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Nayan ne- Riansh OS by Parita

Nayan- Riansh OS

Hey guys, I’m back with a short OS, hope you’ll like it.

It’s based on the song “Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine” that is sung by Dhvani Bhanushali, who’s my absolute favorite singer, and this one is one of my favorites too.

Do comment on how you liked it.

It isn’t based on the storyline


Riddhima sat on the office chair, with her head on the desk between her arms. She tapped her heels on the ground softly, waiting for the moment. She raised her head and peeked at the time that was displayed on screen of her computer. She sighed and looked around to see her colleagues busy in their work. She once again faced the desk and soon her alarm rang. She almost jumped from her seat in happiness and looked towards the door.

Her heart screamed in joy and pumped faster as she saw her most desired man, his face approaching, her boss; Vansh Rai Singhania. He excelled in his business, in handling matters, in writing poems and basically in every field.

Meri Na Sune Yeh Dil Mera Tere Peeche Bhaga Hai
My heart has gone mad and no longer listens to me. It’s crazy for you.
Roke Na Ruke Yeh Dil Mera Jane Kaisi Halchal Hai
My heart doesn’t hold back, even if I ask it to hold back. Not sure, what kind of movement this is.

He passed by her desk, giving his most precious smile to everyone while they all greeted him. As her nose sniffed his cologne, her breathes hitched. She inhaled his scent that lingered everywhere now due to the presence of the cool AC in the office. She placed her palms over her eyes, shying away.  Clearly showing her dimples, she saw his retreating figure enter his personal cabin.

“Haaye mein marjawan!” She murmured

Ki Meri Sanson Mein Tu Ehsason Mein Tu
You are in my breaths, and you are in my emotions.
Har Hansi Mein Meri Bas Tu
You are in my every smile, too.

She sat on her chair once again, resting her head on the back of the chair. She closed her eyes and saw him appear, in his most handsome look. She opened her eyes and pulled the drawer open to remove a diary. She gently opened it and started going through the pages that had his pictures in all kinds of looks.

“Aww look at her, drowned in him once again!” A colleague teased her.

“Let me satisfy my eyes….leave me.” Riddhima blushed

Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine Mein Jyara Tamne Joya Che
When I saw you with my eyes closed!
Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine Mein Jyara Tamne Joya Che
When I saw you with my eyes closed!
Tumhi Tum Ho Meri Sanson Mein Han Ho Khayalon Mein
When I saw you with my eyes closed I found you in my breaths and my thoughts.
Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine Mein Jyara Tamne Joya Che
When I saw you with my eyes closed!

After a few hours, she went to his cabin and adored him from the glass door. She saw him laughing and talking with a person. She peeked in more to see the person through the reflection that showed from the mirror that was hanging opposite Vansh’s seat, on the wall.

“I should confess right?” Vansh asked

“Absolutely!” The girl replied.

It was a girl, maybe his girlfriend. She sulked over the thought and with a heavy heart turned around.

Kaise Tumko Yeh Batayein Kaise Tumko Yeh Samjhaye
How should I tell it to you? How should I make you understand?
Dard-E-Dil Ka Hal Kya Hai Kaise Tumko Yeh Batlayein
What’s the situation of my poor heart, how can I explain it to you?

As she turned she saw the entire staff and her colleagues standing before her, looking at her. They all knew what she felt for him, she loved him truly, probably the most. Her actions had said it all, her delight had said it all, her face had said it all, her heart had expressed it all; every day in the office. From the day she joined, it was evident to all but for Vansh she was probably just his college friend and an employee in the office.

“Girlfriend?” One of them asked

“I guess so.” Riddhima sadly spoke

Sabhi Padh Chuke Hain Yeh Chehra Mera Tuhi Hai Likha
Everyone has read the expressions of my face, and those expressions speak of you.
Jo Zahir Hai Sab Pe Woh Yara Tujhe Kaise Na Dikha
It’s (my love for you) visible to everyone why can’t you see it?

The staff and colleagues gasped as they saw him standing straight behind Riddhima. They flinched back in fear of his wrath and tried warning Riddhima of the same. Riddhima turned around to drown herself in his deep brown orbs. He wrapped his fingers around her arm and pulled her gently inside his cabin. He took her to the wall that had a clock hanging on it. Loosening his grip on her, he twisted the clock and the wall moved to open a secret chamber.

Riddhima widened her eyes, surprised as she was pulled in by him. The lights switched on and what she saw shook her. Her pictures were hanging all over with a few cards, some pieces of paper which had poems.

“Sir, my pics!” Riddhima exclaimed confused.

“This is the truth….you’re my life, you’re my love, you’re my poem, you’re my world.” Vansh said in one go.

Zindagi Meri Tu Shayari Meri Tu
You’re my life. You’re my poem.
Ashiqui Hai Meri Bas Tu Nayan Ne
You are the love of my life

Their eyes expressed the most beautiful emotions that they held for each other in that moment. Riddhima’s heart flutter in joy, realizing he loved her too, she gave her lovely smile on which his heart fluttered seeing. Unknown to her, the way she used to adore him, he used to adore her from his cabin through the CCTV camera. Whatever she wore or did, he clicked her pictures secretly and pinned them in his secret chamber, writing a card or poem, pouring out his feelings for her.

Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne Main Jyare Tamne Joya Che
When I saw you with my eyes closed,
Tame Cho Aena Karta Pan Vadhare Tamne Joya Che
I saw that you were a lot prettier than you actually looked.
Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne Main Jyare Tamne Joya Che
When I saw you with my eyes closed! 

“I Love you!” They both confessed.

They hugged each other tightly, feeling the moment.


Resting her head on his chest, he had her sitting on his laps while he relaxed on his office chair. His arms were encircled on her waist, holding her tightly.

“Who was that girl you were talking to?” Riddhima asked innocently

“My sister, Ragini” Vansh replied chuckling, understanding what she was thinking.

“Ohh I thought she was your girlfriend” She said embarrassed.

“Never, that place was reserved for you and you only! My eyes had already chosen you from before” Vansh said, kissing her softly on her forehead.

 Vansh got up, placing Riddhima on the floor gently.

“We go, announce MRS Vansh Rai Singhania!” Vansh stood up, holding her hand with utmost pride while she looked on at him with pure affection and love. He blinked his eyes and she understood. Their eyes said it all.

Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine Mein Jyara Tamne Joya Che

 The End.

Hope you all liked it, do comment on how you found it.


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