipped out of my mind to uninvite him.
Gippy: don’t worry everyone I just came here to wish the birthday girl & also bought a gift for her infact for all of u. Trust me this gift will surely shock u all to the core. But Mahi where’s ur Veerji? Isn’t he home? I mean it’s ur, his younger sister’s birthday and the elder brother is not at home, how rude?
Amrik: listen dude stoo ur timepass and leave from here ASAP.
Gippy: cool it Amrik. Ok everyone has given their gifts now my turn.

He connected his mobile to the TV and show the proofs which his private investigator collected showing that JasFa r still together and have been cheating everybody. He then showed the live coverage of their dinner date and romantic night out in Chandigarh. Gippy was right, everyone was shocked to the core except for one and that was Tejo who had a blank face all this while.

Precap: Tejos’s emotional outburst and departure.

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