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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev and Sonakshi attend the session with the marriage counselor.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonakshi and Dev start answering the questions, Dev explains that he feels she was the first one to confess their love so she should answer the questions, Sonakshi explains she was the first one to realize but he confessed, blaming his ego is double his height, Dev asks if he is the only one to have ego because she is the one who left him and their three children, Sonakshi doesnot catch the ball, the doctor explains they must go on because this is the first step in breaking as they do not talk to their partners anymore, Dev then starts explaining he was hurt as he did not expect this from Sonakshi, she apologizes when the doctor stopping her says that she must let him speak and reveal everything that is in his heart, she then asks Sonakshi what was the original reason for leaving the house, Sonakshi replies it was because he did not live up to his expectations, the doctor asks she is an independent women so why be so dependent on him, Sonakshi replies it is because he is not only her husband but her best friend with whom she had made all the plans, she then asks Dev if he was only hurt because she left their children, Dev explains he got hurt because she left him as she had also left him once before and it took them seven years to come back together. Sonakshi apologizes to Dev explaining she really did not think he would get hurt so much, she only went to reduce her pain and did not know about his pain, he placing his hand also apologizes.

The doctor explains she feels this is enough for today and they would have two exercises for homework, Dev mentions he told her she is like a principal, the doctor asks what is their favourite unwinding time, Dev and Sonakshi agree on the coffee date which they have when everyone is asleep, she asks if they like to go to the gym then, she also asks them to go to the gym together.
Ishwari sets the clothes asking Shuv to see them asking if he likes it, Shuv questions what would she dress like, Ishwari explains she is no longer of the age of getting dressed, Shuv then exclaims he would make her pretty, he going behind her starts combing her hair, after doing it half time he gets tired saying that he is now going to leave, Soha asks if she should tie her hair, Ishwari asks when did she learn so she replies she learned it from Kanta aunti, then seeing her massage her hair, Veid asks if she wants him to do so, she agrees so then he explains he also used to massage his grandparents, Radha is really happy to see them all, Ishwari explains the house now feels today like gurukul and they both are really a blessing for them.

Dev while driving his car thinks how Sonakshi said that he is just her friend and husband, she cannot be complete without him, he explains that he did not remember the love that existed between them both but would not let her efforts go to waste, Dev enters a flower shop and sees the roses so he picking them up asks for a parchment of paper, then writing the note explains that Sonakshi did not leave her efforts and still tried to protect their relation, he is forever grateful for them, he gets a call from Vicky so goes to answer it, a women walks into the shop and then takes the bouquet which Dev has selected for Sonakshi, she after paying the money takes it, she even pays the money but her sarree gets stuck however she leaves, Dev asks where is the bouquet which he had selected, the shopkeeper replies he thought the women was with her, they offer to make another bouquet for him but Dev refuses explaining he is getting late, he wonders what would happen as he wrote the note for Sonakshi after so long.

In the house Dev and Sonakshi are walking down the stairs, he on the call refuses to complete any work related to the office saying today is his family time, the children come to greet them both, Sonakshi kisses both Shuv and Soha exclaiming they both are looking really pretty, she then even kneels to kiss Veid, he calls Dev as papa exclaiming they have decorated the Mandir really well, Sonakshi asks Dev if Veid has actually started calling him papa explaining she is glad at least he managed to accept Dev, he replies Veid would also accept her really soon.

Ishwari along with the entire family start the pooja, Baldev even chants the slogans, Radha explains to Ishwari that she still gets goosebumps realizing that Ishuda maia would have gotten a good feeling after taking kana jee, Soha exclaims that the real mom would be sad as he was separated after being born and did not meet even after getting old, Sonakshi hearing this starts to cry which Veid notices, he starts seeing her so calls her as Mama, Sonakshi turns in amazement and starts looking at Veid, the entire family starts smiling, he asks when Krishan would have met his mother she would have been really happy, Sonakshi asks what did he call her, she hugs Veid while starting to weep, she asks him to say it once more, Dev is also not able to control his smile, the entire family is laughing, Ishwari starts crying withy happiness while Sonakshi is also wiping off the tears.

In the night Ishwari mentions that Kania fixed everything that was wrong in their house, Dev after hugging her exclaims it has gotten really late so she must go to sleep, however Ishwari explains that she is fresh by heart and so would massage his hair, he however asks her to go and sleep, he makes her lie down on the bed, Ishwari sleeps with a smile.

The women comes to her friends house and mentions she brought the flower, the friend exclaims she is going to order something, then the women advises her to order pizza, she takes out the letter and reads, she realizes that she made a mistake as the bouquet belonged to the person who was fighting at the counter, her friend comes asking what has happened, she replies she made a mistake as she took the bouquet which was meant for someone else, the friend asks then why is she smiling, she explains it is because in the era of text messages, that person is writing a letter for his girlfriend which is really romantic, her friend taking the letter also feels the same.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi both are trying to perform the exercise but they are not able to, the women in the flower shop exclaims she believes in serendipity as he is becoming a charming personality, they would have to meet once again, Sonakshi is lying on top of Dev in the terrace.

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