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Ghar Ek Mandir 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Hurdles in Genda and Varun’s wedding.

Ghar Ek Mandir 27th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agarwal’s all ready for wedding, Varun’s sehra pujan is done, everyone dance and enjoy. Varun walks to Anuradha, Anuradha says keep this Sehra in your room, Kundan says Varun this is happy day for me, all the best for new life and responsibilities and I know you will excel. Anuradha says to Kundan, don’t worry Manish will manage everything, Kundan says Manish I am going banquet, because they aren’t receiving call, you reach me if anything necessary.

Kundan escapes all relatives to reach banquet.
Genda’s house all ready for wedding, Nilam says to Santosh don’t worry all will be good. Santosh asks Madan is all good, Madan says don’t worry all will be fine.
Santosh sees Genda get ready and says may god bless you, Genda says lets all go together, Santosh says we have to go welcome groom family, Genda says I want to go to Maharaji temple for dressing idol, Santosh says Maharaji has blessed you dont worry, Santosh asks about Jewellery, Pankhudi says he didn’t receive call, Genda says Pankhudi you forgot he did receive call he is on the way don’t worry, Santosh says I know you are very responsible and your Papa would be proud of you, its just that from tomorrow I will be alone here will miss you, Genda holds Santosh’s hand and starts crying and hugs her, Santosh says don’t cry my make up will be ruined and leaves.

Genda asks Pankhudi to call jeweller and ask him where he is.
Kundan at banquet asks about preparation, Manager says all good and bride family is already here, a man walks in to ask for more plates, Manager says to Kundan he is from brides family, Kundan looks at him and asks who is he, he never seen him, Man says grooms father is already here and who are you, its my sister Sapna’s wedding, Kundan asks Manager what confusion it is, Manager says this hall was booked by KD Agarwal, Santosh and family reach and see Kundan worried and asks whats wrong, Kundan tells about the confusion and says lets see what is wrong, Manager says booking is for 3 days later by Manish Agarwal, we didn’t do anything wrong. Santosh feels dizzy because of stress, Kundan calms her down, and says it is our fault and we will fix it and wedding will be today and you all go home, I will make arrangements, Manager says I have few references we can try but its very difficult, Santosh says what will people say if wedding isnt done today, Kundan thinks I am worried about same.

Manish and other family members dancing in barat , Varun seated on horse. Kundan sees Manish dance and walks to him and takes him aside, Anuradha sees that.
Kundan scolds Manish, Ratan asks Anuradha why is Kundan so angry. Anuradha says even I don’t know.

Genda on call trying to book banquets, Pankhudi and Madan tell Genda that they aren’t finding any banquets, Genda sees Santosh panic and says all will be fine please dont panic, Papaji will do everything good. Varun calls Bunty near him and asks where are family members, Varun says we will be late, Bunty says all must be busy, Shivam says to Varun, Chachu dance .

Anuradha asks Kundan to calm down, Manish tells Anuradha guests are upset, Ratan says I will manage something don’t worry, Kundan says to Anuradha, I promised them wedding will be done today, but I don’t see that happening and what will society say about us now.

Genda in front of Maharaji, Santosh says Genda what will society say now, Genda says we have Maharajis blessings, he won’t let anything bad happen to us, all pray.

Kundan says if wedding doesn’t take place today there is no Shubh Muhurat for next 6 months what will happen now. Varun worried about where are family members.

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