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Love Finds its Way: Part 8 SS on Riansh (last)

Hey guys I’m here with the last part of this SS, hope you enjoy reading it.

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Love Finds its Way: Part 7 SS on Riansh by Parita


Vansh: You found her on the cliff spot here in Manali right? That was because we had met with an accident on which she saved me and she herself (emotional) from then she’s been with you. I went to the doctor and found her history; her face change and memory loss. She lost her memory and you took her in your shelter, naming her as Drishti.

Kritika: (shocked) How…how did you get to know? (scared)

Vansh: I’m VR and nothing is impossible for me. I’m here to take her back to where she belongs.

Kritika: No I won’t allow that, you can’t take her from me. She doesn’t remember you so no! I can’t trust you (scared)

Vansh: Don’t compel me to force or show you the real VR! (threatening) She’s my love and she’s coming back with me.

Kritika: How did you recognize her?

Vansh: My true love found her. Even her changed face didn’t affect my love for her and the connection we share. (smiling) In the office by her scent, by her touch and lastly by her food. All had my Riddhima’s presence.

Vansh without listening to anything else went to Riddhima while Kritika experienced mixed feelings. She was happy at the way Vansh found her, it proved how true his love for her was but also scared of losing her. She followed him and saw him talking to Drishti.

Vansh: Drishti, you’re Riddhima, my wife. We met with an accident and after that you lost your memory and your face was changed. I myself was in coma for 6 months and when I got up I looked for you endlessly when I felt your presence in my office today. (hugging her) You’re my Riddhima!

Drishti: I’m Riddhima…then that dream where Vansh (realizing) meaning that was you and me in the car?

Vansh: (backed off the hug) yes sweetheart. Ready to come with me, your family, your house?

Drishti: Kritu

Vansh: She can come visit you whenever she wants. She’ll have all the rights on you after all she was the one who saved you. I’ll be always thankful to her.

Saurabh: (from behind) How can we trust her with you?

Angre: (whispering to Vansh) He’s Saurabh, Kritika’s husband.

Vansh: hmm (nodding to him) Mr Saurabh I have many proofs that she’s my wife however the face change might not match. I assure you she’s my wife, I’ve got it confirmed and my heart also says! I know you care for her but I can’t stay away. You can come to her whenever you want, you can assure yourself.

Saurabh: Can you do anything for her?

Vansh: I can die for her! (Drishti looked at him)

Drishti got another set of flash where she faintly could see Vansh’s figure on the end of a cliff saying “tere ishq me marjawan” She shuddered at what she saw next, Vansh falling off the cliff. She murmured a soft “no” and closed her eyes.

Saurabh: Will you be able to prove your love for her?

Vansh: Yes! (remembering how he asked her to prove her love by killing Kabir)

Drishti: (listening) No! I can’t kill him…..I can’t do this Vansh! (breathing heavily)

Vansh supported her while she held her head as she got flashes of how she was asked to kill Kabir to prove her love for Vansh. Vansh calmed her down by hugging her and seeing this Saurabh gained trust on him allowing him to take her with him however on a condition that they would stay with her for a few weeks ensuring her safety with them.

A few weeks later. After a long and tiring journey from Manali to Mumbai, they all reached VR mansion. They entered to see the whole family waiting for them, to welcome them. Seeing Drishti everyone was confused till Vansh and Angre explained everything. Siya went to them and engulfed Drishti into a tight hug while she stood straight as she was just a stranger. Entering the mansion, watching everything around her, Drishti’s head spun. She asked Vansh to take her to her room. As she entered, she felt a different sensation, and attachment. Kritika and Saurabh felt homely with everyone’s care and hospitality they served to them.

As Drishti went around the room, she got reminded of some instances from before. Having too many of them, exhausted her mind, she fainted worrying everyone. Angre called the doctor while Vansh sat beside her on the bed, worrying about the consequences.

The doctor arrived and checked on her, prescribing some medicines. She informed them that she might get her memory back due to the constant fluctuations of her memory and the flashes. Keeping high hopes and prayers in their mind for her, the family member left her with Vansh. Due to the high dosage of medicine the doctor administered her with, she was in deep sleep cuddling with Vansh. They both slept, a peaceful sleep with each other in their embraces.


As the bright morning kissed their faces, a smile was brought on Riddhima’s face, snuggling herself into her man. She woke up with his scent lingering around her nose and squinted her eyes due to the bright light. She saw a pair of arms encircling her waist and she smiled at the face she saw beside herself.

Dil yeh tere bina maanta hi nahi,

Kuch bhi tere siwa maangta hi nahi,

Tu zaroori sa hai ab toh har haal mein,

Iske aage koi raasta hi nahi,

Aa tujhme fanaa kardu meri zindagi

Iss ishq mein marjawan

Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan.

She gently removed his hands and got up, her head still spinning a little. She went to the mirror and her smile turned into a frown, horrified of what she saw. She let out a shriek, waking Vansh’s light sleep that had started to engulf him. He woke up with a startle and looked to see her touching her face. He got up and went to her, trying to calm her down.

Riddhima: What’s this Vansh? My face? (tears)

Vansh: Riddhima…you got your memory back! (happy)

Riddhima: Vansh my face, the accident!

Vansh: Relax sweetheart!

Vansh told her everything and she got emotional thinking about everything, especially her new face. Vansh hugged her from the back, nuzzling his nose in her neck.

Riddhima: (smiling) Vansh, your love found me even if I didn’t have the same face! You love me that much?

Vansh: More than you can think of Sweetheart! Now nothing can separate us ever. Love finds its way!

She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes while Vansh kissed her hair softly.

“When Love is Real, it always finds a way” 

                                                            ~Avatar Roku

The End.

This was the last part of this SS. Hope you all liked it, do comment and support.

I thank all of you who supported and liked this story till today.


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