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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Raghav enters Deshmukh house

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar says why are you here, you worked with celebrities, Prakash says my Dada works where he thinks he is most needed, we saw your ad and realised you need it more and so we are here, Mandar asks why the mask, Prakash says he is health conscious and even for your safety it is required, Mansi asks can you cook Maharashtrian, Raghav signs, Prakash says we can. Vijay says we can’t give hige salary sorry, Prakash says we don’t work for salary, family happiness os important and so we don’t charge first month, you see our work for 1st month then we can discuss salary of you like our work, Vijay says we will think, Sulochana says why think lets try for 1st month and it’s free too, Prakash says he has some conditions, we need a separate room even if small, Vijay says we don’t have any room, Sulochana says we do, we have storeroom, Prakash says next condition when he cooks kitchen door will be closed, Sulochana says all conditions accepted, and says we just need food cook however way you want, come woll show you your room.

Pallavi says I will check on Aai, Amruta says I will join you, Pallavi sees Raghav’s hand burnt and says Swapnilji you burnt your hand please sit and asks Amruta to get first aid and applies oinment. Raghav wants to remove mask and tell Pallavi its him but stops because of Amruta around, Raghav holds her hand, Pallavi gets angry, Prakash says he is trying to say thank you because he can’t speak.

Sunny asks Kirti where she is lost and says because of one wrong info Mandar abused me, Sunny sees Kirti lost and asks what is wrong, Kirti says sorry office load and today I was going to talk to Raghav about our wedding but he changed topic, Sunny says who needs his yes, Kirti says I need Amma’s blessings, I may be upset with her but I need her, and Raghav is only one who can convince her, Sunny says I am here, I will convince her, Kirti says this is why I love you. Sunny says go home now, Kirti leaves. Sunny says I have to do something to marry her asap.

Mandar in his room picks the burnt photo to find whoes it is and says how will I find was it Raghav’s or mine. Mandar calls Sunny and says I need to meet you asap, Sunny says I don’t want to, I waste your time right, Mandar says don’t fool around we both know we need eachother, and I promise I wil make sure you and Kirti marry.

Rama says to Raghav, I can’t cook Marathi food, Raghav says how did Pallavi not recognise me, Rana says you tell her yourself because you have disguised so much, Raghav says no will wait till she realises that its me and I am sure tomorrow she will understand, Rana says but be careful we are cooks here don’t cross line or she will throw us out, Someone knocks door, Raghav rushes to disguise and asks Rama to attend, Rama sees its Sulochana, Sulochana says call your boss I want to talk to him, Rama says he is busy, Sulochana sees Raghav shirtless but in mask and eye patch, and gets mesmerized, seeing his body, Rana says what you want, Sulochana says hot, and says I mean we want hot tea especially me at 8 am, Sulochana can’t get her eyes off Raghav, and says I will wait for hot tea, Rama says okay and closes door, Raghav says Rama ignore her she is full crack and says get micro phones and let the game begin.

Sunny says to Mandar, it’s difficult to convince Kirti, Mandar says you have to because this work will sort our lives, Sunny says you keep changing so drastically, Mandar says I know I get rude but its for us, Mandar leaves, Sunny gets follow up call on finding Pallavi’s info.

Rana cooking, Raghav waiting for Pallavi to come in kitchen, Someone knocks door, Raghav sees its Pallavi, Pallavi says I want water, Raghav lets her in, Pallavi finds him weird, Raghav purposely stumbles on her, Pallavi says stay in your limit or else I won’t spare you, Pallavi leaves angry, Rama closes door and says why trouble her, Raghav says I love to irritate her, she is so cute when she is mad.

Pallavi walks in Sulochana and Mansi’s room looking for Milind, Sulochana says he is out for work what you want, Pallavi says that cook is very shameless, Sulochana says have you lost it he is such a good man and we get two in salary of one, you should be happy, Pallavi says he stares so much, Sulochana says like a hero stares at heroine, Mansi says didn’t you notice him a lot, Sulochana says we have nothing to do with starring or his body, Pallavi says here we are so many women and Rana walks in with Raghav and greets everyone with tea, Sulochana mesmerized again seeing Raghav, Pallavi says no thanks, Raghav keeps starring at Pallavi, Sulochana says tea is hot just like I want, Mansi corrects her and says its very nice, Pallavi says I like tea made by me and leaves, Sulochana aaya forget her give me one more cup, Raghav slowly inserta micro phone and leaves.

Raghav sees Mandar in his room, Mandar goes to washroom, Raghav walks in and thinks where can he insert microphone, he finds a location, Mandar walks in and says Swapnil.

Pre cap:Raghav kisses Pallavi on her cheeks, Pallavi kisses back.
Raghav and Pallavi hear a recording of Mandar saying I am fulfilling all your demands, Pallavi asks whose demands he is working on, Raghav says we have to follow him, Pallavi says okay you follow him, I will check his cupboard, Pallavi finds some receipt, Raghav sees Mandar meet a guy on bike and then leaves, Pallavi in Mandar’s room and hears him walk in, Mandar sees in mirror Pallavi hiding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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