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Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 13

Hello everyone I am back with chapter 13 of our FF Eternal love. Before starting I want to say that number of comments are decreasing. If this continues then I will feel hurt. If I am doing some mistakes then tell me clearly.  But please comments

Now coming to chapter episode starts with….


Riddhima somehow stops that person

It’s time for Sia’s session so Riddhima and Sia are in pole side. Sia is doing her exercise. Riddhima is angry .

S : I told you not to go in backyard

R : You know na my pendent fall down that’s why I went there

S : but bhai ko pasand ko pasand nahi ki koi backyard mein jaay

R : esa kiya hai vaha

S : I don’t know

R : Mr Khadus Raisinghnia

Sia laughs. And pulls her cheeks saying “you are looking cute in anger”. Seeing her antics Riddhima also smile forgetting her anger.

Then after completing the session they both goes to their room.

It is almost evening that girl Sunshine call someone. Call connected and from otherside that person said

P : What happen

SS : That I want to ask what happen to you. Vyom said you are angry with him till now

P : Gussa nahi karu to aur kiya karu. Vo apna dhiyan bilkul nahi rakhta….   This is not first time.

SS : Calm down yrr

P : What calm down…    Last time he also did the same jab unka accident hone vala tha.  I am telling you don’t interfere like last time mein nahi manugi.

SS : Nahi karungi interfere….   I know Vyom…   Tumhara gussa jaldi shant ho jayga….

She cut the call And then call Vyom and tell him everything.

Now Vyom become adamant to pacify her anger.

Sia is in her room. Just then from window a man come inside. His face is covered so Sia become scared and about to shout but that man put his hand on her mouth. She immediately recognise it. She become angry and jerk his hand.

S : Why you come here

P : for you

Sia turn her face to other side. That man said

P : please try to understand na

S : Mujhe kuch nahi samjhna

Then that person comes up with a mischievous idea.

He lock the room from inside. Seeing this Sia got confused. And ask him but he didn’t reply.  He carry her in bridal style. Sia said in anger

S : What are you doing..    Vyom leave me…..    Leave ne otherwise will shou….

He pecks her lips. And said

Vy : Agar phirse kuch bol to….

He smrik and Sia actually become quite. But she is Angry with him and itni aasani se nahi manne vali.

And then he take Sia with him outside from window. Then make her sit in car and close the door. He sit in driver seat then drive away.

After sometime they reach near Sia’s favourite ice cream shop

S : I don’t want to eat

Vy : just sit here….  quietly

Vyom goes to bring icecream. He brought two icecream and sat beside her. Then start eating ice cream. Sia glares him. She become annoyed Vyom asked.

Vy : What….   Don’t look at me like this you only said na ki tumhe nahi khana.

S ( irritated) : Go and eat somewhere else.

Vy : How can I leave you alone

Sia rolled her eyes.

Vy : want a bite

S : No

Vy : Are you sure

S (pissed) : Vyyoommmmm

Vy ( teasing) : Siyaaa

S : mujhe yaha kiyu lay ho

Vy : to eat icecream

S ( more annoyed and irritated) : Drop me to VR Mansion now

He just ignore her talk and continue eating. Now Siya come to know that he will not gonna listen to her so she snatched another icecream and started eating. First vyom shocked with her sudden action then smile looking at her. Then said

Vy : Sia please

S : No…   Tumne kabhi socha hai ki agar tumhe kuch hojayga to…..

Vy : why do you care for me

S : B….  Bec….   Because we are friends

Vy : See Sia My priority is Saving Vansh and I will do that if it cost my life I don’t care.

S : and that because of your sunshine rightly Vyom I am also want him save but that doesn’t mean ki you can put your life in danger hum vansh bhai ko sab bata deta hai na.

Vy : You know he will not believe

S : Please find some other way to handle all these. Now I can’t take it more.

Vy : tumne abhi se har manli. Vansh par ye attack band nahi honge. So just prepare yourself otherwise me and Sunshine will not able to fight.

S : from now I will not say anything just remember that you and vansh bhai both are equally important to me.

She hold her hand and put her head on his shoulder. They sit there for sometime.

Vyom drop her to VR mansion to her room ( jese vo gaya the window se vase hi vapas aay) and leave from there.

Vansh come late in night. Sia is waiting for him and this time Riddhima also. Vansh see them but as Riddhima is also there so he chose to go to his room instead. Riddhima signal Sia to stop him.

S : Bhai , I know you didn’t eat anything from morning so….

V :  coming after changing

S : Ok

Vansh come after changing in casuals And sit on his chair. Sia serve herself. Then Riddhima served him and herself vansh seeing her but didn’t say anything. They eat dinner in complete silence. After that they goes to there room.

Somewhere in mumba

A person is shown. He is doing his work just then he received a call and person from other side speak

OS : Kabir you sent Riddhima to spy on vansh but she not all doing her work.

Yes that person is Kabir

K : Don’t worry I talked to her she is trying.

OS : but I can’t trust her fully. And now you also become careless day by day.

K : ab mene kya kiya 🙄🙄

OS : that’s the thing…   You are not doing anything.

K : ek baar vansh ke against proof miljay…

OS : stop…  Don’t give any excuse….   Now I am thinking you forgot what vansh did with you.

K : Neither I forgot nor I forgive him. He destroy my whole life, my happiness. 

( With hatred and venom in his voice)

K : I will break him to that extent no one able to handle him. Jis tarah mein tadpa hu vo bhi tadpega….. 

He cut the call in anger and throw his phone. His eyes are red in Anger. Anyone who see him in that stage that person die out of fear.

Vansh is sleeping in her room suddenly he started sweating and become restless. He wake up in jerk and shout

V : Aaravi


That’s it for today

So how is the chapter.

How was Vyom trick to pacify Sia. Why vansh didn’t believe them. With whom Kabir is talking.  Why Kabir hate Vansh that much. Who is Aaravi.

And please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes 😅😅

Stay safe and happy

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