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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Amma realizes her mistake

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma thinks don’t know whose evil eyes fell on her family as everyone is doing whatever they want to. Principal Maas brings children home and falls down. Amma asks children to pick up Maas saheb and asks why did he come to drop children home. Maas says children are addicted to stealing and describes how they stole pencil and compass. Ranveer signs buri nazar wale tera muh kala.. song and says who buys new geometry box for a compass. Maas says his school’s name is spoilt because of them. Amma scolds them and asks Maas to punish them. Ranveer says even she is addicted to juice/alcohol and not punished for her addiction, then why should they be punished. Maas says they got a bad habit from her and walks away asking her to handle her grandkids. Chamchi says principal doesn’t know that there is no problem if they develop addiction in this house.

Amma walks to Rajesh and says her children are spoilt. Rajesh says she is already tensed due to something. Amma says soon her children will be handcuffed for stealing, principal just complained against them. Rajesh says her children will not cross their limits. Amma explains what principal said and says her children are addicted to stealing, policeman’s children are thieves. Rajesh cries. Amma says she should correct her children. Rajesh cries who will correct her. Amma asks what happened exactly. Rajesh accepts they were acting to get her rid off her alcohol addiction, but.. Amma asks if Maas also was acting. Rajesh says they were acting, but got addicted really, she is addicted to shopping and Happu to gambling and was gambling in sleep. Amma consoles her.

Happu returns to police station and seeing Manohar mimicking playing cricket asks him to play cards with him. Manohar says they need to raid a gambling den today and he wants to play gambling instead. Happu explains that his Amma is addicted to alcohol and he wants to reform her by acting as a big gambler, so Manohar should gamble with him, record video, and send it to Amma. Manohar says he was a gambler before joining police and plays cards with him. Reshampal enters and catches Happu red hand. Manohar flips his side. Happu apologizes Reshampal. Reshampal warns to suspend him if he gambles again and takes away money. Manohar says he sent video to Amma. Happu says he did right. Manohar picks money under cards. Happu takes it saying its his money.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window as usual, and their nok jhok and argument in broken English starts that who makes big mistakes. Malaika enters and slaps Kamlesh. Kamlesh says he was missing her slap and asks her decide who has wrong habit. Malaika continues slapping him and says his bad habit is he enters anyone’s house without permission. He says Malaika is his friend. Malaika says everyone misuse her goodness. Malaika agrees. Kamlesh objects. She continues trashing him. Their drama continues.

Dadaji sees Amma tensed and asks if he is dreaming. She asks if ghosts also dream. He says one who gives tension is in tension. Amma says Rajesh is addicted to shopping, Happu to gambling, and children to stealing. He says its bad. She blames him that he got her addicted to alcohol and she is continuing remembering him. He says she should control her addiction and set an example to children being a head of the family. She says she remembers it and will not let anyone forget it. He says she should plan something to reform her children and use her adamant nature. Amma thinks. Happu forces Beni to gamble with him. Happu says he will stop when Beni wins. Beni vents out his frustration. Reshampal with Manohar walks in. Beni silently walks away. Happu gets afraid and salutes Reshampal. Reshampal asks Manohar to write down that Daroga Happu Singh continued gambling after multiple warnings, so he is suspended. Manohar says he is appointed as Daroga in Happu’s place. Happu shuts him up and requests Happu to give him a chance. Reshampal doesn’t agree. Amma enters and slapping Happu requests Reshampal to forgive Happu and let her reform him. Reshampal says he can’t help. Amma reminds him that she saved him from his wife when he was caught with Mary, she sends him tiffin when his wife fights with him and goes to her parent’s house, he should forgive Happu for the sake of her kachoris. Manohar asks not to become emotional fool. Reshampal says he wants say that. Happu thanks him for canceling his suspension. Amma says she will send him kachoris. Reshampal leaves. Manohar thinks he lost even this chance. Happu thanks Amma. Amma slaps him again.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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