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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (the end)

Hlo guys. Hope everyone is fine.
So the last chapter yss thought to end it . So let’s start

Vansh’s pov
It’s been 5 days since we are here. These five days were the best and worst both for me. Best bcs I saw my ridhima, she was smiling, laughing,playing. Overall she was happy which she was never in VR mansion. Here everyone is happy and nice not like VR mansion where always it is planning and plotting. But the worst thing is akshay and aryan’s closeness whith ridhima which irks me the most. Watching them always sticking with her angers me so much and I myself admit that am hell jealous of them and one time I was so much angered that I did this with them
It was another happy day in Malhotra mansion but soon going to be a disaster for two. Vansh was really angered by aryan and akshay closeness with ridhima so a plan came up in his mind to trouble them both

2 hours later
Aryan and akshay were in washroom from past half n hour as their stomach was having a weird kind of sensation and now they both were sitting in washroom. Vansh smirked thinking how he had put jamalgota (purging croton) in their drinks and now they are struch here.
Flashback ends

Right now am standing in the hall of Malhotra mansion ready in suit as they have called a press conference to tell the biggest news that who is the main prsn of their success yss not only akshay or aditya but someone else also worked with them to make the company grow again after their parents death but that prsn never revealed herself. Yss she is a girl and today she is coming infront of the world

Time passed now it was the time for press conference

Media prsn were there ready with their mics and cameras and papers in thier hands on which a tons of questions were written

Aditya and akshay came on the stage and holded the mics.
Ak:- so today the backbone of ur company our success and our everything is gonna reveal herself.
Ad:- we are blessed to have her with us bcs if she won’t be there so we might not have been here.
Both:- so ladies and gentlemen pls welcome Ms. Ridhima Malhotra
Our everything.

They said dropping a bomb on raisinghania. The one whom they thought to be a middle class girl was Aisa’s top businesswoman and world’s 2nd. Vansh was shocked to core that ridhima was the businesswoman who always defeated him. But when everything was clear vansh’s happiness knew no bound as akshay and ridhima are brother sister!! (So everyone who shipped akshay and ridhima so sorry but from tge starting only I have thought to make them bro sis but the comments were too much that I have to give poll but riansh won)

Wearing a green colour lehnga with matching blouse. Light but beautiful embroidery done on it. Golden big earings with a beautiful pendant in neck. Looking like a angel she walked down the stairs coming on the stage. Cameras started clicking photos as much as they can. Her brothers holded her each hand protectively getting her on the stage. Once reaching the stage she holded the mic
R:- Hello everyone . So first time I came infront of world. I know there are too many questions in your mind but pls don’t put them together be patient I will be answering them out so slowly and calmly and try not to ask any prsnl questions pls. So ya start

In this whole 3 hours went with question answers of these stupid reporters huhh!! I just wanna talk to ridhima privately but she isn’t getting free. Tbh am so happy for her right now that she is a independent strong woman after all I did she stood strong. I am proud of her that she is standing strong proudly infront of me after everything I did..

Pov end

3 hours later
The press conference was over and after having dinner everyone went back to their room. Ridhima was in corridor moving to her room but someone pulled her. And it was none other than vansh. He pulled her in his room. Holding her with his legs(which were wrapped around her legs tightly holding her) one hand on her mouth (to stop her from shouting) and one hand closing the door. After closing the door properly he pulled her closer and removed his hand from her mouth. His both hand holding her tightly.

R:- what the hell mr. Raisinghania
She roared..

But he didn’t said anything and was looking at her with a smile on his face. She again called him angrily but he was still looking at her face with a big smile now.

R:- Vanshhh
She said irritated and angered by his action and response.

V:- Ahmmmm vansh sounds so good from ur mouth sweetheart.
He smirked

She closee her eyes tightly cursing herself for making his plan work again.

R:- why have caught me pls care to explain.

He pinned her to wall. Closing his eyes he pressed his forehead with her, nose also touching.

V:- I am sorry ridhima I am sorry for every wrong deed I did pls ridhima pls forgive me. I can’t live without you
Tears flowing from his eyes

R:- what sorry huhh!! What sorry. Didn’t you think once before doing that how could you

She hit him with her small fists on his chest, tears made their ways through her eyes..

V:- I know I am worst prsn. A stone hearted prsn a beast but this stone hearted prsn needs you only you can melt me. Only you are the one who can calm my inner beast. Only you have the right and the power. Only you. Only you have the right to be called as my wife as mrs. Vansh Raisinghania no one else. Ridhima I am sorry for everything. I was blinded in my ego and so called revenge that I couldn’t see your love your sacrifice. Pls forgive me you don’t know I have spent these days. Do you know why I married you bcs I couldn’t tolerate the fact that you were going to leave me so I thought to marry you to keep you with me forever. But I was a dumbass who did that with you pls forgive me pls.

Tears continuously flowing from both of their eyes. Ridhima didn’t said anything but slammed her lips on his. Vansh was schoked at first but later started responding. The kiss was not a soft one but rough. Ridhima poured all her anger in the kiss he poured all his love. The kiss lasted for 10 mins but later they broke it to catch some breathe. Joining their forehead they took deep breaths.

V:- so am I forgiven
He said breaking the silence

R:- who said that with your speech I will forgive you. You have to promise me then I will think.

V:- gladly

R:- promise me you will always trust me and wouldn’t jump on any decision or conclusion without listening to my side

V:- a forever promise

R:- and also that you will bring gifts for me daily to pacify me
She said with a small pout.

V:- promise
He chuckled and pecked her pout.

R:- and after pacifying also you have to gift me

V:- will even do when we will be in our 80’s

He kissed her again but this kiss was sweet and gentle as the promise of loving each other and mainly trusting each other and not leaving each other side in any situation

So finally the end of this book. Thanku so much  everyone for bearing me and my story. So many things to say but just can’t be able to say them. But really grateful to all of you. Thanku so much for showering so much love and support to me and my story. Thanku so so so much.

Last chapter so pls do vote and can I pls pls get some comments abt the story plss last time..

Signing off from this story…

By bye everyone*waving at you*

Take care. Wear mask and use all precautions.
Love you all❤

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