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Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum~Riansh TS (Part 2)

Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum~ Part 2

Vansh was talking to Angrey. Just then his eyes fell upon a heavenly beauty who was coming to their direction only and he got lost in her and was smiling like an idiot.

Riddhima: Hi, I’m Riddhima Shah and it’s my first day in this college so can you tell me where this class is.

She asked Vansh looking at the chit in her hand unknown to her that Vansh was staring at her. Angrey saw Vansh lost some where and knowing very well where he was lost he smiled.

Angrey: Hi, Miss. Shah, actually the class you are asking for is the same class in which we study. Come we will go together.

Riddhima nodded and started walking while Angrey patted lost Vansh’s shoulder making him come out from his dreamland.

Angrey: I think someone is LOST in someone.

He stressed on word “LOST” gaining a glare from him. Vansh was about to say something but Riddhima came there and took Angrey with her leaving Vansh there only.

Vansh went to his classroom and sat on his bench. After some time Ridangrey came there laughing and talking and again our Romeo Raisinghania got lost in her laugh and stared her.

Angrey went to his friend Rhea and as only Vansh’s sit was empty Riddhima went to him and asked.

Riddhima: Hey hi, actually there is no bench left can I sit with you.

Vansh looked at her and smilingly nodded while she settled herself beside him.

Vansh: I’m Vansh Raisinghania, are you new in this college?

He asked to know more about her.

Riddhima: Hi, I’m Riddhima Shah. Yes I’m new in this college actually my dad  Mr. Rajveer Shah got transferred to Lonavala recently. So we shifted here seven days ago.

Vansh: Oh that’s great. So friends.

He asked while forwarding his hand to her. Riddhima did hand shake with him and smiled brightly.

They both smiled at each other. Just then their teacher came there and students greeted him.

Teacher: OK students, today new student has joined your class. So Miss. Shah please come here and introduce yourself.

Riddhima went towards the teacher.

Riddhima: Hi everyone, I’m Riddhima Shah, Daughter of  Rajveer Shah and Siddhi Shah. My dad is an army officer and recently he got transferred to Lonavala so we shifted here. Thank you, I hope that I can get mix up with you’ll.

She said and again went to her seat and smiled at Vansh. They attended all the classes with each other talking, laughing and sharing notes.

And now it was the time for the lunch break everyone started leaving the class while Riddhima was packing his back.

Vansh: So, Miss, Riddhima chale.

They both also left the class and now they were roaming in the playground. Just then Riddhima noticed that a ball was coming in Vansh’s direction and was about to hit him. She went towards him and stand in front of him and catches the ball like a professional. A boy came there to get the ball and asking sorry he went with his ball.

Vansh: Woah! What was that? you catched the ball as if you are a professional in it.

Riddhima giggled at his word.

Riddhima: Ohh! Actually I was the captain of Girl basketball team in my previous college.

She said while giving him proud smile.

Vansh: OK, accha so would you like to play a match with captain of basketball of this college.

Riddhima: Sure! Why not Mr. Captain Raisinghania.

She said and both laughed. Just then Angrey along with Rhea came there.

Rhea: Ohh! Hi Riddhima, I’m Rhea Mehra, Vansh and Angrey’s friend.

Vansh: Not only Angrey’s friend but “GIRL”  friend.

He said stressing at the word girl while both Rheangrey blushed and Riansh chuckled.

Rhea: So Riddhima will you be my friend?

Riddhima: Yes, sure why not. I will love to become your friend.

Riddhima and Rhea smiled at each other.

Angrey: So what’s the plan?

Vansh: Nothing just me and Riddhima is going to play match against each other in basketball.

Angrey: That’s great so I’ll be in Vansh’s team, boys team you know.

Rhea: OK then I’ll be in Riddhu’s team. Girls team you know..

She said while sticking her tongue out and did hi five with Riddhima. And they all did their lunch talking about random things and went to their respective house.

Precap: Basketball match between girls and boys. Riansh moments and Realization of love.

So how was it, hope you’ll liked the part 2. Do leave your reviews in the comment section.

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