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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun proposes Kajol to cover up Shreya’s act

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol’s father wiping his face, getting tensed hearing their demand. Arjun’s father says my elder son Ayan’s father in law gave luxury car and also villa. Arjun’s mother says Shreya’s father asked what to gift Arjun, as his marriage is getting fixed, but we asked Shreya not to tell about luxury car, as we are having self respect and it doesn’t look nice if he gives the luxury car to Arjun. She says it would be nice if you would have given the car to him. Arjun’s father tells that if we have selected the girl, then we wouldn’t have selected Kajol for sure. Tai ji says we wouldn’t have fixed the alliance where we would hesitate to demand. Kajol’s father agrees to give luxury car to them and tells that Arjun shall not think that he did wrong by choosing Kajol. He requests them not to tell Kajol, else she will think that her father is burdened. Arjun’s father says we will leave. Chacha ji asks him to stay till the cake cutting. Arjun’s father asks her to hurry up. Shreya says if she can then would have asked Arjun, but felt pity on her. Kajol says it is not needed. Arjun comes there with Apu. Shreya tells Arjun that you told that she is simple, but has fire in her. Kajol told that she has values since her childhood, and respect elders. She says I know to protect my self respect and can answer someone. I am simple, but not helpless. She says if you felt bad, then I am really sorry. Shreya says this girl talked so much. Arjun says Bhabhi’s behavior is such, sometimes angry, sometimes calm and asks her not to get nervous. Kajol says I am not nervous. Shreya says I am waiting to meet you again and asks Kajol not to badmouth about her to Arjun. She asks her to ask Arjun about his school of player. Arjun asks Kajol not to feel bad about Bhabhi and not to take it personally. He asks Naina told me about a girl’s call. Kajol says that girl said that I don’t know about you and don’t know about your past affairs. Arjun asks that’s why you are upset. She asks if you wouldn’t have been upset. Arjun says I would have thought to scold her and tells that people are jealous. Kajol says the voice seems to be familiar. Arjun asks who? Kajol says she can’t tell the name without being sure. Shreya tells everyone that Kajol is desperate and stayed alone with Arjun. Even though she called, but she said that she will come. She says though she is not conservative, but Kajol shall not do such a thing when elders are calling them. Arjun bends down on his knees and shows ring to Kajol.

Arjun’s family taunt Baba and others for Kajol’s values. Chachi says our daughter is not alone, Arjun is with her in the room. He would have let her go. Baba asks Chandrika to call Kajol downstairs. Shreya says I will go as it is Arjun’s mistake too. Arjun makes Kajol wear the ring and tries to kiss her. Shreya comes there and shouts at them. She asks Kajol if this is her sanskar, if she can’t wait till marriage. She calls Arjun as betrayal and asks them to come down. She goes. Arjun asks Kajol to come down. Pishimaa asks Kajol, why she didn’t come. Arjun says it was my mistake, I wanted to talk to her. Baba says its ok, they are grown up. Tai ji scolds Arjun and says you was not like this before. Arjun brings cake for Kajol. His mother says you have done so many arrangements. Baba appreciates Arjun for the fancy cake. Kajol goes and brings the cake brought by her father. She cuts both cakes and makes her father eat first. Arjun’s mother gives necklace to Kajol. Kajol says she don’t wear jewellery much. Arjun’s mother asks her to get habitual to it. Tai ji says we don’t celebrate birthday of daughter and daughter in law. Shreya gives bangles to Kajol and tells that Arjun takes her out on her birthday and they enjoy and had candle light dinner. Arjun says Ayan bhaiyya used to call me and asked me to give company with the birthday girl. Shreya thanks him for taking care of her. Arjun’s father asks Kajol’s father to think how much he will take care of his wife. He then asks him to take care of his son. Kajol’s father remembers that the luxury car is of 41 lakhs. Naina, Anu and Chandrika like the ring given by Arjun. Arjun says he bent down on his knees and proposed Kajol. Shreya gets upset and says you didn’t tell me about buying this ring. She tells that Arjun had given her diamond pendant to her on her birthday. She jerks Kajol’s hand. Kajol and others are shocked. Arjun gets tensed. Arjun’s parents and Tai ji leaves. Kajol’s mother tells her father that they have to fulfill their demand.

Shreya tells that she wears this pendant always, even if it matches with it or not. Amrita says you said that it was given by your Papa. Shreya says no, I told that it was given by Arjun. She argues. Apu tells a game and tells that Arjun shall touches all the girls’ hands and shall identify Kajol. Kajol doesn’t like the game. Arjun asks Kajol not to get angry on him if he holds the wrong hand. Kajol laughs. They blind folds Arjun. Arjun touches Naina’s hand and says no. He touches others’ hand and then touches Kajol and Shreya’s hands. He then says he got his Kajol, when he is holding Shreya’s hand, but leaves her hand and holds Kajol’s hands. Kajol gets happy. Amrita asks them to dance. Shreya says we need to go. Kajol insists Shreya to have something and says I will go and bring something for you.

Shreya scolds Arjun for gifting ring to Kajol. Arjun says I tried to handle the matter, which you have ruined. He asks what do you think that Kajol will not understand, if you call her and tell against me. He says once Kajol gets married to me, everyone is set. He says Kajol will not doubt until you give her a chance. Shreya says Kajol will not keep quiet. Just then Kajol comes holding the tray. They turn and get shocked.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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