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Love for Each other (Episode 10)

Surprise !!!!!!

                   First  Hug

All left vansh ‘ s room and Ishangre’s room  to lets Ridhani have some rest .

In the Dinning table

All are the Raisinghania’s except Ishani are present along with sejal and sia . All are having their lunch while vansh and angre completed their lunch .

Angre : Dadi let me take lunch ishani . She must be hungry by now .

Dadi : haan beta you go . But what about riddhima ?

Vansh : Dadi let me inform the servants to send lunch for  riddima

Sia : Its ok dadi . will give her lunch . She is a workacoholic , even now she much be writing something and sitting . Its very hard to make her eat so we  will go ( saying so she was about to wash her hands )

Vansh : Sia and sejal you both sit and eat . I will give her lunch and make sure she will eat .

Saying so vansh took a tray and is keeping the food  . All the members present in the dinning hall except ( sejal and sia ) are surprised + shocked to see vansh taking lunch for riddhima . All were glaring at him as if he is an alien , vansh who noticed their glares ignored it and left from there with the tray .

 As soon as he entered the room he was suprised .

Vansh ( thought ) : OMG  this girl na she is writing and sitting . Did she forgot that she is in bed rest . As sia said she is such a workacholic  even forgot to take rest . Seems like we both are workacholic . But she is  very cute and adoring ( breaking his thoughts)

Riddhima : vansh you here that to with lunch  OMG I forgot that it is your room and I hope you are here to have your lunch . I will be in guest room you be here . ( saying so she was about to stand )

Vansh : Riddhima first sit . I am saying na please sit .( riddhima sits  reluctantly )And   this lunch is for you  .

Riddhima : Vansh  you would have send the servants or sia or sejal or would have called me na . Why are you bringing the lunch ?

Vansh : Y riddhu should n’t  I bring lunch for you

Riddhima : Its not like that vansh . You are the Great Vansh Raisinghani who makes others scare and obey your order so ( cutting her inbetween)

Vansh : So what I should not bring lunch ha ? Riddhu I am The Great VANSH RAISINGHANIA for the world not for my family nor friends . And A friend is need is a friend indeed . So I am here as your friend not as THE GREAT VANSH RAISINGHANIA  . Now have your lunch

Riddhima : Vansh one minute please let me complete this part alone . It will take only 30 minutes so you keep the lunch here and I will eat after completing this part .( saying so she take the pen and note)

Vansh : Riddhu first finish your lunch then you should take rest . You can write the story afterwards .

Riddhima : No vansh already 2 days are over and now I have only 13 days left for me to submit my novel to the sponsers  and the sponser are investing a lot for my story . So I need to work hard to prove my talents . And if I didn’t complete  my work on time then the sponsers will decline the the offer

Vansh : Riddhu  first your health is important . And if sponsers are pressurizing you then wait . Who is your  sponser ? And there is still 6 months time for the Event .

Riddhima : vansh they aren’t pressurizing me but I need to give my best na .

Vansh : Riddhu just say who is your sponser ?

Riddhima :  Mr. Arjun Khanna , CEO of Khanna Enterprises

Vansh takes his phone and dials some number and goes near the window . After 5 minutes he came back .

Vansh : Riddhima here after you don’t to pressurize yourself and even MR . Khanna will not pressurize you . So now you should eat .

Riddhima : But how can you be sure ?

Vansh : Beause he will not sponser you further

Riddhima : what  ………….  Vansh its very hard to find a sponser and you are saying  casually that he will not sponser for me further . Ohh Bhagwan now from where I  will get a new sponser

Vansh : Riddhu don’t worry you no need to search for a sponser .

Riddhima : Vansh how can you say just like that that there is no need to find a sponser .

Vansh : Because VR industry is sponsering you and you take your own time and finish your story . Whatever the situation is  VR industry  will never decline the offer once we accept it .

Riddhima : Vansh  is it true ?

Vansh nods like a kid and smiles . The very next moment riddhima hugged vansh leaving vansh in shock . After  few seconds riddhima  broke the hug . Excitement is clearly seen in her eyes .

Riddhima : Vansh you don’t know how much happy I am . My dream seems to be coming true.

Vansh : ok now eat your lunch .

Saying so he gives riddhima a plate and riddhima started eating . All this was witnessed by angre who came from his room after feeding ishani .

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