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hi everyone!!. Iam here with 11 tg episode ☺️. Sorry for late.. sometimes it takes time for me to submit..


Neil stands shocked and gets angry and bangs his hand on wall..

Neil angrily: shit…

Dd: sir.. don’t get angry.

Neil: how can I be calm dd? We missed to get the information and now how will we find who is behind women’s trafficking?.


Gauri looks through hole from store room to check whether the kidnapper went or not…

Gauri in mind: I think he have gone…

She silenty sneaks out and goes inside her house fast and calls Hetal ..

Gowri: Hetal aunty…where are you?

Hetal comes to hall hearing Gowri’s scream..

Hetal: what happened gowri? Why are you shouting like this?

Gowri : aunty..where is Neil?

Hetal: I don’t know…I dint see him after your engagement. I thought you both are spending time together..

Gowri: ohh shit..where did he go now?

Hetal: why are you tensed?

Gowri in mind: I can’t tell this to Hetal aunty as everyone’s mood will get spoiled on this good day.

Gowri: nothing..I just worried for him as he is missing.

Hetal: ohh..then call him or ask to your mother in law shweta aunty.

Gowri: I will better call him and check..

Gowri goes tensedly to her room and calls Neil..


Neil stands angrily and he gets a call and sees gauri’s number and rejects as he is tensed…

Neil in mind: why iam having this fate? Today is my engagement day..and I couldn’t enjoy with gauri. And even I couldn’t get information about that women’s trafficking and also iam not able to there with aman and ananya..what the hell is my fate? .


Gauri in mind: why is Neil rejecting the calls?? I will try again..

Gauri again calls Neil..


Neil stands more tensedly while he gets a call again from gauri and he gets angry and picks..

Neil angrily: hello…

Gauri: hello..

Neil: can’t you keep quiet if I dint attend the call? You know right that I will be in work if I reject calls then why are you repeatedly calling me ??..

Gauri gets upset and..

Gauri: actually Neil..

Neil: please we will talk later.kindly don’t disturb me for some time..

He cuts the call tensedly while gauri stands upset and cries.


Sharma house:

Mishti goes sadly to the room and thinks something..

Mishti in mind: how did I forgot to go to temple today? Every year August 23 is important for can I be so careless??

Mishti changes herself into traditional and runs out of the house fast without informing anyone as she was in hurry and goes to nearby temple…

Mishti in mind: ohh god..I dint inform anyone because of hurry. Now what will everyone think?. It’s okay..I’ll pray fast and go.

Mishti goes and prays before God closing her eyes..

Mishti in mind: August 23, the day where you snatched my love and I dint go against you as I promised myself to pray to you for my whole life. I loved sanskar truly and you snatched and now I left my life to you so you decide whatever is good for me..I accepted you though you took my sanskar but I won’t accept the one’s who was reason for sanskar’s death including my mother.

She opens her eyes angrily and walks to light the diya and gets shocked seeing a couple in front of her…

Mishti shockingly : sa…sanskar.

She gets shocked seeing sanskar and she moves back due to sudden shock and feels dizzy..

Mishti in mind: wh..what is happening with me? can sanskar be here when he is already died? Is it my dream or real?…

Mishti clears her eyes to check the person clearly and sees sanskar with a girl in the same way and get shocked…

Mishti shockingly: sanskar…

Mishti gets tears in her eyes and runs to sanskar and calls..

Mishti shouts: sanskar…

Sanskar and that girl doesn’t respond and they walk further but mishti goes in front of them and stops them…

Girl: hello..who are you? Why are you blocking our way?

Mishti looks at sanskar with tears but sanskar looks her as if she is a stranger…

Mishti: are you?

Girl: who is sanskar here?

Mishti gets shocked and looks sanskar shockingly..

Mishti: you are sanskar right?

Sanskar: who are you? And iam not sanskar..iam surabh Singh and this is (pointing the girl) swara my wife.

Mishti gets shocked hearing it while sanskar and swara goes away…

Mishti in mind: why my life is like this?..i..I know he is my sanskar only but why is he not identifying me?and why did he told that he is married?..

Mishti cries thinking about sanskar and suddenly feels her head spinning and falls down.


sanskar and swara walks somewhere and..

Swara: sanskar..

Sanskar: yes..

Swara: 4 years have passed and you are taking revenge now only..and iam helping you in taking revenge only because I can understand how she have hurted you…

Sanskar: all these years..we never knew about her whereabouts and that’s why we dint take my revenge. But yesterday I saw her fighting with a guy in a road and I followed her and found her whereabouts and now it was coincidence that we saw her in temple and we used this chance to take revenge slowly…

Swara: your anger on her is fresh even after 4 years..

Sanskar: yes..sometimes betrayal can’t be forgetten even 100 years passes.. so first I should thank you for supporting and caring for me all these 4 years.

Swara: it’s my duty. When I found you in a jungle lying unconscious..I thought to help you and that’s why till now iam there with you.

Sanskar: you are my good friend.thanks for lying according to my sayings.

Swara: it’s okay..

Sanskar: you are great.

Swara makes a face..

Swara: why?

Sanskar: because you identified mishti at once and used our plan of taking revenge.

Swara: you showed her photo and that’s why I remebered.

Sanskar: good. Ok, we will go to our respective houses and I will call you if I…

Swara: if you need I right?

Sanskar smiles and..

Sanskar: yes..

They wave each other and goes separately..



Aman gets shocked on hearing avni’s parents death..

Aman shockingly: what are you telling di? it true that chacha and chachi are dead?

Avni comes out of trance and realises that she blabbered the truth..

Avni in mind: ohh noo..what did I do?I blabbered the truth’s okay, I’ll hide the remaining.

Avni : yes..your chacha and chachi died before 16 years atself.

Aman can’t able bear the truth and his eyes gets filled with tears..

Aman cryingly: did you manage alone all these years di? would have been small at the time when your parents died right?..

Avni wipes his tears and hugs him and..

Avni: it’s my fate amol. Yes..I was small at that time but god dint make me suffer by being alone.

Aman: what are you telling di? Then where were you all these years?

Avni cries and..

Avni: in coma..I was there in coma for 16 years. If I wasn’t there in coma then I would have really suffered by being alone but thank god atleast god made me go into coma.

Aman gets more shocked and stumbles..

Aman: di..

Aman cries and hugs her tightly..

Aman: I should have been your own brother. I really feel pain hearing your past…why did this happen with you di?.

Avni in mind: you are my own brother aman..and that’s why you can feel my pain too. You will know the remaining truth soon.

Aman breaks the hug and..

Aman: what happened before 16 years that made my chacha and chachi die and took you to coma?. Was it accident or something else?

Avni holds his cheeks with her two hands and..

Avni: it’s something big amol. Rather telling..I will show the horrible past in front of your eyes.

Aman gets shocked..

Aman: is it possible?

Avni: it’s possible amol. You trust me right?

Aman: yes..I trust you more than riya.

Avni: then I will show the past in front of your eyes within 2 days..

Aman: ok..


Teni cries more and neela comes and hugs her..

Neela: teni..I know it’s really hard to bear this truth but..

Teni cryingly: maa..don’t tell to accept the truth or this horrible fate.

Neela too gets tears in her eyes and..

Neela: no teni..I dint come to tell you that but I want you to go and meet rocky now.

Teni cryingly: maa…

Neela: go to him now..atleast be there with him in the last moments.

Teni gets more angry..

Teni shouts: maa.. you also believe that rocky will die? Why you also believing this bad one to happen?I Rocky won’t leave me..

Teni cries hard thinking about doctor’s confession and she hugs neela again..

Neela: teni listen to me..go to rocky now.he needs you now..

Teni wipes her tears and nods her head and goes inside ICU and sees rocking lying on the bed and goes near him while Rocky turns his face away seeing teni..

Teni: rocky…

Rocky doesn’t respond as he remebers how teni betrayed him…

Teni silently holds Rocky’s hands and calls..

Teni: rocky..

Rocky remebers their moments and gets tears and pushes teni’s hands and doesn’t respond her…

Teni eyes gets teary seeing Rocky’s ignorance and sits near him and..

Teni cryingly: rocky..I know what I did was wrong but..

Rocky turns to her angrily and..

Rocky: you are happy to see me like this right?.you already decided to get away from me then why are you there with me now?is it to show the society that you attended your husband’s last rites though I abused you?

Teni cries hearing Rocky’s taunts and pleads him..

Teni : no rocky…I love you truly but some circumstances lead me to lie.

Rocky: I know about my teni..she promised me in our 7 vows that she will never go against him or she will never betray him or she will never hide anything from him in any hard this the promise which you made?

Teni: iam sorry rocky…please don’t leave me.i can’t live without you for a moment also..

Rocky gets teary but he holds his grudge and..

Rocky: even iam sorry..your sorry won’t bring my life back. Before sometime you told that I abused you then why are you staying with abusive husband now?

Teni cries hard..

Teni pleads: rocky.. believe me that is all lie. I was forced to tell all those creeps that time but I never intended to cheat or betray you.

Rocky : you told before the society.its not a small thing to accept that you lied…

Teni stands and wipes her tears and..

Teni: I will prove you that I lied. I will bring the proof to show you that I was forced.

Teni goes angrily towards out to bring the proof and cries rembering how riya forced her to do such a big crime…

While Rocky cries rembering how teni betrayed him by accusing false humiliation on him…

Both looks each other from distance and teni goes..


Neil and DD stands..

Neil: I will go to city hospital now…

Dd: but what about this women sir?

Neil replies tensedly..

Neil: how can I ask to a women who is in coma now?

Dd: but sir..I don’t think she went to coma by herself. Someone tried to kill her..

Neil stares dd..

Neil: how do you say that?

Dd: sir..sometime back I went inside and that women was fine and then later a nurse men too entered but he never came out of the room.

Neil thinks..

Neil: is it true?

Dd: yes sir..

Neil: then I’ll ask the doctor about that nurse men.

Neil goes to doctor and..

Neil: excuse me doctor.

Doctor: yes..tell me.

Neil: sir..did you send any nurse recently to that women’s room?

Doctor thinks..

Doctor: no..we have sent a nurse before 2 hours only and we dint send anyone recently.

Neil thinks..

Neil: can you check whether every nurse are there out of that women’s room?..

Doctor: why are you doubting us?

Neil: iam ACP Neil khanna.. iam not doubting you but iam doubting the situation that’s why.

Doctor: fine..I will let you know the detail.

Doctor phones someone and collects the details and..

Doctor: sir…every nurses are there out only. No nurse have recently entered that room and everyone are working in their departments separately.

Neil: thanks for the information.

Neil goes out and comes to dd and knocks his head..

Neil: hey idiot..what did you see? Doctors Haven’t sent any nurse to this room recently and every nurses are doing their work in separate wards.

Dd: but sir..I really saw a nurse entering this room.

Neil makes a face..

Neil: go and check your eyes first.

Neil goes away while dd thinks..

Dd in mind: I know something happened here..I really saw a nurse entering this room but he haven’t came out and I will check myself and prove Neil sir.

Dd enters juhi’s room and checks everywhere and he even sees inside the cupboard and gets shocked..

Dd in mind: where that nurse could have gone?..


PRECAP: neela and avni meet. Ruhaan cares for mishti. Neil finds a clue. Teni slaps riya before Sharma family.

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