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Pandya Store 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi misunderstands Pandya family

Pandya Store 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman saying its not good to dance in pregnancy. Dhara says doctor asked me to be active. Gautam goes to Shiva and hugs him. Shiva says thanks, I m very happy today, we all waited for this news for long, thanks to you and Dhara. Gautam says I hugged you, it doesn’t mean that I have forgiven you. Shiva goes to Dhara. She says you broke relations, my baby isn’t… Shiva says don’t say just this is your baby, I m also your child, no one can stop a child from hugging his mum, not even his mum. He hugs her and says I m sorry. They cry. Krish says there can’t be a bigger good news, keep the sorrow on hold, get the crackles and celebrate diwali. He runs. Gautam says let him have his kiddishness.

Anita comes to Raavi. Raavi says you mean my life is worthless without my husband, I m educated, life isn’t incomplete without one person. A lady comes and calls out Prafulla. Krish burns the fire crackers. The lady says Raavi is in sorrow, and Pandya family is playing dhol there. Raavi says this can’t happen. Raavi and Anita go and see Shiva playing dhol. Dev and Krish dance with crackers. Suman asks them to come in. Dev says let us celebrate. Gautam says they got a chance to tell everyone that they are becoming uncle. Suman says no. She asks Gautam to get them. Raavi says he is celebrating that I left the house. She goes home. She breaks a gullak. She says happiness isn’t one-sided. Suman says we got a good news after a long time, I don’t want any bad sight, we will get a good mahurat from pandit then tell the good news to the world.

Dev says we won’t tell anyone. Krish jokes. Gautam jokes on Krish. Krish says we will tell that I have topped the exams. Anita comes and asks what’s the good news. Suman says we are happy that Raavi left, sorry, it was a bad joke, I m happy that you came. Anita asks really. Suman says yes, you did a lot for this family. Shiva says you did good thing ten years back by not marrying Gautam. Gautam smiles. Suman says mannat was fulfilled because of you, you told us about the leaking pots, any way rains would have filled the pots, I permitted you to come home, but don’t tell anything outside. Anita says no. Suman says Prafulla got loss for us, don’t give tension to me, Dhara will start doing work instead rest. Anita thinks what does she want to say. She asks why are you saying this, I wish for this family’s happiness. She asks what’s the good news. Krish says its a big good news. Dev stops him. They hear dhol sound. Shiva says who is playing it. They go out to see. They see Raavi dancing on dhol. Baawri….plays… Rishita asks why is Raavi dancing, does she know the good news. Krish dances with Raavi and asks how did you know. Raavi says you thought I won’t know anything if I left the house. Krish says you got to know the big thing. She says I didn’t expect it. He says you would have understood it after temple thing, how are you feeling now. Raavi cries and says I wish to break Shiva’s head with this dhol.

Krish says its a time to be happy, forget the issues. She says you guys are happy for my divorce and playing dhol. They all look on. Raavi says I also came to play the band, I m also very happy. Krish asks what are you saying, actually… Shiva says we have to not tell the outsiders. He plays dhol. Raavi says I will celebrate my freedom today. She dances. The people look on. The lady says they are celebrating their divorce, its kalyug. Dev says we have to tell Raavi the truth, else their relation will break. Rishita asks Raavi to listen. Raavi says you don’t defend Shiva, we are happy for the divorce. Dev says but Raavi… Suman stops Dev. The dhol bursts. Raavi scolds him. She says dhol and relations are sensitive, they break when you force it. Suman goes inside the house. Raavi and Anita leave.

Shiva says leave from my life completely. Raavi says I don’t know if Shiva comes to say sorry, how will I react. Shiva comes to her house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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