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RadhaKrishn 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Bal Ganesh Defeats Mohasur

RadhaKrishn 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohasur attacks Krishna, and Krishna falls down. Balram rushes to him and asks if he is fine, he will not spare Mohasur. Krishna asks him not to spoil his game as he is acting to call Ganesh here. He says he cannot fight with Mohasur without his sudarshan chakra. Mohasur attacks Krishna. Ganesh enters breaking the attack and says he dared to attack his mamasri, his mamasri is weak without sudarshan chakra. Krishna asks him to find his sudarshan chakra. Ganesh says he hid sudarshan chakra in his stomach as he wants to play with it. Mohasur is amazed and thinks if this kid is a magician. Ganesh returns sudarshan chakra and says he will follow the path of truth from here. Krishna accepts sudarshan chakra and says its not a toy to be kept in a stomach, Ganesh is very powerful and is capable of defeating Mohasur. Ganesh says he could consume whole kshirsagar and muni Vedvyas trusted him to write Mahabharath. Ganesh says he wanted him to remember his energy and defeat Mohasur.

Ganesh challenges Mohasur. Devi Parvati orders Mohasur not to fight with her son. Mohasur denies. Devi Parvati then requests Krishna to protect her son. Krishna says Mohasur is born via her moh/infatuation. Mohasur attacks Ganesh, and Ganesh eats all his weapons saying when he can eat sudarshan chakra, his weapons are nothing. Mohasur says his biggest weapon is moh and nobody can escape from it. Krisna says knowledge is the biggest weapon and moh cannot harm whoever gains knowledge. Ganesh punishes Mohasur. Mohasur says he will defeat him with moh and attacks him. Krishna says Ganesh gained knowledge and is indefeatable. Ganesh breaks moh and ties Mohasur with his own moh, then says he is nothing as he is born via his mothers’ moh, so he should apologize them and free them from moh. Mohasur apologizes. Ganesh frees him. Mohasur says he realized that he cannot win where knowledge is. Ganesh orders him to free his mothers from moh and return to patal lok. He does same and disappears. Radha asks what happened here. Ganesh says nothing, he defeated a monster because of their love. Radha says she is proud of him. Krishna says he defeated moh and freed the world from it, so he will also be called Mahodar from hereon. Krishna says one more name. Radha says she will feed Ganesh his favorite food. Ganesh asks Devi Parvati if she will not be angry if he Radha maa feeds him. She says why should she when he is with Radha. Ganesh says he learnt today that moh is their biggest enemy and they should win over it via knowledge. Krishna says he said right. Ganesh says he gained knowledge because of Krishna.

Balram decorates Dwarka for Janmastami festival. Revathi likes it. He explains his reason. A messenger brings message for Radha from Barsana. Revati gets happy and says she will give it to Radha. Radha in her room emotionally speaks to Bal Gopal idol and thinks she was trapped in moh and now she is out of it and wants to meet him once. Revati walks to her excitedly and says there is a message from Radha Krishna’s Barsana. Radha happily receives it and says till now she heard its Radha’s barsana, but is feeling very happy hearing her saying its Radha Krishna’s barsana. Revati says Barsana, Kurukshetra, Dwarka belongs to Radha Krishna and wherever they stay, its their place. Radha emotionally hugs her. She asks Radha to read the letter. Radha gets emotional and asks if she can read it alone. Revati asks to inform her later and walks away. Radha reads Sudama’s letter that he with his family wants to participate in Radha Krishna’s janmastami celebration. Radha gets more emotional and cries vigorously. Balram walks to her and asks why didn’t she return with Revati, then seeing her crying asks reason. She says she got a message from Barsana after a long time. He says let us restart arrangements. She asks what kind of arrangements. He asks how can she forget Krishna Janmastami. She says how can she forget it, she doesn’t have any right to celebrate it.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that her last wish will be fulfilled by Ganesh. Ganesh promises Radha that she will celebrate janmastami and he will invite her dear ones from all 3 worlds.

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