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Qurbaan Hua 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala and Zain force Chahat into accepting his proposal

Qurbaan Hua 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat explains someone is constantly trying to blame Neel and divert their attention, she will not let the person live after she catches, Chahat tries to walk away when Neel stopping her picks a rose, he going to her exclaims that he is not flirting but is really thankful from his heart, she looks to him in anger, he is also standing but she takes the flower from him so he starts smiling, the entire family is also happy that she took it, Neel goes asking Zain and Ghazala if they saw that she has took the flower so why would she not accept his love, he exclaims he would say a quote exclaiming that only that happens which is the will of God, he leaves with Vyas je and the family.

Ghazala says Chahat is getting out of hand, Zain mentions Neel is getting a lot of ego so she should see how he would crush everything, Neel is sitting thinking if he should shave, then decides to, Chahat comes saying that he should eat the medicines and also drink the water, she throws them on the table, Neel says he would only eat on one condition and it is that if she dances for him, Chahat turns saying she would not ut he explains if she doesnot dance then would feel guilty, she mentions that he would be punished to which Neel says he is willing, Chahat starts dancing and Neel is enjoying it a lot, he accidentally shaves his beard, he gets tensed a lot, Chahat laughs at him explaining she told him that he would be punished for blackmailing her, so now should see that he is going to be chikna Chipko, she leaves laughing, Neel vows to show her how handsome he can be.

In the night Chahat is sitting at the dressing table when she sees Neel standing behind her after shaving, he exclaimed the rose would look good in her hair and so sets it, she gets up throwing the rose when she realizes that she was just dreaming about him, she thinks she is getting sleepy so must sleep now, she takes up the jug but realizes there si not any water so decides to go and get it, she is about to place the step hen Neel asks her to not place any step and accept his love as then he would place flowers at every step of her way, she is walking when she hits her leg, then turning is tensed wondering where is Neel, she gets worried so wonders what has happened to her.

She brings the water in the jug and sees Neel sitting outside without any shirt, she thinks it is just her imagination as he cannot be in her dreams like this, she going to him asks what is he doing and thinks it is actually her dream, she gets tensed after touching him so exclaims he is for real, Neel is not able to understand what she is saying, he mentions she was thinking about him, Chahat declines when Neel asks her to close her eyes and try to focus, she sees his face so gets stunned, he asks if she saw his face but she refuses explaining she saw the face of someone else, she leaves without letting him say anything, Chahat in her room wonders why is she seeing his face.

In the morning Chahat is trying to fix the socket board, Neel sees her so pulls her away asking what she is doing as she might get electrocuted, Chahat mentions he might also get electrocuted so what would happen to him, Neel says his hair might stand and his eyes would become big, Chahat starts laughing.

Zain comes into the house saying that she should see who has come to meet him, he exclaims they are his parents, they both greet her and sit down, Mukhiya jee also enters the house greeting both Chahat and Neel, he exclaims it was very difficult to get the address of her house but he has brought some gifts for them both for what they did, Zain asks what does he mean, Mukhiya jee explains Chahat came withy Neel to their village to spend some time alone but he requested them so they both prayed for his son in his house, and were together in a room, Zain’s parents gets stunned hearing this, they exclaim this means she was with a non-Muslim in a room and this points to the fact that she might not be of a good character, Neel warns Zain’s mother to stop talking nonsense about Chahat’s character, she exclaims he is even now taking her side, they both refuse from the marriage, Ghazala turning to Chahat questions what has she done, Chahat asks she is the daughter of this house so why do they not have any trust in her because she was with Neel but it was just a mistake, Zain’s parents still refuse, he however vows to marry Chahat saying he has even promised Dr Baig that he would take care of Chahat for his entire life, he will perform the Nikkah with her after three days and if they do not allow her then he would perform the suicide, his father agrees when Zain threatens them, Chahat however refuses saying she would not accept any relation under these circumstance because she would still be characterless for them, Ghazala also asks Chahat what is she doing because Dr Baig herself told her that if Chahat marries Zain, he might come to meet her, the parents try to give her the gifts.
Zain goes to Neel mentioning he told him that he will take Chahat away from his eyes, Neel would not be able to reveal the truth because of the fear that Chahat’s health might deteriorate, Zain explains that he would take Chahat away from him.

Chahat however refuses saying that she would not be pressurized into getting married, she doesnot feel this relation is suitable, zain’s mother asks what is she saying, Chahat should be grateful for them, Chahat then walking away exclaims that she would not decide to marry anyone because of the fear of living alone, as if they think she would get tensed then she will be okay, Zain holds Chahat asking her to see how much he loves her, he asks what is the problem because he is of a good family, they even belong to the same religion, Neel separates them asking is Zain not able to see he is hurting Chahat, is this the way he would take care of her.

Neel turning to Chahat exclaims she has done the right by not accepting the proposal, Zain says to his parents that he doesnot want to talk about this, he would leave them at the front door. Neel says to Chahat that she made the right choice by not accepting the proposal, Ghazala is shocked to see this.

Precap: Zain talks with Chahat disguising his voice as Dr Baig and he says if she wants to meet him then should perform the Nikkah with Zain, Ghazala also agrees so Chahat assures him that she would get into the Nikkah with Zain, Neel is left stunned hearing this.

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