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Naina #RiAnsh OS by Tanya K

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS.

It is from where Ishani burnt Riddhima’s belongings. As it was having more votes so here I’m with it.

Riddhima’s P.O.V

I was going to my room after crying for almost 2 to 3 hours near pool side after getting a betrayal from my dear hubby Raisinghania.

But suddenly I smelled like something was burning. I quickly ran towards the basketball area. And the thing I saw made me numb. There Ishani was burning my belongings which was close to my heart and I looked at Vansh painfully who was standing there with expressionless face like a statue.

I without wasting a single second ran towards my belongings and tried to blow the fire.


Riddhima was trying to blow the fire while whole family was standing there enjoying the tamasha. Riddhima looked at Vansh hopefully that he will help her but no his ego and revenge was more important for him more then her love.

She looked at her things which were all ashes now with tears in her eyes. She went towards Vansh holding him from his collar she looked at him with utmost hatred.

jhooTha jag rain basera
saancha dard mera
mrig-trishna sa moh piya
naata mera tera….

(this fake world is temporary,
my pain is true.
O beloved, this relationship of ours
is a delusion like a mirage.)

Riddhima: Kyun kiyaa yeh tumne? Mujhse mera Vansh to chheen hi liyaa tha tumne uski yaade mujhse Kyun chheen li.

She said in broken voice while tears rolled down from her eyes.

Riddhima: Ohh sorry, mera Vansh to mar gya naa woh to usi din mar gya tha Jab usne meri jagah kisi aur ko dedi thi. Aur jo aaj mere samne khada hai naa wo Vansh Raisinghania hai jiske liye uska ego aur revenge har cheez se upar hai.

She said while Vansh looked at her with expressionless face.

naina.. jo saanjhe khwaab dekhte the
naina.. bichhaR ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the
naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yoon….

(eyes, which used to dream together,
they have cried such on separation today.
eyes, which used to stay the nights awake together,
they shut such in the morning now…)

Riddhima: Agar tumhara abb bhi jee naa bhara ho naa to ek kaam karo iss gha… ghar nhi iss makan ko bhi jala do. Kyunki Riddhima iss ghar ke kone kone mein basi hai. Uski khushboo, uski khilkhilahat, uska pyaar aur uski chhaap iss makan jese ghar ke kone kone mein hai. Aur agar tumhe unhe mitana hai to tumhe isse bhi jal Ana hoga.

Ishani: Ohh! Please riddhima yeh jo tum filmy dialogues maar rhi ho naa wo bas filmo mein acche lagte hai asal zindagi mein nhi.

Ishani said while Riddhima looked at her and chuckled sadly.

Riddhima: Film hi to bana di hai meri zindagi (Pointing towards #KaVa) inn dono ne. Jaha mujhe har wakt use kiyaa gya. Ek ne mere pyaar ko use kiyaa apne maksad aur dushmani ko pura karne ke liye to dusre ne mere pyaar ko use kiya aapne ego ko satisfy karne ke liye.

Both Vansh and Kabir looked at her with pain in their eyes but nor they said neither they have power to say anything.

juda huye kadam
jinhone li thi ye kasam
milke chalenge hardum
ab baanTte hain ye gham
bheege naina..

(steps have gone apart,
which had taken this oath,
that they’d always be together,
and now this pain is borne together
by the wet eyes…)

Riddhima: I was always being used in love. I was always asked to prove my love. People thought that I’m a toy whenever they feel like they played with me and my feelings and after being satisfied they should Leave me like nothing have happened.

Riddhima: Hamesha mujhe use kiyaa gyaa pyaar ke naam par aur main jhali hamesha use hoti rhi. Par isme meri bhi koi galti nhi hai. Galti hai to mere anaath hone ki. Bachpan se lekar aaj tak kabhie pyaar nhi mila naa to Jab bhi kisi ne pyaar diyaa paglo ki Tarah uski peeche bhagti  rhi uski baate apni SELF RESPECT ko bhula kar manti rhi.

saans hairaan hai, mann pareshaan hai
ho rahi si kyun ruaansa kyun ye meri jaan hai
kyun niraasha se hai aas haari huyi
kyun sawaalon ka uTha sa dil mein toofaan hai

(the breathe is shocked, the heart is troubled,
wondering why my life is about to cry..
why is the hope lost to disappointment,
why is there a storm of questions in the heart…)

Riddhima: Lekin abb bas mujhe nhi chahiye yeh pyaar jo mere atma saman ko chot pohunchaye. Nhi chahiye mujhe yeh pyaar jo hamesha mere pyaar kaa intehaan le.

Riddhima: Jaa rhi hun main yaha se. Yehi chahte the naa tum Vansh ki main tumhari zindagi se chali jao lo jaa rhi hun main aur kabhie nhi aungi. Aur Haan ek aur baat kabhie kisi se yeh mat kehna ki tumhe Riddhima se ishq tha warna sab ka ishq par se bharosa uth jayega aur koi bhi kisi se yeh nhi keh payega TERE ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN.

She said cleaning her tears she looked at Vansh and then at the whole family. She took her mangalsutra and putted it in the fire and let it burn in that while Vansh looked at her shocked and finally tears made their way from his eyes.

naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
naina.. grahan mein aaj tooTte hain yoon
naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
naina.. Thehar ke chhaaon DhoonRhte hain yoon

(eyes, were the stars of the sky,
which break such in the eclipse..
eyes, which used to enjoy the sun,
now stop and look for some shade..)

She for the last time looked at the Mansion and took blessing from Dadi who was crying silently. Even though Dadi did wrong with Riddhima but she being she, she had accepted her as her Dadi from bottom of her heart.

Taking a quick glance at the family she went out from their to start her new life without that toxic family. While Vansh fell on his knees and cried his heart out.

juda huye kadam
jinhone li thi ye kasam
milke chalenge hardum
ab baanTte hain ye gham
bheege naina…

(steps have gone apart,
which had taken this oath,
that they’d always be together,
and now this pain is borne together
by the wet eyes…)

So how was it, hope you’ll liked it do tell me how was it in the comment section and give your reviews on it.

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