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Mere Sai 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jhipri and Rihana complete their order

Mere Sai 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santa and Banta return to Kulkarni House and tell him everything. He asks them if they took his name and pulls their ears. They scream and say no. He asks them to find all the details about Dr. Pillai by morning. I want to know everything about him. They run off. Sarkar vows to find Dr. Pillai’s weakness at any cost.

Swami is taking care of his father but the pain is too much to bear. Swami says I made medicine just like you told me but the pain is not decreasing. Dr. Pillai tells him about the disease. Swami says it pains a lot in this condition. Dr. Pillai assures him he will be fine in some time. I took medicine. You should go and sleep. Swami refuses to leave him alone. Dr. Pillai insists. You will have to assist me in work in the coming days. You need rest. Swami gets up in tears and heads to his room. He asks his Amma what he should do. I cannot do Appa in pain. I have not been this afraid till date. I cannot lose Appa. I don’t know what I should do. Sai reminds Swami of their first meeting. What did I tell you that day? Swami looks around. Where did this voice come from? It was Sai’s voice. What did He say when we first met? Swami recalls that Sai had told him that he is holding the medicine to every disease in the world. People call it music.

Swami starts playing sitar while thinking about his father’s condition. Dr. Pillai is not happy to hear it but cannot do anything. He falls asleep. Swami comes out to check on his father and smiles. You were right, Sai. Music can fix everything.

Sai remarks that some problems turn worse before becoming better. You wont lose till the time you will play. Baaki, Allah Maalik!

Nanasaheb reaches Shirdi with someone. My Guru lives here. Come and meet Him. He gets down from the cart but the other guy does not. Nanasaheb turns around and shakes Hemant out of his reverie. Hemant gets down. I dint realise that we have reached. Forgive me. Nanasaheb says I understand your mental state. I told you it is more important to be at home right now. Hemant assures him it wont happen again. My work is my worship. I cannot overlook it because of personal reasons. It is my duty to help you. Nanasaheb nods. Flashback shows Hemant being in troube because of something. A guy tells Hemant something and leaves. Hemant tells his mother they only have 5 days now. Flashback ends.

Nanasaheb sees Dwarkamai empty. Sai must have gone to collect alms. Hemant asks him if they should wait. Nanasaheb denies. We should go look for Him. He wonders where Sai would be.

Rihana, Latika, Sai and Jhipri are at Jhipri’s house.Jhipri has made sheera as Jhipri and Rihana have completed their order. Will you eat it? Sai nods. I will eat after something though. Keep a little bit aside and give the rest to me. Jhipri does as told. What will we do with the rest? Sai suggests celebrating her happiness with everyone. We must give it to everyone. She gets tensed. Sai smiles as He takes the plate from her.

Sai gathers everyone and asks them to have sheera. A guy asks Sai why He is giving sheera. Sai agrees to tell and asks Asha Tai to have it too. Asha Tai asks the reason as well. Sai shares that He is distributing it to celebrate His friend’s victory. She has climbed the first step of the ladder today. Asha Tai asks Him how they should believe it. She lied to us and hid the truth from us. We cannot have it. Villagers echo her thoughts but Rihana tells them how hard Jhipri has worked. I will continue to give her work as she has done an amazing job. Sai says you all were worried as to what example will Jhipri set for them. She has set an example to work hard, be independent and a bread winner. Jhipri is surprised to see a person extending his hand. Sai smiles. Everyone accepts sheera from Sai. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. Nanasaheb also joins the line. Sai smiles and gives him some. Nanasaheb introduces Hemant to Sai. Hemant greets Sai. Sai blesses him. Nanasaheb says I was getting signs that you were calling me here so I came in the morning itself. Sai asks about his work. Nanasaheb says I brought everything with me. I will do my work and help you if needed. Sai tells him that Ram ji worries for everyone. He sends out the right signal at the right time. Your friend Dr. Pillai is not well. He is disturbed because of mental and physical pain. He will be fine once he is at ease mentally.

Sai asks Hemant why he seems worried. Nanasaheb tells Hemant to share his problem with Sai but Hemant politely declines. Hemant thinks that he does not want to trouble Sai by telling Him his problem. Nanasaheb says I know that he will never share his problem but he wont listen to me. He is very dedicated and great at his work. I told him to take time off as he is needed at home but he wont agree. Sai asks Hemant why he isn’t accepting Nanasaheb’s offer. Hemant reasons that Nanasaheb has to finish a report. He will have to do everything by himself if I back off now. I cannot back out from my karma and dharma. I will do my work honestly. Rest is on God. Sai seconds Hemant. Ram ji wont let anything go wrong with the person who has such ideals. Sai tells him to stop worrying now. Eat the Shera that Jhipri has made. He asks Jhipri to bring the sheera she had made for Him.

Flashback shows a person telling Hemant his house will be taken away if he wont submit the papers by tomorrow. Hemant’s mother overhears everything. Hemant tells her that he is off to Shirdi with Nanasaheb. She asks him to worry about their house but he stays put. She is worried that they may not have a roof over their head tomorrow.

Jhipri comes inside to take sheera. I should have understood what Sai meant when He told me to keep the sheera aside. She removes the cover and is surprised to see what’s in the plate.

Precap: Sarkar targets Dr. Pillai’s weakness – his own illness. Dr. Pillai is positive he wont fail till the time he is on the right path. Sai asks Nanasaheb they must leave right away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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