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Lamp of Love Episode-11: Bondita’s first case in court room

The episode starts with Anirudh asking what? Bondita tells yes Sakha babu we have evidence with us, Anirudh thinks and smiles, he says Vibha. Bondita nods her head as yes, she tells our biggest evidence is Vibha and nothing is greater than that. Anirudh thinks Bondita you are really not Badmash instead you are Sabash Bondita.

Thakumaa arranges for puja in home temple, everyone comes there. They do arti, Bondita takes her blessings from Ksj and Thakumaa. They both wish her lock. Sampoorna feeds curd with sugar and wish her. Tapur and Som also wishes her. Anirudh in his prayer tell, Durga maa please be with Bondita and make her shine like always you did for her first case. Anirudh and Bondita leaves from haveli, on their way they pick Vibha from Ashram. Anirudh asks Vibha is she ready? Vibha says, yes in firm tone. They reach court.

Bondita sighs Anirudh. Anirudh asks Vibha to come with him, he makes her to stay in a room and tells that he will call once she should be present as witness, Vibha nods. Bondita and Anirudh enters the court room. Everyone waits for judge. Bondita asks Anirudh to make her wear Barrister robe, he wears and smiles proudly and says, “Today my dream is going to turn into reality Barrister Bondita Das”. Bondita holds his hands and gets happy (RTM plays).

Vibha’s sasural people comes with their defending Barrister Mr. Basu. Mr. Basu comes near Bondita and congratulates for her first case, he also says her first case will be a great loss for her and smiles evil. Anirudh comes front and tells, the case has not started and tells him to not judge his Bondita. Mr. Basu asks your Bondita? And laughs, he tells it was 8 years ago now she is just Bondita Das. Anirudh says, correction Mr. Basu Barrister Bondita Das. Mr. Basu tells yes you are right she is Miss Das not Mrs. Roy Chaudhary and throws a glance at Anirudh. Anirudh gets emotional, his heart starts to feel heavy, and Mr. Basu leaves. Judge comes there everyone stands, he tells them to proceed.

Bondita stands and starts her first court room discussion, respected honor this is the case of sati, my client Vibha’ s husband passed away couple of month ago, they were nice to her as she was pregnant but bounded by superstitious belief they stoop to the level to kill the unborn baby too. Mr. Basu says objection my honor, Barrister Bondita has made false story. Bondita looks on. How can they kill unborn child when Vibha is not pregnant. Anirudh and Bondita gets shocked. Judge asks what? Mr. Basu tells, yes my honor. Bondita says no you are creating false stories Mr. Basu. He asks do you have any proof that Vibha is pregnant, not right in fact only Vibha could have told you that she is pregnant. Anirudh gets tensed. Judge asks them for Vibha’s statement. Anirudh brings Vibha. Mr. Basu tells your honor if given permission I have certain questions to ask Vibha. Judge tells him to proceed. Mr. Basu asks why you lied about your pregnancy Vibha. Vibha gets shocked, no I didn’t lie, I am pregnant. Mr. Basu asks for whom your died husband or someone else. Bondita shouts objection respected honor, I can’t tolerate any humiliation to my client and stares at Mr. Basu. Judge warns Mr. Basu, sorry my honor but truth is this Vibha is not pregnant if she is then it is not for her husband, Vibha burst into tears. She tells no this is lie I am really pregnant with my husband only and cries inconsolably, Anirudh and Bondita too gets tears after looking her. Mr. Basu tells her to stop her drama and not act, Bondita tells objection respected honor, Judge tells her to proceed. I have question with Vibha’s saas and her other sasural members. Judge tells permission granted. Bondita asks you took Vibha to cremation place right? Her saas stands still, Bondita asks yes or no? She tells no, Bondita tells fine. Respected honor Vibha was taken to cremation where her husband was cremated and tried her to commit sati and if I was not reached then this case would have not been there. Mr. Basu tells you cannot be witness, Barrister Bondita Das. Actually my honor Vibha is not pregnant then how can this case go forward. Bondita says okay let us keep Vibha not pregnant but sati is wrong Mr. Basu, according to law it is punishable offence, I think you skipped this part in your law study or not updated your knowledge it seems. Mr. Basu gets angry.

Judge asks Vibha to open up about the incident as she is victim, Vibha tells everything that happened and cries that she is saying truth and his pregnant with his husband only. Bondita calms her. Judge says everything is strong against your clients Mr. Basu, you want to tell anything. Mr. Basu tells how it can be against his clients, he tells if opposite side proves that she is pregnant then I can consider. Bondita tells I have proof respected honor Anirudh smiles, Mr. Basu gets shocked. Judge asks her to submit her proof, Bondita calls a woman. Vibha gets relieved after seeing her, Bondita says, she is Deenpur famous mid wife, she will tell you respected honor. Judge tells her to proceed. Mid wife greets judge and tells that three months ago Vibha and her husband was in fair that time, I was there too, Vibha felt dizzy and become unconscious we took her to my hut and I checked her and confirmed that she was pregnant. Mr. Basu tells objection my honor how can we believe this woman sayings. Bondita says, wait Mr. Basu let she complete, Mid wife tells I have an habit of getting ink impression of couple who get to know about their pregnancy by her stating, that day I took Vibha and her husband inked impression too. Bondita submit the proof and tells I have submitted her ink impression and Vibha and her Husband ink impression sample too. Judge compare both and also paper work stating it’s match. Bondita tells respected honor, I think these proof are enough to prove that Vibha is pregnant, coming to next I call upon Barrister Anirudh Roy Chaudhary for witness in sati practice. Judge says proceed. Bondita asks Anirudh about the incident and he answers. Bondita concludes that’s all respected honor, they have done punishable act. I request you to sentence them in jail for their act, thanks respected honor. Mr. Basu says objection my honor, Judge says objection cancelled, M. Basu feels embarrassed. Judge says, by analyzing all witness and evidence the case is in favorable for Vibha, the court appreciates her boldness for filling case. Vibha’s sasural members are sentenced to three years of jail, on behalf of court I congratulate first women, Barrister Bondita Das for winning her first case. Anirudh gets proud, Bondita turns to Anirudh and gets happy seeing his reaction (RTM plays).

Mr. Basu looks at Bondita he comes near her and tells don’t celebrate your victory, I will destroy it soon. Anirudh stands before Bondita and holds her hand, he tells till I am their not even your shadow can harm my Bondita.

To be continued…

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