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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 3

Abhi was walking on the road out of the office thinking about Pragya and Prachi and was sad about whatever happened with Rhea. He was walking thoughtlessly on road and bumps into a car.

Sid came out of the car and apologises to Abhi for his behavior as he was in his own thinking while driving.

Sid – I hope you didn’t get hurt much. Actually, I was thinking about something and someone(Rhea) and I didn’t see you crossing the road.

Abhi – It’s ok. I was also thinking about someone. Don’t worry I won’t sue you(Laughing).

Sid gets relaxed and asks if he can drop Abhi anywhere.

To which Abhi reluctantly agrees by the sweet gesture of sid.

In-car :

Sid – Hello, My name is Siddharth. You can call me Sid.

Abhi – Myself Abhishek Mehra. People call me Abhi.

They both were unaware of their relationship with each other and start to talk as their journey progress.

Abhi – By the way, you told me you were lost in some chain of thoughts and didn’t see me crossing the road.

Sid – Yes there are some events that happened in my life in the past 2 days that have turned my world upside down.

Flashback :

After Pranbir Grih Pravesh :

All the people of the Kohli family gather in the hall and Pranbir takes blessings from elders. Sid and Ranbir share a brotherly hug. Whereas, Rhea and Prachi come face to face with each other after 2 long years.

Prachi wanted to give a tight sisterly hug to Rhea forgetting all that happened in their past. But Rhea stands there still expressionless.

This confused Sid as he knew that Prachi and Rhea were sisters and didn’t talk with each other for 2 years, But he didn’t know about the love triangle between Prachi, Rhea, and Ranbir. Also, Ranbir ignored Rhea as he did not forget what she did with him and Prachi before 2 years because of which they had to live separately from his family and still they have not accepted Prachi as their daughter-in-law.

Prachi moved forward towards Rhea to hug her but Rhea stands still there only.

Then Sid welcomes Prachi with a handshake.

Didaa – Prachi, Ranbir, and everyone go to your rooms and have rest we will meet at Dinner.

Everyone nods and goes to their respective rooms.

Pranbir Room :

Ranbir lousily lays back on his bed after a long time and feels relaxed.

Prachi was happy to see Ranbir very happy after coming back home.

Ranbir – Chikchiki, did you know this whole room was designed by me and especially the bed and bean bag over there(pointing towards it) are my favorite things along with my punching bag and football rack over there.

Prachi – Haan I know you missed each and everything about this house and this room. And still, you didn’t even express this in 2 years only for me. I love you my Baklu.

Ranbir – Ohoo.. This room has some special effects. Even my Chikchiki is getting romantic. Not bad.

Prachi – You know that I always longed to live in a family, earlier with papa and then with your family even though I had my family. So today I am very very happy to be with my family.

Prachi gets emotional and Ranbir comes to her. They both share a hug.

SidRhea Room:

After entering the room, Rhea goes and sits on the bed thinking about something while sid takes out his laptop and starts to work. Sid wants to talk to rhea but doesn’t know how to start a conversation.

Sid – Rhea please pass me that file on the side table of the bed.

Rhea was thinking something and does not respond to him. Sid walks towards rhea and shakes her from her shoulder to which she jerks.

Sid – It’s me only.

Rhea – I am sorry I didn’t listen to you. You were telling something.

Sid – Actually, I was asking you to pass me that file, But you were in your own thoughts. What were you thinking?

Rhea POV:

How to tell you that from the past which I was running and left Delhi and shifted to Bangalore has come in front of me. And now I have to face it every day.

Rhea – nothing sid.

Sid – Can I ask you something?

Rhea – Yes of course.

Sid – What happened between you and Prachi before 2 years? I saw that you both didn’t even share a proper hug after meeting after so long.

This question leaves Rhea speechless and emotional.

Seeing her condition Sid understands that whatever happened was no good and asked her to tell him whenever she feels comfortable.

Seeing his so much calm and understanding nature she feels relieved and smiles at him.

Rhea POV:

Sid is so good and a nice human being. He is an ideal gentleman and he gives me my space. I can trust him as a friend.

Seeing her calm, Sid was about to say something, but his phone rings and he has to attend to the call.

Sid(in hurry) – Rhea sorry but I have to urgently leave for a meeting.

Rhea – But dinner plan with the family.

Sid – It’s really very urgent. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone.

Flashback ends.

Sid was thinking about Rhea only when he bumps into Abhi.

In-Car :

Abhi – OYY… Where were you lost? In thoughts of someone special.

Sid – It is nothing like that. I got married recently and in the middle of a lot of chaos and I don’t really know about her except she is my Brother’s wife’s sister and I like her from the day I saw her. Also, I don’t know if she really likes me or is married just to escape from the situation where no other option was left.

Abhi – Ohh.. that’s the thing. Don’t worry sometimes people are just tied in a relation, But if it is in their bhagya to stay together, destiny always brings them together and they fall for each other like…

Sid – Like?

Abhi (Thinking about Pragya) – Nothing. Actually, my destination came. Thanks for dropping me. I like you.

Sid – Same here sir. I thought I was talking to someone who is like my father figure.

Listening to this Abhi remembers about Ranbir and gets emotional by the way he used to call him Chief.

Abhi – Same with me Sid. You reminded me of someone whom I considered as my son only.

Sid – It was a pleasure meeting you. I need to rush to the office.

Abhi – Okay take care and nice meeting you. Bye…

Precap – Sid – Prachi working together, Rhea Pragya hit and miss…

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and Do tell me your reviews. HAPPY READING..!!

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