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Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarla asks Preeta to pack her bags and come back with her

Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla explains she has taken the decision, Preeta would pack her bags and come back with her, Preeta asks her, Sarla says she is her mother and so has taken the decision on her behalf, it is her right, she once again asks Preeta to take out the bags saying she can say anything which she wants.

Kritika comes asking what has happened and why is there such a serious mood, prithvi explains that Sarla has got to know everything that happened in Lonavla and the relation between Karan and Sonakshi so she has come to their house and is with Preeta in her room, Kritika gets worried asking Karan to go and talk as he knows how Sarla is because she will try to convince Preeta so what if something happens, Sherlin tries to explain that she feels they should not disturb Sarla.

Sarla asks Preeta to pack her bags and come back with her, she asks if there is something she has to say, Sarla mentions there is something which she should say, Preeta must say that she doesnot want to go back with her and would remain with Karan in this house as it belongs to her, Sarla asks why does Preeta not have the strength to speak what is in her heart as when she was in trouble karan was always with her to protect her but now when Karan is in trouble, she should be with him as everything that happened was in his past.

In the hall Sherlin thinks that very soon Sarla would blast with anger, she will take Preeta with her, Prithvi also feels the same saying that very soon Sarla who has come would surely take her back, as Karan has wronged them both.

Preeta explains she thought that the past might come to ruin their present, Sarla assures nothing would happen as the past has an age and if they are willing to fight for the present and it is true that she loved Karan and he also loves her, Sarla explain that husband and wife are like the tires of a rail car, they both have to trust each other and if it is not present then who knows when it might get off the track, Sarla explains Preeta knows how to take care of all the relations so why is she worried about Karan, he cares a lot for her and loves her, she doesnot want to knows what happened in her past and neither should Preeta, the truth is that he cares for her, he loves her so when they both would realize this then nothing in the world would be able to separate them, she mentions they both are meant for each other, the Kumkum in her Mang is because of him so she should face everything with him just like in the past, this means that Bhagwan also wants them both to be together, Karan also enters the room, Preeta is amazed to see her, he comes to stand with Sarla, she asks if Preeta disturbed him, mentioning she knows that wives tend to fight, Karan says she did not say anything which worried him, Sarla mentions this is the best relation as even after all that happened they both understand each other, Karan explains she is not like other mothers as she understood the situation and convinced Preeta.

Sarla explains that she has double duties because she is both the mother and father of Preeta, she is really glad they both are together and there is nothing to worry about, she hugs them both mentioning hey both should give her the good news really soon, the entire family comes to the door and are shocked to see them hugging there, Rakhi comes to hug Preeta, when Sarla asks why is she crying, Dadi explains that Rakhi was worried and would get angered after hearing about this so would take her from this house, Sarla explains that she never thought of taking Preeta away because they all really love her and it is her own house, Karina exclaims she is really happy with Sarla but she doesnot have the courage like her, had Prithvi done anything like this to Kritika, she would not have left him alive.

Prithvi starts imagining that he is seeking forgiveness from Karina however she kills him, he starts coughing so leaves the room, Karina asks who did tell her, Sherlin immediately says that she was the one because Preeta was quiet so she thought that as a mother she would be able to take care of the situation, Karina questions who is she to come between a mother and daughter asking how would she have felt if someone called Sanjana, Preeta is trying to solve the relation between Karan and why did she try to ruin it all, they all really praise Preeta, Dadi explains that Sherlin did something which might have ruined the family, she tries to get angry when Karina scolds her.

Kritika also exclaims she was trying to argue with Nani, Sherlin apologizes when Kritika exclaims she should be sorry, she then goes to sit with Sarla exclaiming that she wants something to learn from Preeta, she should teach her how to be a favourite daughter and wife, when Sarla exclaims Kritika is really a good daughter so doesnot need to learn anything but even if she feels then should learn from Preeta as she would surely teach her everything, Sarla and Rakhi hold the hands, she mentions that she is only praying that both the children live with each other after solving all their problems.

Prithvi is in the room, he in anger exclaims that everything was fine last night when Preeta shut the door at the face of Karan however it all got sorted in the morning, he thought that Sarla would come to take Preeta away but she did not do anything which is really troublesome, Sherlin also enters the room, they both argue exclaiming who is more frustrated, Sherlin explains she thought that they would throw Preeta out of the house however the entire Luthra family started scolding her and even involved her mother, Prithvi thinks he thought she would care for him but she is crying her own needs, Sherlin thinks Kritika also likes to say in every matter.

Sherlin questions why are they all taking the side of Preeta, Prithvi explains they are more worried about the child which in the stomach of Preeta, they are worried about their future generationPrecap: Sarla says that when he came to know that Preeta is not pregnant and might not even be a mother, Shristhi gets really tensed, Karan asks Preeta to wait while the reports come as then they would reveal the truth, he makes her promise that until he reveal the news, she would not say anything, Sherlin comes out from the corner and is really happy.

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