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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav asking Indu if she is fine and asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to Papa ji, your son is with you. Indu looks at peacock feather on his jacket and calls him Krishna. She again calls him Krishna and gives her hand. Aarav holds her hand and says I am with you Maa, your son is with you. Gajendra comes there and stops seeing Aarav talking to Indu. Indu again calls him Krishna. Aarav gives peacock feather to you and says it will save us from every trouble and asks if she trusts murli manohar Krishna. Indu takes it and prays for his happiness. She says today you have given me strength and thanks him. Aarav says we get strength from elders and asks her not to worry. Giriraj tells Chitra that this is icing on the cake. Chitra says I am thinking what would be badi Maa’s reaction. Vivaan says don’t worry, your both sons are with you and we will not let anything happen to Papa ji. Indu prays for their long lives. She tells Simar that she has to go. Roma’s father in law offers to drop her. Aarav asks him to go home and says Simar and I will drop Maa. Indu says I will go by myself. Aarav says please, let us come. Vivaan says please. Indu looks on.

Badi Maa tells Indu that her grand son is showing his back to them and has become against us for our enemies. She says this is not happening for the first time. When Gagan had come here, both Aarav and Vivaan supported him and went against us. She says Aarav gave a reverse reply to you. She says for the first time, my grand sons, my ego has chosen wrong side. Gajendra says Aarav is a child and can’t win from you and can’t get Professor out of jail. Badi Maa says she is feeling rebellious smell from them. Gajendra says I am with you. Badi Maa says we have to make our Aarav taste failure. Gajendra says we have to teach him a lesson, he will come to us when he fails, but he has to taste it. He says he didn’t leave any way to us. Badi Maa says he will fail and break, to understand the strength of Oswal.

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